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Vivid Payments is a credit card processing company headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides card processing and related services, like gift card programs, through partners.
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First Data, TSYS

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Woodforest National Bank

Vivid is a young company, launched in summer 2017, but appears committed to transparency and education. If you're considering Vivid Payments for your business, this review covers what you need to know about costs, equipment, and more.

Payment Services

Vivid Payments provides all the services you'd expect from a modern, tech-focused payments company. You'll be able to accept major credit and debit cards online, in person, or by phone. The company partners with multiple other vendors to offer a full range of solutions from reporting and marketing capabilities to bar and restaurant management features.

Vivid Payments provides next business day funding as long as you close your batch by 10PM CST. If you settle after that time, your funds will be deposited within 2-3 business days.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Vivid Payments partners with Factor 4 for gift card and loyalty programs. The programs are customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your business needs. You can even set up digital gift cards for ecommerce sales. However, Vivid Payments doesn't include information about costs to set up the Factor 4 programs.

Bar and Restaurant Features

Vivid Payments works with Zenreach and Bevspot to allow you to track inventory, create purchase orders, and customize bottle layouts to match your bar. Additionally, you can utilize a customer relationship management function to see information about your regular customers and provide tailored messages.

For scheduling and marketing, Vivid Payments has partnered with MangoMint to provide you with a seamless scheduling platform customized to your website. Additionally, you can utilize a complete set of marketing services that include customer engagement tools and valuable customer data capture.


Vivid Payments offers several state-of-the-art terminals for credit card processing, including the Poynt terminal and Clover systems. The company will also offer the Verifone Carbon. In addition, Vivid can integrate with many other machines, including popular Verifone models. The company has experience with working with a variety of POS brands such as eHopper, Breadcrumb, Micros, Lightspeed, Toast, NCR, and more. They cannot support them all, but they can provide un-biased consultation on which ones may work best for your business.

Ehopper is available for Android, Apple, and PC devices or the Poynt terminal and provides functions like inventory management, customer management, a full touch-screen point of sale that can calculate discounts or taxes, and provides detailed reporting.

Breadcrumb allows for menu customization, and offline mode, at-a-glance notification for items that have been, and the ability to easily modify menu items per customers' requests.

Vivid Payments also supports multiple payment gateways such as, USAePay, and many more to allow you to build an e-commerce solution.

Rates and Fees

Vivid Payments is one of a few companies that posts its interchange plus rates. The company says that you'll pay 0.40% + $.05 per transaction, in addition to interchange fees set by the banks and card brands. Vivid also states that they pass interchange fees to you at cost, with no markup, and provides a list of other fees that apply.

Vivid Payments pricing

Note that while Vivid's rates may look higher than some companies' rates, it's important to ensure that you're comparing the same pricing model. Some companies that publish lower rates will charge you on a "tiered" pricing model, which ends up more expensive overall. Read more about pricing models.

Interchange plus pricing can seem a little confusing at first, and Vivid Payments attempts to clarify with several examples of what you'd pay for different card types. The company lists a few common cards you'll probably take at your business, and shows you the costs for interchange, assessments, and Vivid's rates to give you an idea of what you'd pay.

Vivid Payments interchange

With the published rates available from Vivid, it's easier than usual to compare markups. You can use CardFellow's free quote comparison tool to see how Vivid Payments stacks up to other processing companies. Try it here.

Vivid Payments Reviews

As a very new company (founded in summer of 2017) Vivid Payments doesn't have a lot of customer reviews available online. The company does have an official Facebook page that currently shows a 5-star rating from four reviews on Facebook. Reviewers praise Vidid for being helpful, knowledgable, and responsive, as well as for up-to-date technology and great pricing.

Vivid Payments does not currently have a Better Business Bureau profile, a Google Reviews listing, a Yelp listing, or a Ripoff Report profile.

With so little client information, it's more important than ever to hear from businesses that have used this company. Help us (and other business owners!) by leaving a review about your experience with Vivid Payments!


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Posted by Joey Marzelli on Apr 04, 2018


Derek is great to work with and very knowledgeable in the local business space. He got us set up very quickly and we had a Poynt terminal within a few days.

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