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MX Merchant Review


MX Merchant is a platform created by Priority Payment Systems, but which can also work outside of Priority.

While there is a mobile solution and a tablet-based POS, the primary component we’re going to discuss is the platform itself, including the gateway, which enables payments functions.

Let’s take a look at MX Merchant’s features.

  • MX Merchant Platform
  • Features
    • Inventory Management
    • Invoicing and Recurring Billing
    • Reporting
    • Level II and Level III Data
  • Mobile and POS Options
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Supported Processors
  • MX Merchant Pricing

MX Merchant Platform

As a platform, MX Merchant offers plenty of features for both in-person and ecommerce businesses. You’ll be able to customize your platform by choosing to download optional apps for specific functions. The MX Retail app, for example, provides you with inventory management capabilities and other functions crucial for running a retail store.

For businesses that already have a website and need to accept payments, you can use the hosted MX Merchant option, with a customizable payment widget.

The company offers this video overview of the platform:


MX Merchant offers many handy features, including inventory management, recurring billing, invoicing, reporting, and payment acceptance. You’ll be able to accept a wide range of payment types. This includes all major credit cards, including corporate or commercial cards. The company is also working on enabling payments in foreign currencies.

You can use the Quick Pay function to take one time payments or set up an easy payment option on your existing website. Otherwise, the platform allows you to send invoices, implement a “pay now” option, or split transactions between multiple payment types.

Inventory Management

Businesses that need an inventory management solution can utilize MX Merchant’s built-in inventory system. You’ll be able to easily add and track items, track suppliers, create purchase orders, and even transfer products between multiple locations.

Invoicing and Recurring Billing

If you prefer to send clients an invoice instead of requiring checkout through a shopping cart, you can do so with MX Merchant. Your customer will receive an email with a link to view their invoice and the option to pay by card. If a customer pays online, they’ll receive an email receipt for the payment.

Optionally, you can set up recurring billing for customers that pay a fixed amount on a regular schedule, helping to streamline your payment acceptance process. You’ll also have access to an at-a-glance dashboard showing the status of accounts.

Note that the invoicing and recurring billing solution costs extra. It will run you $10/month on top of other fees for accepting cards.


MX Merchant offers all the reports you’d expect, including sales reports, and some you may not have thought about, such as competitor analysis, customer demographics, and more.

MX Merchant dashboard

When you log in to the MX Merchant dashboard, you’ll see your basic payments and customers data, and can dig into specific details.

Level II and Level III Data

One handy function of the MX Merchant gateway is its ability to help you pass enhanced data. Also called level II or level III data, it applies to transactions made with corporate credit cards. The gateway will automatically populate required fields if you don’t provide the necessary information, helping cut down on missed savings.

However, the B2B app to automate enhanced data does cost extra. You can expect to pat $20/month for the functionality.

Enhanced data is a specialty topic, but not knowing about it as a B2B business costs you money. Be sure to check out our guide to B2B transactions for more information on enhanced data.

Mobile and POS Options

In addition to ecommerce solutions, a mobile option, called MX Merchant Express, uses the MX gateway to allow you to take cards securely using an iPhone. (MX Merchant Express is not currently available for Android devices.)

The mobile app is pretty limited, as many phone-based payment solutions are. The description on the iTunes app store sums it up, stating it’s for businesses on the go that, “want to charge a card with no bells and whistles.”

MX Merchant Express

So how limited is it? You’ll be able to swipe cards with an optional reader, or key them in. (Which will typically cost more.) However, you can capture signatures on screen. You can also connect a receipt printer if you’d like, or else you can email or text receipts to your customers. Additionally, you’ll have the option to allow customers to input a gratuity. The biggest limitation is that there’s no inventory management or item catalog, which many other phone-based apps do provide. If you only offer a few items or services, that may be fine. However, if you have a slightly larger inventory, this app may prove a little cumbersome for your needs. Additionally, some reviews on the iTunes store mention that the app doesn’t provide reporting, making it difficult to track sales data for the payments taken by smartphone.

Need a more robust mobile app solution? Check out our smartphone payment app directory for other options!

If you prefer a tablet-based point of sale system, the MX Retail iOS system lets you use an iPad as your point of sale screen. You can connect optional accessories (including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers) to customize your perfect POS setup.

MX Merchant POS

The POS solution gives you the ability to create SKUs, manage inventory, add sales tax, and accept payments.

Virtual Terminal

If you need to take payments over the phone or otherwise key in cards by hand, you can use the secure virtual terminal to easily accept payments. You’ll have access to a card storage vault to keep customer information on file for easy payments in the future.

Supported Processors

While MX Merchant was created by Priority Payment Systems and works with that processor, the company enables other processors to offer the gateway by itself, independent of Priority’s processing. MX Merchant is compatible with First Data and TSYS platforms, and companies like Dharma Merchant Services explicitly offer the gateway.

MX Merchant Pricing

Costs for using MX Merchant depend on where you acquire the platform. Your processor will be the one to set pricing for using MX Merchant. In general, processors will likely offer the platform to you at no additional charge, but individual apps may cost extra. For example, invoicing and recurring billing will run you $10/month on top of other monthly costs your processor may impose.

Want to know exact costs for MX Merchant? Try CardFellow’s free quote request tool to see pricing and ask processors specifically for MX Merchant.


The MX Merchant platform provides some great functions, allowing you to easily manage your payment information from one central location and choose from different apps to customize the platform. If you plan to accept credit cards, you’ll need a merchant account with a compatible processor. You do NOT need to use Priority Payment Systems for your processing.

You’ll be able to utilize the MX Merchant gateway for online/invoicing transactions, the virtual terminal for accepting payments over the phone, or the express solution for taking cards on the go using a smartphone.


Have you used MX Merchant for your business? Let us know what you think by leaving a review!

Product Features

Selective: First Data, TSYS


  • Includes virtual terminal
  • Fraud prevention features
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data
  • Mobile swiper support
  • Card storage vault
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Multi-currency support
  • Web Service API
  • Customized risk preferences
  • Real-time reports
  • Electronic invoicing

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MXMerchant provides plenty of helpful features for businesses. While it was created by Priority Payment Systems, it's not limited to use with that processor.

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