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Formerly RBS Worldpay and Streamline, Worldpay was founded in 1989. In 2001, the company opened US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. They are a processor of in-person, mobile, and internet payments, having gotten into the e-commerce business early on.

Worldpay serves customers in the United States and internationally, claiming to process 26 million transactions per day. Worldpay provides processing solutions for small, medium, and large businesses in more than 100 currencies.


In early 2019, CardFellow uncovered hidden fees lurking in multiple Worldpay statements. Read the full details in our article Worldpay Potentially Grabbing Millions in Hidden Fees.

In July 2019, Fidelity National Information Services Inc. announced it would acquire Worldpay in a $43-billion cash-and-stock deal.

In August 2017, processor Vantiv announced that it would acquire Worldpay in a $12 billion merger deal. The new company will operate under the Worldpay name, and maintain headquarters in both the United States and Great Britain.

Processing Services

Worldpay offers a variety of services for businesses of all sizes. The company offers this introduction video to answer the question, Why Worldpay?

For small to medium-sized businesses, Worldpay can provide:

  • Point of sale processing
  • Virtual terminal for phone and internet processing
  • Mobile processing

Point of Sale Processing

For point of sale processing, Worldpay offers credit card processing terminals. Terminal features vary by model, but include options like EMV compatibility, integrated PIN pads, and built in receipt printers. Wired and wireless countertop and mobile models are available. Countertop models are ideal for traditional retail and store environments.

For streamlined processing, Worldpay can integrate with many existing point-of-sale systems in retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other types of business.

Virtual Terminal

For customers who prefer to use a computer or tablet as a processing device, Worldpay offers virtual terminals with Authorize.Net with quick set up and real-time reporting. You can take payments in-person or over the phone with the virtual terminal. Transactions processed through the terminal are secure and if you have problems or questions, U.S.-based customer support is available 24 hours a day.

Mobile Processing

Worldpay's mobile processing allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards anywhere you use your mobile devices. This option is ideal for delivery businesses or customers who travel a lot, such as to events, shows, and more. Mobile processing also features secure payments, 24-hour U.S.-based customer support, and real-time reporting.

For larger businesses, Worldpay can provide the same types of services as they do for small business, plus features like multi-location processing, direct debit, online chargeback monitoring, and the ability to accept payments in different currencies.

Value-Added Services

Worldpay also offers value-added services, including:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Gift card and loyalty card processing
  • Working capital
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Security Suite

Equipment Replacement

The Worldpay Equipment Replacement program is available for a monthly fee, and means that if your point-of-sale equipment breaks, Worldpay will provide you with comparable replacement equipment. Eligible equipment for replacing includes terminals, printers, PIN pads, and check readers.

Gift Cards

For gift cards, choose between personalizing a variety of pre-made designs, or completely customize your card. Your first gift card order includes a display stand to hold your cards.

Read more about selling gift cards at your business.

Loyalty Cards

With loyalty cards, you can reward your repeat customers and encourage additional business. Worldpay offers the option to personalize their designs or customize your own, and track the success of your program.

Read more about how to start a successful customer loyalty program.

Working Capital

Worldpay works with CAN capital to provide a short application for merchants needing business capital. Eligible customers have access to between $2500 and $500,000 with no scheduled monthly payments. There's no application fee, and no personal collateral is required.

QuickBooks Integration

InstantAccept integrates with QuickBooks to help streamline your transaction processing. You can manage payments and invoices, and have access to real-time reporting and U.S.-based 24 hour customer support.

Security Suite

Worldpay's Security Suite provides encryption on select terminals, access to PCI compliance support, and up to $30,000 indemnity waiver to help with security breach costs. Security Suite also provides scanning your network for possible security vulnerabilities.

Worldpay fraud tools

Worldpay Rates and Fees

Because Worldpay works with a range of business types and sizes, there are many variables that go into determining rates and fees. As such, Worldpay doesn't publish rates on their website.

There is no application fee with Worldpay but the company does have administrative fees, early termination fees, and PCI compliance fees.

Want to see pricing without the hassle of sales calls? Try CardFellow's free, private quote comparison tool to see Worldpay rates for your business.

Contract Terms

Worldpay standard contracts are 3 years, and renew automatically if not cancelled. Early termination fees vary depending on how far into the contract you are, and range from $95 - $295.

Worldpay Customer Reviews

World Pay has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently boasts an A+ rating. Worldpay has 256 complaints closed with the BBB in the last 3 years, and 84 closed in the last 12 months. Complaints are almost equally split between two categories, "Billing/Collection Issues" (with 114 complaints) and "Problems with Product/Service" (with 134 complaints.) The remaining complaints are listed in the "Advertising/Sales Issues" category. Many complaints allege unauthorized changes to contract terms, and expensive contract termination fees. Some complaints state that Worldpay didn't honor terms of their agreements, and failed to correct billing issues. Others complain that contracts and fees are deceptive.

In most cases, complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, or the BBB found that Worldpay made a good faith effort to resolve the problem, despite the customer not being satisfied with the resolution.

Ripoff Report also shows negative reviews for Worldpay, featuring 55 complaints alleging deceptive sales tactics and contracts, high rates, high cancellation fees, and unhelpful customer service.

Yelp corroborates the complaints, but for the RBS Worldpay name, with 15 one-star "recommended reviews" complaining of unauthorized rate hikes and deceptive practices. An additional 77 non-recommended reviews also mostly one-star, and complaining of deception, high rates, lack of transparency, and expensive early termination.

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Posted by Harding on Nov 20, 2020


Horrible Bait & Switch company that lacks integrity. Stay away or you'll find yourself spending hours upon hours trying to recover your loss and you will not win until you spend top dollars for legal fees to sue them. Save yourself the time and stay away. Very poor customer service and they have a lot of hidden fees and penalties that will surprise you. Consider yourself warned!

Posted by Alicia on Mar 09, 2020


They've been charging us all kind of extra fees: monthly maintenance fee, yearly fee, statement fee, pci compliance fee, non pci validation, etc.... you name it. All these fees are in addition to their markup fees. They never notified us about the PCI compliance when it's due, but they kept charging us 65$+$12.95 EVERY SINGLE month!! God knows how many other businesses they took advantage of this way. There are better companies out there. Do your research.

Posted by Sandy Baker on Oct 27, 2019


Worldpay continued to charge after our account was closed on 2/13/19 for March ($155.84), April ($155.84), and May ($140.85) totaling $452.53, even though there have been no credit card sales processed through Worldpay since February 13, 2019. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and WorldPay refunded the $452.53 on July 3, but then withdrew anther $49.95 on July 9 and another $.20 on August 8. I filed another complaint with the BBB; World pay never responded.

Posted by Cindy on Jan 28, 2019


Worst customer service ever! I've spent HOURS on hold over the course of two weeks just to get them to change our bank account number. They keep "losing" the request and asking me to resubmit it -- even after another agent acknowledged that they had it. They find it and tell me to call back in a few days to make sure it's being processed (Why should I have to call them to ask if they're doing their job?) and then they can't find it again! How hard can it be to process a bank account change? Somehow, they can always find our account to take money out of it, but they can't process a simple request.

Posted by Peter T. on Dec 05, 2018


Our restaurant accepted American Express Cards for over 32 years and the rate was always a simple, transparent, (yet pricey) 3.5% when we processed with AMEX directly. That is until a couple of years ago when the OptBlue program came along and the credit card processors had the opportunity to get a piece of the action. The OptBlue program I have since learned is a way to process AMEX directly through your regular credit card processor on a single statement. It is supposed to save you money. Sounds reasonable. But does it? In our case NO!!! Shame on me for not realizing that when we were renegotiation our regular credit card rates (MC/VS/DR) with Vantiv (now WorldPay.) On our renewal agreement, we were snookered into switching to the OptBlue program with no mention of it, and subsequent promises of savings after we realized that we had been switched. After a year of wondering why our CC rates seemed to be higher and higher I investigated and realized that the credit card processor takes a markup and our promised savings resulted in a rate that was now about 4.6% resulting in an increase in AMEX fees of more than $15,000 in two years. Shame on me for not investigating the maze of fees that are intended to confuse and confound. The added fact was that our POS company became "processor specific" and no longer allowed me to use other processors. This took away any teeth in our negotiating and caused me to become complacent. Needless to say, we are back processing our American Express cards directly with AMEX for the flat 3.5% again. Still no bargain, but much better than the 4.6% with WorldPay. BEWARE of these pitfalls and learn from my mistake. The company known as WorldPay (previously known as Mercury, Vantiv, or Global) was underhanded, and has been uncooperative in making any sort of amends. For now we are stuck since our POS is "processor proprietary" but we are shopping for a new POS and a non-proprietary system will be a solid priority. Are you on OptBlue? If so, do you really know what you pay to process AMEX? PS. I've come to find that 3.5% on AMEX direct is a very common rate in my industry, yet Worldpay's response, when I questioned them was that OptBlue resulted in savings for most all merchants, but that they had no way of knowing what rate a merchant in my industry paid and that Merchants were always encouraged to compare the OptBlue rate for savings. "Alternative facts" I guess.

Posted by Jessica on May 17, 2018


I have been on a cumulative hold with Worldpay/Vantiv for more than 5 hours over the last 2 days in regards to getting cards from our pass storage for them to tell me that they can't help me (and I know they can). Completely incompetent, horrible customer service. I was transferred to a department that closed while I was on hold and yet I was not notified at all so I stayed on hold another 40 minutes. We will be finding another credit card processing company.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 31, 2016


Worldpay is another large processor that uses many different sales channels to market and sell its services. Like all merchant service providers, Worldpay and its resellers set pricing and terms on a per-case basis. The competitiveness of the processing you will receive from Worldpay depends directly on your knowledge of credit card processing fees, and whether you can negotiate ideal pricing and terms.

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