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Square Review Square Up's credit card processing service causes many businesses to mistake simplicity for competitiveness.

Update -- 6/9/2015: Square announces NFC-capable swipers that can accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments will be available in the fall of 2015.

Update -- 11/11/2013: Square discontinues $275 monthly flat rate pricing as of November 8, 2013. Square Up credit card processing isn't a good fit for every business. Square is best suited for individuals, or for businesses with low or sporadic sales volume or a low average sale amount. And even then, Square's poor customer service and tendency to hold funds and impose reserves makes it a gamble for any person or business. Choosing the right credit card processing solution can make or break your business, and it's recommended that you read this entire Square review before using the service for your business. Square has oversimplified credit card processing. This has allowed the company to grow rapidly, but at the expense and frustration of many of its users in form of deposit limits, frozen funds, and poor customer service.

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Square is an Aggregator

Square Up is not a credit card processor; it's an aggregator. Paymentech is the company that processes transactions for Square, and JP Morgan Chase is the company's acquiring bank (also called a member bank). Square's application collects credit card information and routes it to Paymentech where it is then routed through Visa or MasterCard's network to the customer's issuing bank.

Update - 12/16/2014: Square now offers an offline (store and forward) mode for merchants to accept payments even without an available internet connection. Square uses processors and banks just like any other merchant service provider, and it's not exempt from the interchange fees that banks charge, or the assessments that Visa, MasterCard and Discover charge. Square Up pays interchange and assessment costs behind the scenes and passes these costs to its users via a bundled pricing model.

Rates, Fees & Pricing Model

The pricing model a processor uses has a greater impact on cost than the rates and fees it charges.

Rate & Fee Pricing

Square uses a bundled pricing model to bill its customers for credit card processing. This means it combines the three components of credit card processing costs into one single rate. For example, banks charge businesses an interchange rate and transaction fee of 1.51% and $0.10 each time a business swipes a Visa consumer credit card. Visa makes money by charging an assessment of 0.11% and $0.0185 on the same transaction. Adding these costs gives us the "wholesale" rate of 1.62% with a $0.1185 transaction fee. Square combines these first two components of cost with its own markup, and then bills its customers a single rate of 2.75%. As I'll explain a little later in the review, Square's pricing is cost-effective for some businesses, and very expensive for others.

General Charges Square Up does not charge any monthly, annual or start up fees. The only charges are the company's processing rates listed below, which vary depending on whether a credit card is physically swiped or the card number is key-entered.

Swiped Rate (Retail) Square charges a flat, fixed rate of 2.75% of volume for all Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit card transactions. For example, a $100 transaction would incur a fee of $2.75.

Keyed Fees (Card Not Present) Transactions that are keyed instead of swiped are charged a higher rate of 3.50% of volume plus a $0.15 per item fee. For example, a $100 transaction would incur a fee of $3.65.

Flat Rate Pricing -- Discontinued November 8, 2013

Prior to November 8, 2013 Square offered flat rate pricing of $275 per month with several very limiting restrictions. Under this pricing model a business did not pay a percentage fee. Instead, it paid $275 per month to process up to $250,000 a year in swiped transactions. Any volume in excess of the $250,000 limit was billed at Square's typical 2.75%. Square's flat rate credit card processing only applied to swiped transactions less than $400. Transactions of $400 or more were billed at Square's swiped rate of 2.75%, which was a charge in addition to the $275 flat rate. It's also important to understand that Square's flat rate of $275 did not cover keyed transactions. Keyed transactions were billed at Square's typical rate of 3.50% plus $0.15, and these charges were in addition to the $275 flat fee. The restrictions that Square has imposed on its flat rate pricing caused many businesses to pay more than $275 a month. For example, keying in even as little as 10% of transaction volume resulted in a business paying a hefty 3.50% plus $0.15 surcharge in addition to the $275 for all keyed volume.

Funding & Deposits

Square doesn't get very high marks for the way it handles funding and deposits. The company deducts fees prior to deposits, which hinders cash flow, and it caps deposits for card-not-present businesses.

Funding Time

Update - 12/16/2014: Square now offers merchants the ability to choose their own close of day time. Square will group and send payments based on the chosen time.

Users generally register deposits in their bank account in one or two business days if sales are greater than $10. If sales are less than $10, Square will not deposit funds until sales surpass the $10 minimum. Below is the funding schedule from Square's Web site that outlines when deposits will show in a user's bank account.
Sunday 5 p.m. PDT – Monday 5 p.m. PDT Tuesday morning
Monday 5 p.m. PDT – Tuesday 5 p.m. PDT Wednesday morning
Tuesday 5 p.m. PDT – Wednesday 5 p.m. PDT Thursday morning
Wednesday 5 p.m. PDT – Thursday 5 p.m. PDT Friday morning
Thursday 5 p.m. PDT – Friday 3 p.m. PDT Monday morning
Friday 3 p.m. PDT – Sunday 5 p.m. PDT Monday morning

Daily Discounting Square deposits funds into users' banks accounts using the daily discount method. This means that processing fees are deducted prior to deposit.

For example, if a user key-enters a $100 sale, she will receive a deposit of $96.35, which is the gross sale amount less Square's 3.50% plus $0.15 fee for key-entered transactions. Unlike Square, many processors utilize the more business-friendly monthly discounting method. With monthly discounting, the processor makes gross deposits throughout the month and deducts fees in one lump-sum at the end of the month. Monthly discounting provides better cash flow than daily discounting, and also makes reporting and reconciliation easier. Unfortunately, Square does not offer monthly discounting as an option. Check out CardFellow's article about daily vs monthly discounting to learn more.

Auto-Batching Square automatically sends transactions to the processor for settlement at the end of each day. This is known in the credit card processing industry as auto-batching.

Deposit Limits

Update - 12/16/2014: Square eliminates deposit limits for all existing and prospective accounts. In addition to eliminating the deposit limit, Square has removed related holds. Previously, Square's virtual lack of an underwriting process left the company exposed to higher levels of fraud and misuse. For that reason, Square had limited deposits of higher risk card-not-present volume to just $2,002 every thirty days. Any amount beyond $2,002 was held until the following 30-day period. Any amount beyond $2,002 will be held until the following 30-day period. Square's high rate and fee of 3.50% plus $0.15 combined with its deposit cap of $2,002 a month makes it a very processing solution for businesses that key-enter the majority of transactions. If your business does key-enter most sales, and you're dead set on using Square, you should request an "accelerated payment schedule" via Square's email support.

Holds & Reserves

Credit card processors combat fraud and misuse by utilizing a thorough underwriting process before allowing a business or individual to accept credit cards. Square has bypassed this underwriting process in order to grow its user base as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for its users, this approach leaves Square very vulnerable to fraud which requires the company to take a "shoot first apologize second" approach to suspicious activity. The result is many businesses having funds held without notice for prolonged periods of time or reserves placed on deposits.

Holds Like any merchant service provider, Square has a team of people that monitor transactions looking for fraud and other misuse. If suspicious activity is found, Square will freeze the user's account and hold any unreleased funds for the "entire time it takes" for a thorough risk investigation. Funds are often held without notice, and Square is notorious for providing little, if any, customer service to keep people informed about the progress of a fraud investigation. As I said earlier, Square's lack of underwriting makes the company especially sensitive to any changes in a business's processing history, volume, or average ticket size. If your company experiences swings in volume, ticket size, or you're expecting rapid growth, Square is not the processing solution for you.

Reserves A reserve (often called rolling reserve or hold back) is when a credit card processor routes all or a portion of funds from a merchant's sales to a non-interest bearing account until funds in the account meet a certain balance. For example, if a processor requires a $10,000, 5% rolling reserve on a business's account, the processor will withhold 5% from each deposit until the balance of the reserve account reaches $10,000. It's then up to the processor to decide at which point to release the reserve account, if ever. A traditional credit card processor will typically notify a business if a reserve is necessary when the business applies for a merchant account. However, since Square does not have an application process, a reserve may be imposed, increased, reduced or removed at any time at Square's sole discretion. If your business operates on thin margins, a sudden reserve or more will likely be devastating. There's no one at Square you can contact to inquire whether your business is likely to incur a reserve, so consider this carefully as you determine whether Square is right for your business.

Swiper & Compatible Devices

One of the benefits of Square's service is that it's completely free to get started. Square's application runs on a user's existing iPhone, iPad or Android device, and there is no charge for the magnetic stripe card reader (swiper) that plugs into the headphone jack. As of spring 2015, Square is accepting pre-orders for EMV-capable swipers to allow you to securely accept EMV chip cards. The EMV swiper is currently priced at $29. In June 2015, Square also announced combination contactless/EMV readers will be available beginning in the fall. The swiper is free to merchants who qualify, or will otherwise cost $49 but include reimbursement of $49 of processing fees.

Swipers and Readers Square's magnetic stripe swiper is about an inch tall by an inch wide, and plugs into the headphone jack of compatible devices to collect information from the magnetic strip of a customer's card. Once a card is read, the information is encrypted and then passed to Square application for transmission. Square Swiper   Square's EMV swiper is also a small-profile reader that plugs into a headphone jack. The swiper can be used for both chip cards and magnetic-stripe cards, providing a wider range of card acceptance possibilities. Square's EMV swiper is expected to be available prior to the October EMV liability shift. The combination NFC/EMV reader is approximately 2.5" x 2.5" square, and can be charged and then connected wirelessly, or plugged in to the Square Stand using a USB hub. The NFC/EMV combo reader also comes with a traditional magnetic stripe reader to allow you to accept older magnetic stripe credit cards. Compatible Devices Square's service is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Apple iPhones must be running iOS version 4.1 or newer, which includes the 3G, 4 and 4S versions of the phone. Apple iPads must have iOS 5.0 or newer. Android devices must be running operating system version 2.1 or newer.

Customer Service

Square excels at some things, but customer service is not one of them. The company goes out of its way to avoid verbal contact with prospective customers, and contacting Square customer service is not an easy task. Customer service is expensive, and Square is putting its investors' dollars toward growing its user base, not toward servicing existing users. Please tell us about your experience with Square's customer service using the comment form at the end of this article.

Square Phone Number

Square only offers customer service by phone to merchants with existing Square accounts. Before calling, merchants will need to go to square.com/code to receive a "customer code." The customer code is required when calling in order to reach a live customer service member through the automated recording system. Prospective customers and customers who have had accounts cancelled or frozen may be directed to email support where responses to questions and issues can take as long as week. You can give Square customer service a call at the phone number below.

Square phone number: (855) 700-6000 Square Email Square strongly prefers email support over phone support. The company claims to answer emails within 24 hours, but the basic consensus from existing users is that Square takes anywhere from three to seven days to respond, and some people never receive a response at all. The Square email for support is listed below.

Square email: help@squareup.com Alternatively, you can contact Square via this form on the company's Web site.


Square's goal is to acquire as many new users as quickly as possible, so signing up is quick and easy. Square does not require a credit check on individual user accounts, but does require a credit check for commercial entity accounts. For typical user accounts, Square's underwriting process is limited to a quick electronic verification of identity. However, the company does reserve the right to investigate a user more closely, and also to share user information with Paymentech (its processor).
Restricted Business Types You wouldn't know it from Square's aggressive marketing, but the service is not for everyone. Like any other credit card processing service, Square has certain types of businesses that it will not work with. Take a look at section six of Square's Merchant User Agreement to ensure your type of business is not prohibited before you sign up. If your business is prohibited, you will likely find out after you sign up when Square freezes your account and holds your money. And remember, there's no telephone support to get the issue resolved.
Square is a great processing solution for individuals and businesses that fit a certain profile, but Square is by no means right for everyone. It's very important to educate yourself about how credit card processing fees work before you decide to use Square or any other processing service. Do some reading about interchange plus and tiered pricing, and take a stroll through CardFellow's credit card processing tips.
Simplicity & Competitiveness Are Two Different Things

Square hasn't invented anything new; for better or worse, it has simply made credit card processing more accessible to the masses, largely through oversimplified pricing. Square pays interchange fees to issuing banks and assessments to card brands just like any other processor. If you don't know what these fees are, you should really take a moment to learn. Interchange is credit card processing's version of wholesale, and the vast majority of interchange rates are significantly less than the 2.75% and 3.50% rates that Square charges.

Business that May Benefit From Square

Certain businesses may benefit from the flat rate pricing, mobility, and lack of monthly charges that Square offers.

Low or Sporadic Processing Volume Square's lack of monthly charges makes it a perfect solution for individuals and businesses that don't process many credit cards or that only process cards every now and then. Traditional credit card processors have monthly charges and usually a monthly minimum fee that makes them less competitive than Square for this merchant segment.

Low Individual Sale Amount Square's flat rate and no transaction fee pricing actually causes the company to lose money when it processes very small transactions. Businesses that have an average sale of $5 will find Square to be very cost-effective; here's why. Square has to pay banks' interchange charges just like any other merchant service provider, and interchange fees consist of a rate and a transaction fee. For example, a large bank charges an interchange fee of .05% plus a $0.22 transaction fee each time a business accepts a card it issued. Visa charges an assessment of another 0.11% and $0.02 in addition to the interchange fee. This makes Square's wholesale cost to process a debit card issued by a large bank 0.16% with a $0.24 transaction fee, or $0.25 (.0016 * 5 + .24 = .248) to process a $5 transaction. Square's fee of 2.75% to process the transaction results in a charge to the business of only $0.14 (.0275 * 5 = .1375). Square actually loses $0.10 on the transaction. This is the real reason why Starbucks is so interested in working with Square. Business with Low Volume that Require Mobility Square is a great fit for businesses that require mobility and also have low or sporadic processing volume. Businesses with monthly processing volume of about $4,000 or more will find other mobile processing service to be more cost-effective.

Fraudulent & Illegal Businesses Sad but true — Square's simple sign up process gives virtually anyone the ability to accept credit cards. People that can't obtain processing services through traditional channels can now accept payment for products and service using Square — no matter the products or servicing they're selling.

Businesses that Should Avoid Square

Businesses that have medium to high sales volume, key in most transactions, have fluctuations in volume or ticket size, that enjoy any level of customer service, or that can't afford to have funds frozen without notice should opt for a traditional processor in place of Square.

Average Sales Volume and Up Square's 2.75% rate is nice and simple, but it's not really that competitive when compared with a traditional processor offering interchange plus pricing. Sign up for free at CardFellow to receive instant quotes from multiple processors to see for yourself.

Card-Not-Present Businesses Businesses that key-in transactions instead of swiping cards should stay far away from Square. 3.50% plus a $0.15 isn't even close to competitive for card-not-present transactions.

Fluctuations in Volume or Sale Amount Abnormal processing behavior triggers a risk flag that may lead to frozen deposits and account holds. Square has to manage risk like any other processor, but its streamlined sign up process leaves it more exposed than traditional providers, so it tends to have a hair trigger when it comes to holding deposits and freezing accounts. Businesses that have fluctuations in sales volume or average sale amounts should not use Square.

Customer Service is Required Square does not provide customer service. Even the company's processing agreement directs user questions to an email address. If you place any value whatsoever on customer service, Square is not the processing solution for you.

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Jul 31, 2015 by JAO

Worst customer service ever. Besides from the tech people not having a clue and blaming everything on the new upgrade. They are terrible at returning emails. Had a employee needing a passcode or device code and it has been 24 hours since I left 4 emails for them to contact me. Since I gave them a negative customer service review they have stopped communicating with not only me but will not assist my employees. I am fearing them stopping my POS system as a retaliation to negative feedback, that's the kind of company they are.

Horrible Service, Stay Away

Jul 08, 2015 by Pete Smith

After more than a year accepting the same card from the same customer for approximately the same amount of money, Square arbitrarily puts a hold on the transaction, becomes impossible to contact and ultimately put the transaction on hold for sixty-ninety days. I refunded the transaction and have happily moved to PayPal Here. Don't waste your time with Square.


Jul 07, 2015 by HANKTHTANK

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is... Well, that's an understatement when dealing with Square. This company has the worst customer service and is very underhanded in how it deals with merchants. They will "approve" you up front, send a reader, then after your first 2 or 3, or even 5 or 10 charges I've heard, they will ask for a bunch of personal information, bank statements, etc, then freeze your account for 90 days due to "high risk" activity. This happened to my company a year or so ago, but luckily, the 3 or 4 customers I had just run charges for did a chargeback, so I was able to re-run with my older, more expensive merchant bank. There are 1000's of horror stories out there, where businesses have had large sums of money held for months or even years. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU HAVEN'T DEALT WITH THEM YET!!!! If you are a customer, stop using Square and cancel your bank account they link to immediately. Once you stop doing business, I have heard they will summarily withdraw funds, without informing you before or why they did it after. These people are inept at best and complete criminals at worst...

I Love Square

Jun 17, 2015 by Danielle Dimieri

I have used square for just about a year, and I love it. It keeps me up to date on transactions for my small private practice. Easiest and cheaper than hiring a billing and coder. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a SMALL Business.

Terrible Company, STAY AWAY!!

Jun 12, 2015 by sara

Everything that everyone said is true! This company is just incredibly bad, maybe even illegal. Setting up account is super easy but getting the money from the sales is virtually impossible. After verifying your bank account, they ask you to provide a slew of information on your business (including the owner's linkedln profile). After you provide all the information they requested, an automated email came saying they are terminating your account due to high risk activities (we have been in business for 5.5 yrs selling children's cloth diapers) and whatever sales have been made, they are holding it for 90 days. 90 days without access to funds can literally kill a small business, which I believe Square has already done judging by what I read. Someone needs to start a class action law suit again this company. Can't believe this type of crooks even exist in this day and age. Wish I could give it a zero star.

Jun 04, 2015 by Shelleycollins

Square sucks!!! They stole two months of sales. From the time I signed up I only received one transaction. Nobody will call me back to resolve this issue. It has hurt my business & potential customers. As a single mother it's literally taking food out of my kids mouth! They're a fraud! I didn't even want to rate one star but I had to in order to continue to post this review!!!! Hustlers & scammers!!!

Beware! Square makes empty promises

May 27, 2015 by Brenda Ginsberg

Beware!!! Square really screwed me. I sold an expensive item. They approved the buyer's credit card. The buyer flew overseas and hours later Square unilaterally informed me that they would not honor the transaction and ordered me to cancel it. I was left without either the merchandise or my money. Square then took a week to 'refund' the money to the customer. I lost a lot of money and had huge aggravation thanks to Square.com. Their promise of unlimited payments is an outright lie. Square is the worst internet experience of my career.

Worthless company

Apr 17, 2015 by Lex Lope

I wish I could give them zero stars. I am absolutely disgusted with Square! I attempted to call into their customer service and it disconnected me when I didn't have a customer number. I sent square a request for my customer number 3 times in 3 days and they have tried to no answer me giving me all types of answers except the one I asked for. For a company that is one of the highest rates in the industry their customer service is WORTHLESS!

Happy Hunting

Apr 10, 2015 by Thread Bear Fabrics

I would love to tell you about the features, ease of use, quality - in short, all the things you would see in a normal review of a product - but I can not get them to send me the product. I have been waiting now for over a month. I suggest find an alternative.


Apr 03, 2015 by Rob

The customer service deserves 0 stars not 1. Not only can you not get in touch with a person without a lot of difficultly, but when you do they can really care less about you, your business or your employees. Square put my funds on hold, I got them required information and then they cancelled my account... the day before I needed that money for payroll. I am lucky to have consistent loyal customers who helped bail me out of the mess square created by wiring funds while waiting for their CC refunds. Maybe it's OK if you have a hobby but if you are running a business avoid them like a merchant services leper.

Holding funds and closed account

Apr 02, 2015 by Carrie Heath

I have sent them my business information and tax id as well as a contract from the company that gave me the credit card. They have canceled my account said possible fraud activity no number to contact them said decision is final and they are holding the funds for 90 days.. This was the money that was supposed to be paid to my employee for traveling to the company. So I had to pay it out of pocket. I am a small company and this has put a real hardship on me.

Joke and amature company

Mar 31, 2015 by Wireless business

I have electronic business that sells in the US and Europe. Doing aprox $50-60k in processing a month. One day decided to get square and account was closed the first day for transaction of $4k. No explanation whatsoever. I laughed and called chase, got a terminal from them and had no problems ever since. Square is a piece of shyt company that going to 0 pretty soon.

Square is a Joke!

Mar 26, 2015 by Alex

Company is a Joke! No phone support, holds funds until you provide them with bank statements and other personal info. Can only communicate through emails. Hidden fees. They will hold funds up to 90 days. They can really harm your business. Don't do it, find an other company.

Square ruined my life

Mar 25, 2015 by Renee

My funds have been pending for days there is absolutely know way to contact them without a code plus the code is nearly impossible to revive because they don\'t answer my emails over a thousand dollars in limbo this is the worst company to do business

Excellent service

Mar 22, 2015 by Greg

I use Square 3 days a week and have NEVER had issues with deposits, account shut downs or anything. Money gets into my account within 2 business days every time, all the time. Square is NOT for big businesses.

Review very true

Mar 17, 2015 by Gina Pelletteri

Still waiting for a call back to answer some questions. Do not like companies who cannot be reached. Their square register would really be great for my business but i will have to leave them alone.

Mar 12, 2015 by John

Do not attempt to use if you sell higher dollar amount items. I buy and sell equipment and was trying to get away from paypal. Little did I know square was the wrong choice. My first transaction was flagged. I submitted information and they ok'ed everything and restored my account. The next attempt to use the customer kept getting declined. The third attempt with another customer was accepted and funds withdrawn from customers account. 30 minutes or so later I get an email saying my account was suspended and there was no discussion to be had about it. I had to refund my customer and now they have to wait for this sorry ass company to credit their card back before they can get their equipment sent.

Far Superior Alternative to Paypal, works best for sporadic processing

Feb 27, 2015 by LegalEagle

My business has been using Square for a little over 6 months. It has a very straight-forward transparent billing structure (flat 2.75% for any transaction) without any nickle/dime fees. It has been a much a better set up than PayPal (which also has a flat fee % without monthly fees) for several reasons.

-- No monthly fee. (options with lower swipe rates were actually more expensive for my business once you added the monthly fees and fees if a minimum wasn't met).
-- No terminal cost. The little swiper is super easy to use and works for both apple and android phones.
-- Fast deposits. Every swipe has been deposited next business day. (Paypal was a several day wait, sometimes taking the better part of a week to arrive).

CONS: the only "con" I have is that for some months, depending on sale volume, I might pay more with Square @ 2.75% than I would with a traditional account and terminal. However, for my business when I look at the annual costs, Square still seems to save money over the alternatives. It definitely saves over PayPal, which charged 2.99% and held the funds for much longer before disbursing.


Feb 20, 2015 by Digital Security

I did a legitimate transaction yet they shut down my acocunt saying it was \"due to security.\" I could not call as they require a customer number and mine was cancelled. I emailed and told them to contact the buyer as it was a legitimate transaction - we do IT computer work. They refused and wanted to hold the money for NINETY days! So, out of the blue they cancelled my account for no reason and refuse to communicate. Awful, don\'t use!

Using Square is Risky

Feb 06, 2015 by Honest PC Services

Someone recently tried to order one of my products online using a stolen credit card. The payment was not accepted, the funds were returned, and Square still felt the need to review my business. I provided all of the information they requested, I told them to feel free to request more information, and within hours, square deactivated my account -- permanently and irreversibly.

The email from square said they found a pattern of high risk activity. That \"pattern\" was one transaction, which got reversed anyway. After using them for a year, they just threw me in the trash and left me without a card processing solution.

Fraudulent Charges

Feb 05, 2015 by S. Mendoza

We have just had to cancel our corporate credit card due to $11,079.70 of fraudulent charges from Square. I would not recommend this company and we will not use any company who is paid this way.

Worst company I have ever worked with!

Jan 30, 2015 by Chris

I finally landed a big client and ran my first transaction with a new business. I took a very small deposit to barely cover the licensing for the project, which was less than $3,000, and I promised delivery in 21 days. 72 hours after the payment should have cleared I received a message from square stating that my account was deactivated and they would hold my funds for 90 Days. They stated the reason was a pattern of transactions that they considered high risk activity. How can you have a pattern of transactions when there was only ONE transaction? One does not make a pattern. And they recommended I refund my customer. I can\'t refund the customer because they got a new card yesterday, and Square can only refund the card that was charged. Now, I am probably going to be sued by my client, or I am going to have to sell everything I own to get the job done. This kind of attitude toward customer service is what is wrong with this country. It seems that once these companies go public all traces of ethics and morals go right out the window.

Do not deal with them

Dec 18, 2014 by Lana Rotter

This company should be held accountable for not explaining why all these small business accounts are being deactivated with no explanation. I am the most honest person out there and do everything by the book. My account was closed and not one person in this company will tell me why. They have all my money and will not get it for 90 days. I am getting a lawyer and think everyone should do the same for how this goes down….treated like criminals with no explanation why. They cannot get away with this. I have never wanted to sue anyone in my life…but the embarrassment and making me feel like I have done something wrong is cruel.

Total Rip Off !

Dec 05, 2014 by Leonard

Square, processed my payment and took 3.75% and then on the next transaction requested a ton of sensitive Info to supposedly make my transactions more secure. After that, Square canceled my account with no good reason. Now I have to refund my client the funds and find a way to get paid for services rendered. I am a small business and this is very detrimental to making a living. I will tell everyone I know not to consider Square. I will also raise hell with my Verizon Dealer who pushed this on me. I made a mistake . Don\'t do the Same.

No issues here

Nov 19, 2014 by Tina

I am the office manager for a small HVAC company. We have used Square for about 2 years for our credit card transactions, which can run from $50 - $10,000. At the beginning the larger transactions were held a few extra days, but now all transactions are deposited next business day with no issues. We have been very happy with our Square services and will continue to use them.

Bad for patrons/customers

Oct 29, 2014 by Keith Bumgarner

We frequent a restaurant in our area where the typical bill for two is about $150-$180. They use the Square for paying the bill and several times the Square's system has been down and the restaurant resorts to writing your credit card info down, asking you how much tip and then processing your bill later when service is restored. After the last incident, we plan to not return. We told this to the owner and apparently we are not the first to say they will not return. Seems it's a bad fit for a higher end restaurant.

Square customer service

Oct 17, 2014 by Ed Moser

I am so frustrated with Square Inc. at the moment I want to cancel my Square account, but I can’t.
I’m a small business. When I switched from “Merchant Services” to Square for processing my credit card purchases, I was very happy. So happy, I converted a half dozen other vendors at a show in one day. It was easy. I’ve gotten along with Square very well since I set up the account, until today. I need to access my account to do a phone purchase; square wouldn’t allow me to access my account. Error message was incorrect password. I know the password is correct because I’ve never changed it and I have it written down in another location, and I checked it. I assumed this was a forced password change so I hit the change password icon. I received the Square email for changing my password, clicked on the icon to do so. I was asked my security question; what street did I grow up on. I know what street I grew up on and I entered it every possible way I could think of and I still got “incorrect answer”. I can’t proceed with updating my password without putting in the correct password. There is only one answer to the security question. I tried your on-line help; it is not helpful at all. I tried your telephone number which took some hunting to find, it referred me to the on-line help. Your help center is like the movie “Ground Hog Day.” Same thing over and over, but nothing changes and there is no help.
Since I can’t get into my account, how do I resolve my problem on-line? Is there a phone number I can talk to a live human who can look at my account and ask me all needed questions to confirm it’s my account so I can resolve my password issues or they can call me at ¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________ (standard time)? If I can’t access my account please direct me in how I can cancel my account, I will find a vendor who has customer service.

Stay away for so many reasons!

Sep 25, 2014 by Tom

Reliable: NOPE!
Trustworthy: NOPE!
Supported: NOPE!


Sep 22, 2014 by Summer

I started using Square for my employees out in the field. It was going ok for a while, until I processed one transaction they were concerned about. While in the process of dealing with this one transaction, they put a hold on all other transactions and I was hit with several bank charges. They will in no way reimburse me for this even though they did not deposit funds when stated. When I wanted to contact them, Guess What? NO TELEPHONE NUMBER. Their customer service is terrible. If you process small charges you\'ll probably be ok. But if your charges vary widely, just watch diligently.

Square left me high and dry

Sep 18, 2014 by Corky Barder

Square has got to be the biggest joke in the industry. We signed up for square when they first hit the market and had no problems up until last month. I had received an email from them about updating my reader and since my business only processes cards a few times a year in the fall, I didn’t to it immediately. Two weeks ago, I signed into my account, and the account was noted that it was permanently deactivated. I searched my emails to see if I had received anything from them and I had not, other than the notices to upgrade my reader. Since they have ZERO phone support, I was left with sending them an email as to why my account was deactivated. I received a reply from that I was running an illegal business and according to their terms, there service was not to be used for gambling or betting and that their decision was final and the deactivation of the account could not be reversed. I was floored, I responded back to them that I didn’t run an illegal business, that my business did not involve gambling or betting. That I had been in business for 12 years and had used their company for 4 years and asked them how they came to their conclusion, and since I was being accused, by them, of running an illegal business that I should be able to know how they came to this conclusion and why had I never received notice that my account had been deactivated. They responded back to me that by the terms with M/C & Visa, they didn’t have to disclose anything period. I’m one of the lucky ones, as I didn’t have any funds pending, for if I had, they could hold my funds for 90 days. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and apparently square is not communicating with them either. I will admit that when I was using square, I was very happy with it, but just to leave me high and dry with no notice, or explanation is totally unacceptable.

Lost $4000 - Terrible Experiece

Sep 04, 2014 by John Foos

After painting his home my customer told Square that
it was a fraudulent charge. THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME so I could resolve it. They just withdrew $4000.00 out of my account three weeks after the job took place and then informed me. Without customer service I am unable to resolve this.
Use them at your own risk!

Not worth it

Aug 28, 2014 by Dean D

i signed up with square almost half a month ago, the verification process is long, convoluted and inefficient. after 5 days they were unable to link to my checking account, and unable to tell me why. upon trying again, they were again unsuccessful, and again unable to tell me why. now after another 5 days and linking to my personal account, they delay AGAIN with forms that had i knew they needed them i could have provided them during the first lengthy verification process. on top of that they want copies of my invoices. my invoices are not public. in contrast, paypal was able to link my account with no problems. within an hour. this has put me in a very awkward position with my client, and i have my doubts that they will ever place an order with me again. i will not be using this service.


Aug 18, 2014 by Sammy Brown

This is the sorriest company I have ever dealt with in my life. All you have to do is read the reviews
The only reason I selected one star is because you have to. Otherwise, I would give a -5.

I guess it's still being worked on?

Jul 05, 2014 by Robin Ester

When my husband and I (both retired) decided to start a small business selling gifts and apparel from our travels around the world, we looked at different credit card processing options, and liked what we heard from others about Square credit card processing. The widget arrived quickly, but customer support concerning how to use it, was seriously lacking! Our first sale was for 200.00 and went OK. Our next sale was over 1,000.00 dollars and it was a neat customer who was interested in buying more items; and he lived nearby our little shop! Would have been perfect, but the processing was put on hold by the company (square) and we could not get hold of anyone to explain why! We had to lose the sale and that made me pretty mad. It was a perfect customer! Next sales went OK, but the following sale was again over 1,000 dollars, and the square company cancelled our service without notice or explaining why! They said the sale was risky?~ The customer was another local person and would again would have been a valuable return customer , except for who we chose for CC payments. CAN NOT RECOMMEND!

No Problems here

Jul 04, 2014 by Christine

I have been a Square user since their inception. I am happy to say that I have never had any issue with them in regards to sales. I have art shows every weekend and thus am using it often with everything from $20 sales up to $2400 sales. Maybe since I have been a customer so long and my history proves the type of business and sales I have, I have had no problems. Cross my fingers though since I have heard that their non existent customer service is what give Square a bad name.

Bottom of the Barrel; A shame~

Jul 02, 2014 by Carl Young

We were very excited to hear about this service, especially that they didn\'t charge you if you didn\'t use their service . The percentage rate was livable too. But customer service was the bottom of the barrel, and not knowing when they will release your payments hurts business in so many ways! We just wanted an answer when our payments were going to be released - this week? next week? and we had been with Square over a year! Truly a troubled company, and a bit dishonest with the way they handle payments and their release. We had poor service with the big banks in the past, but we knew that we would be paid within 48 hours without fail, barring weekends or holidays. Not so with Square. They indiscriminately held payments for a week and longer, and we need payments to pay employees and bills! Square is a bad choice for a brick and mortar retail, and I cannot recommend them. It was a very poor service and bad experience.

terrible customer support

Jun 30, 2014 by jacob yuele

I need some help from square concerning a payment. I have made multiple attempts to contact them through the online help center but I have been completely ignored. There appears to be no way to speak to a human or get one to email you. 2 thumbs down in the customers service department.

Fast and easy

Jun 24, 2014 by Darlene Robichaud

I have been using Square for over a year for my stained glass business. We process a lot of high end sales and have never had a problem using the Square system for any of our transactions. We used to use digital processors leased from our bank and found the the costs outweighted the benefits for taking credit cards. I have recommended this process to many of my colleages in the craft industry.

Square Rip Off

Jun 20, 2014 by Ann Marrero

It is impossible to contact Square customer support. I have a transaction pending for a sale for $7,500.00 and they are holding the payment until I provide them with more of my personal information.

Wrong Deposits

Jun 19, 2014 by Christine

I started using Square back in 2012 and loved it until I tried to add another user. Square somehow began depositing money into the other person\'s bank account. The really frustrating thing is that I could not get a hold of anyone by phone to unravel this mess. I am switching because of the lack of service. They need to have phone customer service for folks like me.

No Customer Service

Jun 12, 2014 by Reno Local

I switched to square when my business slowed to save money on monthly charges. It was a bad move on my part. I have all customers fill out a credit card authorization to cover myself because my transactions are all keyed. I had a large payment from a customer that Square took and then told me to reverse 3 days later. I received no explanation and no response to my emails. I don\'t know to this day if the amount was too high. I am scared to use them again because my business looks unprofessional when I have to go back to a customer for another form of payment on a job completed. I fore see non payments in the future if the customer doesn\'t have cash to cover.
Is there anything else out there with a charge by transaction fee that has a customer service department and will answer my questions?



I rarely get cards to swipe. Anyone else have this problem? If anyone has changed from square, what are you using.

Bad First Experience

Jun 02, 2014 by Alfred Wong

I'm a low volume seller who tried to use Square for the first time at a trade show. I did test it at home with my own card and it worked. But at the show the transactions failed with a "invalid location" error message. Lost sales due to it. Had no idea what it meant. Sent them 2 emails they never answered

Great for my business! Better than Paypal

May 30, 2014 by LegalEagle

The bulk of my firm's clients pay by check, but we do take credit cards sporadically. Some of these are from remote clients. Here is my plug for Square based on how it has benefited my particular business.

Traditional monthly fee + swipe rate does not work for my business. Monthly fees and minimums make little sense when we could go 2 months without a charge or perhaps only run a single modest charge in monthly. However accepting credit cards are important since we alternatively have months with multiple charges. We used to use PayPal.

In comparison, Square is great. It has a lower processing rate than PP (2.75% vs. 2.99%) and funds are transferred next business day (vs. the 3-7 day processing time w/ PayPal which also required a manual request for funds - Square automatically sends funds once available). It also now allows invoicing so those remote clients can pay by CC without jacking up the fees to a keyed in rate.

I get the concerns with charge backs and such but this is a problem with most ANY form of payment. Checks can bounce and charge backs can be initiated by customers regardless of the processor.

I've been very pleased in the few months since we made the switch to Square. Time will tell if this happy relationship continues but for those business owners who only periodically take charges on medium to "big ticket" items, a flat rate and remote payment is great!

Square works great

May 30, 2014 by Billie Ward

I have used Square for almost three years. 5 days a week and 10-12 hrs a day. Extremely busy schedule makes it hard to batch out in a timely manner so when I checked into using the Square it was the perfect fit. I've not had one bit of trouble and will continue to use it. The fees charged are saving me money from the traditional charge choice.

Zero Customer service

May 27, 2014 by Michael Siddons

I tried to run a transaction, but the reader won\'t read cards. I found out that the phone number reluctantly given to contact the company goes to a recording ONLY. No human contact. So now I\'m charged a higher rate because I have to punch in the numbers instead of sliding the card. Therefore, I\'m being ripped off. It\'s disgusting. Rating should be less than zero, but it\'s not offered here…..and it NEEDS to be!

bad experience

May 24, 2014 by Stephen Gross

I was helping a friend at his booth at the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley May 17th & 18th. A friend who was visiting with us suggested I get a Square in case anyone needs to buy with a credit card. She actually drove over to Verizon and bought one for me. It was easy to set up and within minutes I was approved to use it. A woman purchased $4,200 worth of art and wanted to pay with her credit card. As a favor to both my friend selling the art (partially going to charity) and the woman purchasing it I did this on the square and got approved. Very easy and gratifying. Later that night I received a request for more information and subsequently was informed my account was canceled and they would not provide a reason. The $4,200 would be credited to my bank account in 90 days!! Getting someone to help is impossible. The best I could get was an email referring me to the sales agreement (which I did not read prior to using the device).
So my advice is to make sure you read everything on Square prior to using it. With no financial interest and only trying to help I am required to wait 90 days to get the money deposited into my bank.
Fortunately the woman was honest and helpful and mailed me a check and I cancelled the charge.
It was so easy to get up and running but a nightmare once I had a problem. I gave them 1 star only because I could not leave all the stars clear.

Square Up Review - Horrendous Experience

May 18, 2014 by J Kobus

I used Square aka SquareUp credit card processor several times over the past year with no problem. Then in May 2014 I used Square merchant services to accept a fairly large payment. First, the payment processed 2 times. My client was furious. I tried to contact SquareUp by phone but there was no valid customer service phone number available. I used the \"contact Square Up\" form and never received a reply. My client had to contact his credit card provider and got the overcharge reversed. In the meantime I did receive an email indicating I had to send bank account and business documentation to prove the validity of my business. For some reason, not given, my account has suddenly been terminated.. I currently am trying to issue a refund to my client. At this point I am so unhappy with my experience with Square Up credit card merchant services and card processing services. I have been thoroughly embarrassed at the very least, and I might lose this VIP client due to a HORRENDOUS experience with Square Up. As I now read similar Square Up reviews I wish I had done some research prior to using SquareUp. Caveat Emptor - you have been forewarned of this rip off scam credit card processing company. Please share this information with any businesses or individuals to prevent Square Up credit card processing service from doing this again.... Zero Stars...................

No notice provided

May 08, 2014 by Paula Sullivan

Square holds funds to be deposited in a bank account. If, as in my case, you don\'t know that your bank account is not properly set up to receive deposits Square appears to have no policy in place to notify customer that there might be a problem. If I hadn\'t received my new Square I would not have known my money was not in my account.
Now, try to speak with a customer service person and It\'s not possible. They need to learn from the cell phone providers who have policies and customer service people to really help out

The worst I have seen! No Square deal here!

May 06, 2014 by Tim

This is truly the worst processor I have seen. There is no customer service, no explanations, and arbitrary money seizures for 90 days. Seriously, if you use them you will regret it. You have been warned. I wish I could give them no stars!

Terrible Service

Apr 29, 2014 by Advantage Wholesale LLC

First, I was sent a nonworking Square Reader. I had already begun sales processing, so I went ahead and manually entered sales. A week later the funds were frozen and I had to prove the \"legitimacy\" of my company. I provided all requested documentation - still the funds were/are on a 90-day hold. There is no one to appeal to and there is - in fact - no one to talk to about it. Customer service is - totalitarian. Their whole process is misleading and one-sided. If I could, I would rate Square - (NEGATIVE) 5 Stars. Stay away from this company.

In the trash

Apr 28, 2014 by Frustrated

I've thrown my Square device in the trash. Square provides no real customer service, either by email or phone. When I changed my business bank account number recently, I could not get that bit of information through to them. No contact. No communication. When a company makes it virtually impossible for their customers to continue doing business with them, it's time to find a different company. I have.

Not Safe

Apr 28, 2014 by Jay

This is a horrible company -
I was using the Square Market for my consulting and design business. People would order specific consulting packages online and then I would meet with them or their employees. After just a few months square held one of my clients regular monthly payments, canceled my account - stating that I was a high risk - even though this was a regular monthly payment. Of course I couldn\'t get a hold of anyone at the company and they did not respond to emails. It took another month to get the money.
They paint a pretty picture but have no desire to actually help anyone.
AVOID them at all cost.
Don\'t listen to these 5 star reviews. Some MIGHT be legit but some are not. Companies like Square regularly hire Social Media Marketing companies to go online to Facebook, Yelp, forums and blogs to write posts and reviews (like regular people) that boost their position.

square stole my money

Apr 28, 2014 by jay jordan

Square withdrew $3,000.00 from my checking account and claimed that a customer requested for a refund. Four months in a row the customer has provided his credit card statements showing that he never received a credit back to his card for $3,000.00. When asked where are the funds, each square representative has given entirely different answers. I have not received my funds after four months and square isn\'t returning my emails. Wow!!

Bad News

Apr 26, 2014 by Avanti Systems LLC

Square is holding $1050 of our money that was released by our customer. We have emailed square many times and have received the same response -- They are \"looking into the issue.\" Please don\'t use this Square card service!

Worst Company Ever

Apr 24, 2014 by GINA

Can\'t get a real person to talk to.

Apr 23, 2014 by Mike

I will never use Square again. I would write my case in detail, but it appears so many already have. In brief, my deposits were held without any stated reason, any notification, and the kicker is there is no one available to help customers. Do not ever use Square! If I could have chosen less than one star to rate Square I would have!

File a BBB report in SF

Apr 21, 2014 by Bob

Don't bother posting to blogs, file a complaint with the San Francisco Better Business Bureau - http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/. I'm sure if they get as many complaints as the blogs get postings, Square will have to change.

do not sign up

Apr 15, 2014 by sonia

Everybody should report this company to the FTC. It\'s an awful company to work with.

Apr 04, 2014 by Why are they still in business?

Same story here as everyone else. I guess if I had realized there was no way to contact them from the start, I would have never used them. Why are there no lawsuits??

Customer service could not be any worse

Mar 31, 2014 by jim

I wish I had never signed up with Square.
What a complete waste of my time!
These cowards are afraid to help us because they know that their product sticks!

no support or help

Mar 25, 2014 by Hacienda del Sol

Using square to sell by credit card, worked great. Then in early March Square informed us that one of our customers who made a purchase back in January was contesting the sale and wanted a refund. Square asked if we wanted to contest it and we said "yes" and filled out the information they asked for. Now this was three months AFTER the sale. When the customer came back to buy again, we asked why he had asked why he was unhappy with what he bought from us and why he asked for a refund. He said he had not and was happy with the product he bought from us. Square had already kept the $100 from one of our sales in March to put on hold until they had resolved the issue.
Their website is virtually non-informative when it works. Mostly their links are unresponsive. We have sent an email requesting for the status of this problem and they have never responded. We are beginning to believe this is just one of Square's methods of making a little extra $$$. We are no longer using Square for fear of losing more of our hard-earned money.....and we are telling EVERYONE we know NOT to use Square. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't true.....don't buy Square's bull.

Square is HORRIBLE

Mar 25, 2014 by Michael Feinstein

In the beginnin g things were fine but after I had one $600 charge that was disputed by a customer because they didn\'t realize what the charge was for, and then they requested I re-submit the $600 charge, Square decided to hold these funds for eternity. The cardholders bank, Chase, confirmed the funds were released, yet the information I received from Square was that I needed to wait for 60 days, 75 days, etc - multiple emails and none to speak to. Finally, about 90 days later I received an email that contradicted Chase bank. Ultimately, they lied to me via email and kept the $600. Who does this?? Criminals! And during this process they deactivated my account as they determined my business was \"high risk\". Horrible experience - I cannot understand how they stay in business. I will try to pursue out of principle.

Square a big rip off

Mar 24, 2014 by Abraham

They will keep your $ eventually, they dont even have a live customer support, no one to talk to. You will regret going with them. Sign up with a real bank instead.

Square will probably breach own agreement

Mar 23, 2014 by Mike

Square instructed me by email notice that my business was being verified - we provide infrastructure engineering and mechanical - so they gladly latched onto a $545.90 credit card charge on of our customers made and then informed us two days later that we would not have the funds for 90 days for no reason being given for arbitrary action. I wish I had investigated all these background details regarding Square Up prior to me believing they were partners in helping our small business succeed.

Square in not square

Mar 18, 2014 by Terry Clark

Square is anything but square with their customers. They put my funds on hold for months and never said why. I guess I am one of the lucky ones... I did get my money but I am switching my card provider. At some point they will get you, get out when you have a chance.

Square to blame?

Mar 14, 2014 by Brandie C

Our small business started using Square in Dec. 2013. No problems January or February 2014. We noticed unusual international activity on our account in March that we use for Square and contacted our financial institution, who quickly began working on getting our money back, but when we asked them what is to blame for this, they told us that they have seen a lot of this type of activity on accounts that use the Square and that because Square shares your information, it is not as secure and can be easily used for fraudulent purchases...

$6500 sale "approve" now on hold for 90 days

Mar 14, 2014 by Timothee Boonyarit

I sold my motorcycle to someone and took a $6500 payment using square. Everything was approved, my account was verified and then bam, I got hit with all the emails, holds and high risk BS that you all did. Can someone please help if you had some sort of resolution? I\'m not a business owner and I just wanted a safer way to accept money instead of walking around with $6500 in cash. As of right now my motorcycle is gone in someone else\'s hands with the title and My $6500 is on hold. Who knows if I\'ll ever get that money.

Don't Use Square

Mar 12, 2014 by S. Moore

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Customer service is a BIG DEAL to me and Square has NONE. I spent three days emailing back and forth with Square over an issue that probably could have been resolved in a few seconds over the phone. After an EXHAUSTIVE search, I found 2 phone numbers for Square. Both numbers were just a recording, directing you to email them. Even when I REQUESTED a phone call, I was denied. Myself and the merchant in question sent a final entail plee to Square. A response didn't come until EIGHT HOURS LATER! To add insult to injury, the email STILL didn't address the issue. Good concept, but NO THANK YOU TO SQUARE!

using square

Mar 11, 2014 by sunset beach mairna

We really love the convenience of using square but can only run half of our business thru square. The other half we run through a different processor because they are keyed in. We do about 125,000 in keyed in sales a year. Square can not accommodate this at a reasonable rate or make timely deposits. Really wish they could, I love the square register.


Mar 10, 2014 by Annaliza

Please get the word out. Square is a terrible company. When the service works it is convenient, but when you have a problem they are criminal. They have been holding money that was sent to me for a contract job for over a month. Each time I email them it takes 3 days for a reply. They are refusing to give me the money. They say it was sent to my (closed) bank account. The bank says it was never sent to them. It\'s almost $2,000.00. Don\'t use this service!

Stay Away

Mar 09, 2014 by Tommy A

I read articles about Square problems but didn't think they'd happen. Now they're happening. I sell high ticket items and couldn't charge a $4500.00 item for a customer today. Fortunately I had a back up credit card processor for an instance like this. Square totally failed me and has no phone support. It's the second time in 45 days they've failed me.

Square does not return money

Mar 05, 2014 by Mark

I've been doing quite a lot of business with Square for a few years. On Feb 5, 2014 one of my clients called their credit card company to inquire what the fee was about (she had forgotten or didn't recognize it). On February 6 Square yanked $1,100 out of my account saying that it was in dispute. I called my client immediately and she said she never disputed it but just asked what it was for. So then on Feb 8, Square sent me an email saying that it "was resolved in my favor" and they would be returning the money. A few weeks later I sent an email asking when I would get the money back. On Feb 19, Roxy from Square sent an email saying that it would be back into my account no later than 1-2 business days. It is now March 5, 2014 and nothing has been returned. I'm expecting that I will need to file a complaint with the California Attorney General's office and am getting ready to file a small claims action if I don't get it back in the next 2 days. Unbelievable way to treat customers, especially since I gave them a lot of cc business!

How Is It Legal For Them To Just Keep My Money?

Mar 04, 2014 by Jenny

I\'ve been using Square for well over a year & have had no problems to date. In fact, up until today I recommended the service to everyone. Today I received an email saying that the part of the last payment I processed was being held (they called it Deferrals Held), and I only received part of the money I was owed. I don\'t know why they are holding the remainder of the money and there is no one to ask. I\'ve emailed and tweeted repeatedly and received no answer. Since there is no one to ask and I don\'t know why it\'s happening, I\'m now really worried I\'m never going to see the money. I\'m a small business, running on small margins and I cannot express how much we need the remainder of the money. Square is no friend to the small business owner. Do not use Square. You will eventually regret it.

We Love Square

Mar 02, 2014 by Sharon Gulden

We are an independent restaurant. 70% of our business is through cards, and 30% cash. Average ticket price is $20. Square has improved our business beyond all expectations. We have saved thousands on CC fees, never had any money held, and we love the way the system handles orders and ticket printing. We can't say enough good things about it.

Don't get fooled by the low startup cost

Feb 19, 2014 by Lorie

We just used our Square at a retail show, and charged our customers thousands of dollars for the products we sold. After on week, nothing has been deposited in our linked account. So we have no money to fill our orders. Our customers are already getting upset. We tried the email support and just got an automated reply with a case number about 5 days ago -- nothing else. We tried calling that phone number, and we just got a recording that said to go to the web site and use the email support.
The big retailers, like Walmart, that are selling the Square need to get involved. Our business is just getting started and we are about to go under already because we have no funds to supply the products that we sold. No recourse, no phone support, no live chat, and no answers to the email support.

Square has big problems

Feb 18, 2014 by Dionysus

I gave Square a try because I wanted to sell my novel online, and I wanted a simple payment gateway that would accept credit cards. Square bills itself as a site where customers can purchase your products either from their computers, PDA, iPhone, etc. This was perfect I thought.

However, using Square proved very cumbersome. Here\'s what found:

—Signing in to Square was often a nightmare. Often I would go to the sign in screen, enter the correct info, only to have it kicked back as incorrect. I went over this several times, to make sure I\'d entered the correct information. It still kicked it back as incorrect. Eventually, it let me in, but the fact this happened was very significant. This is a site that will be holding my money. Can I trust a site that has problems just signing in?

—I went to my profile screen and tried to upload a photo. The photo file was not overly large, and I\'ve placed the same photo on other sites, easily. When I tried to upload the photo, the \"save\" button remained grayed out and it would never save. That is, until I went to the bottom of the page just for the heck of it (to see what would happen), and changed one of the profile page colors. Then the \"save\" button darkened and I found I could hit \"save.\" Thing is, I didn\'t really want to change the colors, I just did it to see if it would make something happen. And it did. And that\'s bizarre. I shouldn\'t have to go change a stupid color just to make a \"save\" button work. That\'s just inane. BTW, the photo still did not upload.

—I went to the link marked forms. This page would not load, the little circle-timer icon just kept swirling. It locked up the page and I had to shut down the program and restart it. Like I said before, I shouldn\'t have to do that. Square\'s technology should be able to handle any computer, any technology. And my computer is a popular brand, and I keep it updated. I found that I had to go back and reset my browser to get back into the site. Then the problem still occurred.

—In the above example, I also found on a couple of occasions that if I hit the \"back\" button on my browser, in order to get out of the page, it would sign me out of the system and take me right back to the sign-in screen. Then I had to sign in all over again, and encountered the sign-in problems again (see above).

—Customer service. I contacted Square about one of the above issues. They did not respond.

Suggestions for Square:
—Get your technology straight, please. You guys have a great idea. Run with.

—Have a screen where I, the merchant, can set up what my shopping cart/checkout screen will look like for the customer. Also, since this is an online business, make it so that my street address does not appear.

—Make it so I can upload a simple JPEG and have it save. Without having to push any other buttons.

—I just want to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, using any kind of device. Note that I didn\'t say that I would be using those devices. What\'s important to me is that the customer be able to send payment (via credit card, ACH or bank account) via their own computers or devices. That\'s it. It\'s convenient for them, and it\'s convenient for me. Please make this happen.

Biased Review

Feb 17, 2014 by satyendra dhingra

We currently use a payment processor that is charging almost 5% of the gross amount, so Square seems like a phenomenal deal to us. We do almost 25K transactions per year with a small average sale amount. I have done detailed analysis of various payment processors and none of them comes close to Square.

Employee Fraud

Feb 16, 2014 by Flavio

I\'m on the same boat as Gary that posted his review on Dec 03, 2013. An ex-employee of mine created an square account and charged on his account our customers credit cards.
We are currently investigating the extent of the fraud, but so far it\'s close to $2,000.00.
The employee even used our company name as part of the description on the SQ account as it shows when the customers sent us proof of payment.
I have tried to contact square by phone, email, and web form sending them explanation of the fraud along with documentation, but so far I have not gotten any response.
Like Gary says, it\'s unbelievable that it is so easy to commit fraud like this. How a company can stay in business with no customer service is beyond my imagination.
If anyone else has had a similar experience, please do share with us.
Fraud Run-a-muck

Do we have any recourse?

Feb 15, 2014 by Envision-Marketing

I recently encountered the same issue. I rarely ever accept credit card payments, but when I did I used square. I recently did a transaction for $750 and now all of a sudden they need to verify my information. I\'ve been a customer for over 2 years. If they needed information, they could have asked for it at anytime. I promptly supplied all required information. I then tried calling and tweeting. I got a response on Twitter that simply said to check my email, which I did. All they did was forward the same email that they previously sent. I went on a twitter rant demanding my payments be released immediately. Within 2 hours I received another email stating that my business was high risk and they have deactivated my account for security reasons. They won\'t offer any explanation. I work really hard as many of us do, but I can\'t begin to explain how badly I need that money that they are holding. It is a travesty, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to hold them responsible and warn other business owners not to use them.

Was Happy...

Feb 13, 2014 by MARLYN

I was very happy with Square, but since last week it has held my deposits. I dont have a clue what to do. There is no customer service, only emails without an answer.

Don\'t Use Square

Feb 13, 2014 by dmitri

Don\'t use this company. Square takes your money without reason. You get no email, no response, and no customer service. I know 3 people who used Square and everybody had money held.

Square It

Feb 13, 2014 by Brandon

I have fast food restaurant and square has saved us a ton on processing fees. The only time they hold funds is on key-in transactions. With that said, I don\'t do $1000 in one transaction. So, I would recommend Square if you have a small business or small ticket items to sell. If i have a problem with the reader I get a new one at Kinkos for $10.00 and square reimburses me. So, if your don\'t sell firearms or anything to do with FTA and have small ticket items, Square is for you.


Feb 08, 2014 by Lee Snyder

I don't seem to have the link on my square account to get my 1099-k form. "Contact us" without a phone number is a joke.


Feb 06, 2014 by Erik

I am in a current battle for nearly $1,000 due to a fraudulent claim from an irate customer. I have done business with Square for nearly two years and this situation has had me so stressed out that once the matter is resolved, be it in my favor or not, I will discontinue my business with Square.

Square\'s process on how they handle claim disputes is awful! In Square\'s \"effort\" to make the credit card transaction process faster they lack a very vital part to any trusted business -- the ability to talk to a person.

I received an email that told me my account would be drafted for the amount that the customer is disputing. I have supplied mounds of tangible evidence to support why the claims are false by detailing my interaction and correspondence with the customer since the very first day.

Because I am a small business owner and am still growing, I do not have sizable capital to cushion my life while this indefinite matter may or may not come to an end in my favor. This matter has thrown me off track almost completely. And as many have said here before, the biggest complaint I have with Square is that there is not one single number you can call to help resolve or gain any feeling of security while dealing with an issue like this. Instead, what you receive or obviously system generated emails that are just as cold as the way they are handling my finances.

I am in the same battle with the same client for a PayPal portion of a different amount. With PayPal, I was able to call in a secured fashion and my matter was resolved within minutes! Literally, about an hour ago they looked at my information and placed the funds back into my account. I am hoping that I receive my funding back from Square but as far as this form goes.... do not use Square. You are far more secure with PayPal! I feel bad for the \"positive\" testimonials below where people are claiming to have made thousands of dollars in transactions at a time. Be advised that if something goes wrong (and any smart business knows that anything is possible), Square will seize your account for the full amount of the Chargeback Dispute. In the event that your Square account doesn\'t have sufficient funds to cover the escrow, Square will draft whatever bank account you have on file. And although this final part didn\'t happen to me, we all know that if your bank account doesn\'t have the proper funds in it, your world will be turned literally up-side-down! IT\'s happening to me right now as I\'m typing this response. I have been in business for a decade and have never had such an issues like this.

If anyone else is still on the fence about it, until you see a review where someone has had a Chargeback dispute that was handled with excellent customer service on their behalf, don\'t be fooled by the thousands of dollars Square has deposited into their account. When the rain pours, Square will snatch all of that money back in the blink of an eye.


Feb 04, 2014 by CWI

Square has held my deposits with no reason. We have attempted to contact them, but email takes a long time and there is no phone number.
This company is the worst! Run away and never look back!

Just stay away...

Feb 02, 2014 by Ron

I run an industrial supply company handling about $10k a month in CC charges and had a need for a mobile platform for some small transactions in the field. Square is not the answer if you ever want to actually collect your funds. Legit customer payments held indefinitely with no explanation or recourse.

Class Action Time!

Feb 01, 2014 by Greg

I have never filed a lawsuit in my entire life and I\'ve been involved in many business and real estate transactions. However, it\'s clear this company is absolutely incompetent, if not completely fraudulent. I would urge everyone to forward your experiences with Square along with a link to this website to your states Attorney General.
I, as others on here, are not complaining about $20 transactions. Nearly everyone is out thousands of dollars. As small business owners, we understand the importance of cash flow. Undoubtedly, Square has and will put businesses under.

Highly Disappointed!!!!

Jan 31, 2014 by KB

I\'ve been using Square for almost a year. The process of setting up an account was very fast and easy.
However, now that I need help resolving and issue the service has been slow and terrible. Square has taken funds from my Customer\'s account, but it has yet to place the funds in my account, even though I provided the service for my Customer 2 weeks ago. I can not believe how Square can just take your hard earned money from you with no explanation.

Don't use them

Jan 31, 2014 by Joyce

I own a travel company and have used Paypal for years. I never had an issue, but thought I would try Square for mobile connectivity and charges, as I do travel a lot. Without any warning or correspondence, Square deactivated my account. There is no customer support for square. I have been emailing them for over a week now, and I get the instant reply, \"Thank you, someone will get back to you.\" As a business owner, timely support is essential. I am so disappointed in Square, and I can\'t believe they can operate via email only! Especially since they are a credit card processing service!
On the other hand, Paypal allows for partial refunds. With square, you have to cancel the entire transaction. And best of all, Paypal has a phone number which you can call even if you don\'t get a secret code from square (the only way to talk to them in person is if they email you and provide you with a code).

Big Scam

Jan 30, 2014 by Kirk

This company has the worst customer service in America. There is NO phone support whatsoever. They charged our customer and placed the money in the wrong account. Now we do not have the money for our services, someone else does. Never work with Square!

Worst Company Ever

Jan 29, 2014 by Mark

I went from sales of $200 a week to $5000 a week After 2 years with no complaints and no charge backs. Then, Square said I was high risk. What a joke of company. Now Square is holding $3000 for 60 days.

Beware of Square

Jan 27, 2014 by Greg

Square is holding our funds and crippling our business. After several months of transactions with no problems, Square suddenly decided it needed more information before it could send our latest transactions to our bank account. I supplied Square with all the information it requested. The next day, I received the same \"high risk\" email so many others have with no explanation as to why. Square is holding over $20,000 dollars for 180 days! Do not use Square!

We love Square!

Jan 16, 2014 by LaNell Sonner

I have a small business, Kataluma Chai, with currently two locations in Colorado. Most of our items are drinks which are between $3 to $10 ticket charges. We have been using Square as a simple credit card processing since Jan 2013 at one location and using the Square Register at the other location. I Love it. We had a few problems that were sorted out within a week. Square responded promptly and efficiently. I used to use a merchant service company that kept increasing rates, so in 2012, I switched to a more locally-based company (this is where I really got scammed, lied to, and cheated with no customer service) in 2012 that charged me over $900 for credit card processing. In 2013, Square charged me $275 for that same amount, plus a few extra charges for a ticket over $400 (which I was aware of and simply forgot to manage on my end differently), and a few keyed in amounts. with Square I have come out way way way ahead this year. Deposits are as timely as any other processor. I can always look online and immediately print whatever daily totals I need. I am notified of every transaction if I so choose, all refunds, and all deposits. I haveno complaints so far. The only real thing Square Register is missing for my business is the ability to do a split transaction (part cash + part credit card), but we have figured out how to take care of it.


Jan 14, 2014 by RICKY

I wish there was an option to give negative stars. They are holding my 2 transaction. My square account was working pretty good until they decided to hold my funds. They have no customer service number. Horrible -- they are scamming small business owners and keeping their money.


Jan 14, 2014 by Star

I have had my Square for a few months. I thought since I own a few apartments Square would be a good way to allow tenants to pay rent, fees, or security deposits with a debit or credit card. I had not had the opportunity to use Square until last weekend when I sold a personal item. He asked if I accepted credit cards, and I thought, \"hey, this is a great time to try my Square.\" So, he paid and took the item. Within about an hour I got an email from Square saying it needed more information. So, I sent the necessary paperwork to them, and about two hours after that I received the proverbial Dirty Letter stating my account was \"HIGH RISK\" and was cancelled and my funds will be held for 90 days! I am at a loss at this point. It is my fault for not looking into Square more thoroughly before I decided to choose their service... or lack of service. My buyer is happy and I am left without funds for who knows how long -- especially after reading some of the other comments. $500 might not be a lot to some folks, but it is to my family. I do notunderstand how this sort of business practice can be legal. I am writing every public service agency, BBB, banking oversight board and my local congressmen. This is unacceptable!

Horrible company, Ignore the star

Jan 14, 2014 by Peter Gogan

I am at fault for not reading the reviews first. They are at fault for being a horrible company! Do not use Square if you want to receive your funds.

Hard to believe but sadly, all true

Jan 06, 2014 by Scott

My first transaction was for $3,000 which was paid for over the phone so the number was keyed in and approved by the card issuing bank. A day later, I received an email from Square asking for more information about the transaction. I spent over an hour trying to upload what they were looking for, but although their submission form stated that PDF files were an accepted format, every time I tried to upload one I was told that I needed to upload a file in an accepted format. I actually took pictures of some of what they needed so I could upload in a JPEG format, another accepted format, which did work. I wrote a long paragraph explaining the difficulties I had just experienced with their site and asked them for an alternative email to send my bank statements to. I sent them this information last night and was under the impression that I would be hearing back from them within two business days. I understood that to mean that my forms would be reviewed on Monday or Tuesday. This evening I received an email stating that they are closing my account and that I am a security risk. They also stated that they would not tell me why they made that decision and that their decision was final. But the really really unbelievable part of this is that the customer for the transaction in question is my Mother. A fact that I made very clear in the paragraph I attached to the form that I submitted to them last night.

Stay away from these guys. They truly suck.

Interest earned??!

Dec 30, 2013 by Tate Boutin

Square is currently holding $2000 of mine for suspicious activity. I am a former assistant branch manager for a bank. I know I am in compliance.

I wonder who is getting all the interest earned on the money that Square holds in an account somewhere?

Really Frustrating

Dec 27, 2013 by R D Couch

I tried to use Square for my small business. When I was still in the set up phase the software kept locking up my iPad. I could not, of course, contact customer support to find out what was wrong so I bailed out on it before I ever went "live" with it. Would it kill them to offer customer support? As far as I am concerned it is a useless product.

Credit Card Processing Insider , USA 1.6 5.0 188 188 Worst customer service ever. Besides from the tech people not having a clue and blaming everything on the new upgrade. They are terrible at returning emails. Had a employee needing
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70 Responses to Square Review, Rates & Fees

  1. Cindy says:

    Yep, these reviews are right! One of my clients didn’t recognize the name of the business on their monthly report and reported the transaction to Amex who then reported it to Square and it was in dispute. Without waiting for a response, which we both resolved within 24 hours, Square held the $ from my account. And it’s all through email! Their email says “someone will get back to me within 1-2 business days”. Clearly, they don’t want my business! I’m sticking with my merchant account through Authorize.net. I used Square for the mobility and the rate for Amex but hat is now over!

  2. carmelo says:

    I sold an item, square approved the charge and without rhythm or reason they closed my account and are now holding my funds for 90days before i get it. BS! Oh by the way, i cannot talk to anyone at square about this. Stay Away! their BBB rating is a C-, which is way too high in my opinion.

  3. Shawn says:

    This company sucks they allow transactions at first then they cancel/suspend your account and hold your funds for 90 days I had to send merchandise and hope they release the funds in which they did 90 DAYS later. STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE!!! You’ve been warned.

  4. cortneyrcole@aol.com says:

    This is the most awful company my husband and I have opened a plumbing company our first transaction was over 30000.00 they froze our account saying they had to do an account verification. This took over a week then they said I had to refund the money and now it’s been 3 weeks total and the customer still has not received his refund and we are a brand new business and this is drowning us. I would never use this company again

  5. Boyceann says:

    Buyer Beware! I am very suspect of any business in which you cannot communicate with a human being, especially when it comes to your finances, and that the case with Square Co. Impossible to reach a human if you do not have an account. I was interested in setting up an account with them, but like any good business person, I have questions I wanted answered first. When you call they will only talk to you (and that could a maybe as I never did get through) if you have an account number. Instructions are to go on line, enter information, get account number and then, maybe, you might be able to get through. They would not issue an account number unless I linked my banking information, which automatically links your bank account to their service. If you don’t enter it, they do not issue an account number, therefore no communication via humans. In reality, they are stupid because they have just created so much mistrust in me I now know I would never use their service. Read reviews folks, it’s all in black and white. People are not having a good time with the Square. I tried to get through for almost an hour thinking eventually I would find a phone number that would connect me to a person. That did not happen. Think before you act. It sounds convenient but if you cannot even get through to their SALES department to enlist their services, what kind of help will you get if their is an issue with your bank account? NO SQUARE FOR ME OR I’m sure, ANYONE ELSE WHO IS BUSINESS SAVY.

  6. Jason says:

    Glad I read the reviews before activating Square. Been on hold twice today for a total of 3 hrs regarding my order! Non Existent customer service seems very likely.

  7. Yari says:

    Worst company ever
    I’m a hairstylist and it’s easier to take payments with
    A card in my field of business. I was able to do a few
    Transactions and then I get a message that my funds are being
    Held for 90 days. Also I was only able to reach someone
    When they a case number but once you answered the
    Questions that contact gets deleted. I want to know
    Will I ever get my money back

  8. Dan says:

    I had my account placed on “hold” pending verification of funds, too. Well, the credit card had already been processed and charged for the full amount while Square sits on my money. So, I issued a refund and will use another service.
    I’m done with Square. And yes, I waited all afternoon to speak to anyone over there, but no such luck.
    Good bye, Square!

  9. John Hammond says:

    We have been using Square for the past two years at our Bed & Breakfast. Setup was straightforward, as was info about what their system does and what we should expect. I was surprised by the number of responses from those expressing unfortunate experience. For our business, it has worked superbly and without error. Our business is primarily weekends, but even with busy weekends there has never been a delay in depositing funds. And, there are no fees to pay when we shut down for the winter and go a period without processing charges. It’s a slick system, but one that needs to be carefully assessed to insure expectations are met. Works great for us.

  10. Square Customer says:

    We decided to use square having a CLEAN record with PayPal/Intuit and a payment gateway. I am talking about no refunds in a 3 year period. We processed 2500 dollars of invoices (from the same city) from our test clients (clients that were close so we knew if they tried anything).

    Review came up… Okay, I understand. I gave Square legal papers that our company was real and an invoice from QuickBooks, and we were deactivated the next day.

    Square said we are high risk? We had to refund all customers or wait 180 days for a review (doesn’t mean we would even get the money). They gave us NO details, and we didn’t break any terms.

    Note: We are a service / retail shop with all A+ reviews and NO bad BBB history.

    I wouldn’t even waste your time with Square, they will just let you down.

  11. Pokertank says:

    Similar to all the messages below, we were just screwed over by Square. I wish I would have ready these reviews before setting up with these idiots. We have been using PayPal and Amazon for most of our customer payments, however, I wanted to add a mobile option, plus cheaper processing fees, so I signed up for Square after seeing their commercial on TV. The account was immediately approved, and everything was setup as promised. However, a day after I ran the first credit card charge, I received an email stating the account was under review. Not thinking anything of it, since the account was new, and noticing very little due diligence could’ve been done by Square during the initial setup, I immediately provided all the documents requested. I sent them 3 month’s bank statements, the original online customer order, our invoice with tracking and serial numbers, and the delivery receipt, showing the order had been shipped AND received already. This was a very good customer, so I did not want to hold their order, while Square was getting setup.

    A couple days later, I sent an email checking status on the review and hold on our funds. After another day went by, I finally received a response indicating the account was being deactivated:

    “We’re sorry to inform you that we are deactivating your account. Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity.
    For further information about our policies, you can review section 42 of the Square Seller Agreement.
    We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.”
    Amazing how they found “a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity” when we had just run our very first credit card charge, and the product had been delivered BEFORE the payment was charged.

    I immediately refunded the customer’s card, and ran it through PayPal without a problem, then sent a message to Square asking for more information, and what could be done to re-evaluate the situation. I received the following CANNED reply:

    “Thanks for writing in. We understand that it can be frustrating to have your account deactivated. Unfortunately, our review found that we cannot support any Square accounts for you or your business.

    As stated in the deactivation notice, we will hold the remaining funds in your Square account for 90 days from the date of deactivation. Since your account was disabled on June 20, these funds will be released on.

    Depending on your bank’s policies, you should see these funds one to two business days after we release them to your linked bank account. We will notify you as soon as we deposit the funds.

    If you don’t want to wait 90 days for your funds to be deposited, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note that all refunds must be issued within 60 days of the original transaction date.”
    As you can see, this response was a canned reply by someone who didn’t even take the time to look up the account. I had refunded the ONLY charge on the account already, and the account clearly showed a zero balance at the time of this reply.

    I don’t believe Square is necessarily scamming people, however, I do believe they are trying to grow quickly, by sacrificing customer service. It is clear they auto approve just about anyone, then put the accounts “under review” after they have funds in their hands, instead of doing the proper due diligence BEFORE the new customer is approved to accept credit card payments.

    At the very least this practice is unethical and damaging to prospective customers, but very well may be against Vica/MC/AMEX/Discover policies. My next contact will be with these companies, to see what can be done about Square’s deceptive practices. In the meantime, I will do everything possible to prevent as many people as possible from doing business with Square.

  12. Bob Rogers says:

    I don’t know what all these people are talking about. I’ve been using Square for two years and have never had a problems.

  13. Ken says:

    I’ve only had excellent service from square.. I process up to $5000 worth of down payments and they have always funded into my account the next day.

    I did a few things early on and that was to contact them and discuss my business and processing needs.. they agreed on my needs and service has been excellent.

    I had a hold on a $10k charge as that was over my “limit” until i called and discussed with them.. but by the following day the funds were released into my account..

    I’m happy for now but always looking for better pricing and service.. but yet to find any I’m more comfortable with..

  14. Heather says:

    I have loved square for over 3 years now but a couple months ago there was a shipping problem, and yes, the package was late — my fault. Square took the money out of my account and said when I have confirmation of shipment delivered I would get the funds back. No problem right!? Two months later and 6 emails sent by me with auto-response only from square stating, “we are trying to get a hold of his bank, allow 5 weeks.” I gave them 7 1/2 weeks – I’m done! My bank gave me back my money because the package was delivered and I did have proof. Who knows if square was really working on it or not. If you are using Square be perfect at all times because Square will leave you for dead or broke if problems do arise.

  15. Robert W. says:

    I find every nearly every comment (both good and bad) true. The Square system was designed around a street vendor mentality, i.e. a merchant who sells multiple small value products directly to a customer. That’s not to say other merchant models can’t use Square, but the minute you “stress” the system by processing large amounts, keying certain transactions, sell to commercial or government customers, or exceed any of the secret limitations Square has arbitrarily placed on your account, you run the risk of loosing the value of the sale. They will hold your funds for any reason or any length of time. AND, as has been stated, there is effectively NO direct customer communication let alone ‘support.’ MORAL of the story: Don’t process any sale that you cannot afford to loose.

  16. Kevin Smith says:

    Customer Service is Terrible!!! This company holds your money and makes every excuse not to fund money collected to your account. When you call, you get the same message or no answer. Beware!!!

  17. JGreen says:

    How is this company still in business? I was so supportive of the service and told all my business associates about Square. OMG! How is it possible to be a financial service working with businesses and not provide customer service? It’s horrible. My customer was charged 3 times for a transaction that showed up as being “Declined.” The customer assured me that the funds were available, so I swiped the card two more times, each time the card reader said the card was declined. The customer, of course, did not authorize the transaction, but when she checked her account the next day 3 transactions had gone through. As the business owner, I did not have any indication of the transactions on my dashboard. The amount calculated from my sales for the day did not include the 3 swipes. It’s as if the swipes never took place on my side. It has been 2 full days and I have not been able to speak to anyone at Square, nor have I received an email from the support team in response to the email they say they have received from me. This is terrible! Square needs to be out of business!

  18. Richard says:

    My gosh. 95% of the reviews about Square are “very” negative, so I am assuming that there must be a competitor out there that is better. Who?

  19. candace says:

    Very disappointed in this company! Two days ago I received an email about a charge back for $33.00 which I am providing proper information for. Today I receive an email that they are taking $31.69 out of my bank account with no explanation why. I have emailed them several times with no “quick response,” and of course, like many have said, there is no customer service phone number. This is ridiculous!

  20. sonia says:

    Square is the worst company I have ever worked with.

  21. Michael says:

    A customer filed a “friendly fraud” chargeback on Nov. 24th because an employee of his had been stealing money and he didn’t recognize the charge. The first I hear of this is when I get a notice on Dec 27th from Square that the funds had been debited from my bank account. I responded to Square with the invoice and email/txt communications with the customer. I contacted the customer, and they immediately withdrew the dispute and provided me with a confirmation number from their processor along with the phone number to the card issuer’s investigator. They also wrote a letter stating they had withdrew the dispute, which I forwarded to Square. I have begged Square to be proactive and contact the card issuer, yet they responded to me that they’ve not received any resolution and that the process can take up to 70 additional days. The customer has paid the bill. Email responses from Square have taken up to 5 days. Reading some of the other reviews above, I gather that I’m not going to see my money for several months. Square sucks.

  22. Arthur says:

    Square’s support is terrible. I tried to use its mobile staff feature and cannot figure out how to get someone setup to accept payments for the company. You define a mobile staff member with an e-mail address. They receive the e-mail invitation with a button to create and account. If you try to use the e-mail address to which the invitation was sent it tells you there is already an account with that e-mail, even though the only place it appears is in the mobile staff entry under your business. Square tells me to use and alternate e-mail address to create the account, but that is not tied to my business. It wants bank account information and the “mobile staff” member does not have access to sale items that were created.

    Trying to get help with this whole process has been frustrating. Square only send e-mails, and it has given me two e-mail addresses to correspond with (help@squareup.com and support@squareup.com). Sending e-mail to either of these addresses gets an automated response that says “they do not read e-mail for this address”.

    I’ve been in IT for over 30 years, and this is one of the worst systems I’ve ever seen. I wanted to use this for an event our foundation is planning in March, but now I have to rethink the options.

  23. JP says:

    I signed up for Square in October of 2013. After receiving the card reader, getting the app installed on my smartphone and tablet, I got my inventory set-up the way I wanted it and then got started accepting orders.

    After a week of taking orders and processing cards without a problem, I thought everything was working okay. On October 31 I got an e-mail message from Square Compliance telling me that high risk activity was detected on my account, and as a result, my account has been deactivated. I was then told to visit the Square website for more information.

    After re-reading the seller agreement, terms and conditions, etc, I didn’t find anything that I had done wrong to have my account deactivated. So, I sent an e-mail requesting information to customer support regarding their so-called decision to deactivate my account.

    After waiting a few days, someone finally responded to my message and stated that my account was high risk and due to security reasons, but they couldn’t tell me any more information. The person went on to say that Square was exercising its discretion under Paragraph 42 of the Seller Agreement and that the decision was final.

    I want to know what actually happened to classify me as a high risk user or a security risk. There was no appeal process or anything, Square just deactivated my account. Thankfully, it didn’t keep any funds that I had accepted from my customers. So, I’m happy about that, but overall, Square’s customer service is crappy, and I’m sure they can do better.

    For other business owners/individuals out there that are looking for an application to help them process credit cards — you can do better than Square. I’m sure there are alternatives that are better. I will say that the application interface is nice and the reader is small and compact, but the customer service needs a whole lot of work.

    Don’t waste your time with Square.

  24. Ruth says:

    I have used Square for two years with no issues. I was being robbed by another credit card company, so this one is working much better for me. Someone posted a review saying that only people who deal with “chump change” should use Square. Yes, that’s me, and I’m happy. This company so far has enabled me to stay in business so I don’t have to give 25% of my charges to a crooked card processing company. I have the same customer base who would never dispute any charges, so I think I will have no issues with Square. I really wouldn’t recommend Square for large companies or contractors who provide services. It is very easy for a customer to scam a business with Square by saying that they were not happy and want their money back.

  25. Darla Storer says:

    I suggest going through a real processor with a phone number and a physical place to go get help and answers. This company is a rip off and should be shut down.

  26. Darla Storer says:

    I am a small business, just me. At first square was great, then bam, over night they took out a four hundred dollar fee for something, and I still have no answer. There is no number to call and the few emails I’ve gotten back from my NUMEROUS emails were untimely and of no help whatsoever. I’m completely getting the runaround . It’s been two months I’ve been trying to get a response from them, so to the person above who said “you just have to do your complaining in writing”. NOT TRUE MY FRIEND. The worst company ever. I can’t believe they are not closed down. They have complete control of my money and They don’t give a crap about helping. I still haven’t heard back from them on my last email 4 days ago. Do not sign up with this company… Please!

  27. Chepo says:

    Square is the worst company ever! I have a very small company, and I process cards for a total of $200 per week. All credit cards are swiped in the presence of the customer. For no reason, I received an email from Square telling me that they canceled my account. I immediately sent an email requesting an explanation. It is unacceptable for a credit card company not to have a customer service phone number to call. Square was supposed to make a deposit into my account for $80, but never did… this is a copy of the email Square sent me after I requested an explanation.


    Thanks for writing in.
    For security reasons, we cannot detail the reasons for our decision.
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but our decision to deactivate is final.


    Square Account Services​

  28. tmthom says:

    I wish I read this before using Square.

  29. Joseph Marinaro says:

    Square allowed my first transaction of 17,000 in October , then accepted one for 4000 in November. I received a confirmation email. Then noticed the money was never forwarded to my account. Numerous requests lead only to a return email stating they need more information . Even after sending it, I still get the same email response. There is no phone number. A normal company would have fixed this in 10 minutes. Never again will I use Square. I’m still out my money a month now.

  30. Barbara says:

    Square is a joke. It’s not for a real business, it’s for middle school children selling t-shirts and pins. If you are looking to grow your business, stay away from square.

  31. Brandy says:

    Square is horrible! It should be illegal for anyone to do business this way. No customer service? Do not fall for the “help emails”… they are simply cut and paste responses from a “company” who obviously wants to pocket money instead of paying for a staff to help its customers, hence the businesses who use them. I will never use square again.

  32. Rogier Willems says:

    In more than 2 years of business I have had not a single complaint using square. Now, I have run into my first client who wants to dispute my services. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  33. Lindy says:

    I have used several credit card processing processing companies for my two very small businesses, including PayPal. PayPal has zero customer support, and its charges are over the top.

    I can’t praise Square enough. We’ve now been using it for 18 months.
    The sign-up process was straight forward, and a lot simpler than other commenters have stated.
    – Our funds are promptly in the bank the next business day, and payment notifications arrive within an hour in my email inbox.
    – I’ve contacted them with questions several times, and had quick (within 24 hours) responses, by knowledgeable people.
    – We assure customers that we do not have access to their email or credit card information, and our customers are impressed with Square’s system.
    – Square has never held my funds and payments to my bank account are prompt.

    I would not touch PayPal credit card processing services with a barge pole. Many of the negative comments posted above about Square are true in spades for PayPal. Be aware that any customer can dispute a credit card payment, and whatever the company, the rules are stacked against the merchant.

    • Darla Storer says:

      Just wait, they will slam you overnight for God knows what because they won’t get back to you via email to tell you. They just tell you to read the contract (which is complicated). You will wish you had a real person to talk to who will answer your question of “why are you charging me this enormous Fee, and Why are you holding my money to pay this enormous Fee.” I was very happy with them at first, then they get you. It should be illegal.

  34. Robert B says:

    I looked at Square and thought what they presented was fair, so I thought my first test would show me how the system works. I pulled out my credit card and charged myself one dollar as a test. Before I did any more I waited to see my statement. I was quite surprised to see I was charged the key-in rate when I had swiped the card. Customer service said that I had done the procedure improperly, but I argued that I never keyed in the credit card number, only the other information asked for on the screen such as zip code. I had the card in my physical possession to swipe it, so why was I charged the manual rate? That’s when I went online to see other peoples’ experiences. I was also dismayed about the holds on money. My charges are typically $500 to $3,500, so a hold really hurts. I decided to go no further with Square and deleted the app from my phone.

  35. Bobby says:

    Any customer can say a payment was made in duplicate and take the funds back. I was called into a computer repair shop to work on computers the “Tech” knew nothing about. I performed the work on his customers computers. I usually take cash but let him pay with square since he claimed to have none on hand.

    Now 1 month later he complained of a duplicate billing with American Express. I got a notice in my email allowing me to dispute it within 10 days. Now less than 24 hours later, It was automatically chargeback to his account. I only have a handful of transactions that they could have easily seen, yet they still charge my account.

    They have 1 phone number that is never answered by a human, and disconnects you.

    This is it, Im done with square.

  36. Alexis says:

    Same as everyone else. We started using Square when we opened our business. It was an affordable option and I had never had any issues with their service. Until recently when we actually needed HELP! As everyone states above, there is NO phone number you can talk to. There is no one you can call to help you solve an issue. We had a chargeback on our account and we were looking to dispute it since the customer did not follow our policy. Instead they would email us and tell us all the stupid stuff that is listed on their website. Then all of a sudden we weren’t getting our deposits. They said we had to reset our account, I did that and am in the process of billing our clients praying they will deposit our money since this is our we run our business – off of auto credit card payments. After not being able to reach a real person we will be moving to a new service. I’m very disappointed with they way they handle things. This is all of our lively hood and we survive off the money we bring in.

    • Darla Storer says:

      I totally Feel You. Square was holding $1100.00 of my funds. Talk about panic when there is no one to talk to. So, I re-linked my account and they only got $700 back in holding. They took $400 as a fee, which I still have no idea what for. They will not return my emails and there’s absolutely no number to call. How do they get away with this?

  37. Nima Behjati says:

    I signed up for Square less than a month ago and made five transactions. The first two were fine, but the rest were held and I was asked to provide information such as bank statements, business papers, and a bunch of other stuff that really isn’t easy to get. Once sent, Square said I was “high risk” and closed my account holding nearly $2,500 of my money for 90 days. Is this legal? Will I ever get this money back?

  38. Pat says:

    I have been using square since April, 2013. No problems at all, some transactions are $600.00, $400.00 and over $20,000.00 a month. I have been happy with square and so are my customers. I did write to them to let them know that my sales will be higher in August and September.

  39. Self Employed trying to make it says:

    After using Square for about a year they closed my account permanently due to “High Risk”. I am a self employed manicurist and I use Square for only a couple of my clients. Most of my business is paid by check or cash. So I have the regulars that like to use a card. Today my regular cc user purchased a $300 gift card from me. Her normal transaction every other week is $80. I get an email from Square saying I need to provide some info about my business to verify it. So I follow the instructions. I send bank statements, receipts, website info and oddly enough pictures of the salon (they asked for these). 2 hrs later I get a response that I am high risk “Your account activity includes non-bonafide transactions,” What does that mean?! I provided everything.
    Then they state that “Due to unusual or high risk activity associated with your account, your outstanding Square balance will be reserved for up to 180 days (but no less than 90 days), unless circumstances require that we extend this reserve period. If you do not want us to reserve your funds, you may refund the payment back to the cardholder account.”
    I have to wait 180 days! Are you kidding me! So now I have to bug my customer and ask for her to let me refund her and have her pay another way. Why? So she can be out money when Square chooses not to refund her. You can’t call anyone, and when I email them they do not get back to you. I think my attorney needs to be called.

  40. carlos says:

    No phone for customer service. No response via email. No way to get in touch with this company when needed.
    Don’t do it.

  41. Tow Company says:

    Square’s phone number: 415-375-3176. You MUST have an extension number, so I tried random 3 digit extension numbers and 123 worked. Well, at least it was the only extension I tried that actually rang a phone and had a voice mail system. I left a lengthy message.

    My concern was about a chargeback a customer claimed. I swiped the lady’s card in person. I have sent in all my documentation and am now waiting over a week for a response.

    I am now going to try to go through Visa themselves to see if this was settled.

    Otherwise, I have really enjoyed Square.

  42. Josh says:

    I am very disappointed with the Square service.
    I put a large charge through them, and after a few days, they did not send me the money. Instead, I was asked to send in documents to support the transaction.
    There is no phone number to call, or even an email address to contact customer service. Square is very professional.

  43. Gary says:

    I was thinking about using Square, but I will stay away after reading all negative comments. Unbelievable, 98% negative feedback and this business is still alive.

  44. Brandon Nouman says:

    Square just took $280 out of my bank account for no reason. I’m confused as to why, and I need to speak with them, but I can’t find a phone number to call. Can somebody Please help? What is Square’s phone number?

  45. DAS says:

    WOW! What a terrible experience for anybody to go through. It is hard enough to make a living in small business. We were approved for taking credit cards from Square, and I thought it would be great and simple. We did our first swipe for a $1000 deposit, and it took 12 times to get the transaction to enter. The customer signed for the purchase with her finger, and all seemed good until I received the following email from square a few hours later:

    “To ensure the financial security of both you and your customers, we would like to verify some additional information about your account. Until we have verified this information, deposits to your bank account will be deferred. During this period, you will still be able to accept payments.”

    So, we sent them all information requested, which was 3 bank statements, business information, invoice information, etc. Two hours later we received this email from Square:

    “Our Account Services team has concluded a review of your account and has determined it to be high risk. For security purposes, we have elected to deactivate your account. From the date of this letter forward, you will not be able to process transactions.

    To learn more about Seller Agreement and terminations, please visit: Seller Agreement.

    Any funds currently in your account will be held for 180 days before being released to your linked bank account.

    If you do not want to wait 180 days to receive these funds, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note that we refund all the fees, too.
    To refund a payment, please log in to the Dashboard on a computer
    1.Navigate to your Payments page.
    2.Click on the payment you would like to refund, then click ‘Issue Refund’ on the left.
    3.Enter the reason you are refunding the payment, then click ‘Refund this payment.’

    For security reasons, we cannot divulge the reason for your account termination. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our decision is final.”

    Now that is customer service at its best! They should have asked for bank statements and other information before we were approved. When I called Square the representative basically told me that they can do what they want, and then hung up on me.

    I learned my lesson. Do your homework on these companies, and be sure to read the fine print. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the refund to be applied to cardholder.

    I don’t know what laws govern these companies, but there should be some sort of help for the small business. Buyer beware!

  46. Tom says:

    I started my roadside assistance company in November 2012, I realized that I would need to accept credit cards because not everyone carries cash. I picked up Square and have been using them on a regular basis charging no more than $700 at a time. The funds have always gone through within 2 business days unless I took the payment after 5pm on Friday. If you accept a payment between Friday at 5pm through Monday at 5am you will not get your payment right away, and that is the price for accepting credit cards. No banks have true weekend hours. So I wait a few days, not a huge deal! I tried Phone Swipe, Pay Anywhere, and all of these other companies and you need complicated merchant account information, Batch Numbers, and so on. Those companies claim to beat Square. Well, I am living proof that those other companies are garbage, and they take longer [to deposit funds] and have hidden fees.

    As for those who collect the higher amounts like $2002.00 and don’t want Square holding the funds for 30 days, just break charges down into 2-3 payments. Its not rocket science, its business!

  47. Andrew Peterson says:

    They are terrible. They do not make deposits, charge my customers and run with the money. I am contacting my Attorney Generals office in the State of Wisconsin. Someone has to stop these thieves! Do not use Square-Up.

  48. Dang says:

    Square is the biggest scam ever. They are calling my $50.00 sale a fraud or high risk transaction. Who the heck calls that at high risk transaction when I provided all the information needed for the account?

  49. afsaneh says:

    Square is Horrible! I would rather pay higher fees to get a mobile payment processor with customer service!

  50. Sam says:

    After using Square for over a year I was able to enjoy the mobile freedoms of collecting payments from my online and retail clients without the hassle of dealing with more “traditional companies.” Over the past 9 months my transactions have increased due to an expansion of my client base and the opening of a retail store (which is a great!). Today I received an email from Square stating there is an alert on my account and information is needed for verification.

    After providing every piece of documentation Square requested, and calling back and forth to the help desk, I was informed that security agent Nigel determined my business was high risk and I would receive an email about the decision. Square is holding $2300 of my funds both swiped and CNP after just increasing my limit in November.

    This company is deceptive and crooked to make such determination without any type of guidance regarding the decision making process. My company is a corporation that has a EIN and a location and still Square considers the company to be high risk! Bull! I say class action suit!



  51. KC says:

    I just signed up for Square and after I read reviews on how they’re defrauding people I instantly emailed them to cancel my account, but I’m still worried about how they have my linked bank account. Does anyone know if they can still take out money from my account if I didn’t use the Square Up at all? And how long does it take for them to fully deactivate my account?

  52. Lula says:

    If anyone files…I am in. THEY STOLE $300 from me. I had a charge back 109 days after the transaction…in which the customer signed and gave me his email for a receipt.

    They sent me an email on a Thursday afternoon 4pmish and by 3am Fri…they took the money out of my account. And said…pretty much….IM SCREWED…contact the customer. THAT WAS A 109 days ago at an ART FAIR!

    Im not letting this go…..THIS IS UNFAIR AND UNJUST!!!!

  53. David says:

    We began using Square last fall. Square was very easy to set up and use. We thought it was great, but now we have learned the downside. We have not been able to refund a payment to a customer via Square’s system, and despite repeated requests from us asking for help Square will not pick up a phone to help us get this resolved. Instead, we’ve been emailed that “[o]ur Support team operates over email in order to serve you most effectively.” Seems to me that they not only need to revamp their customer support, but their marketing as well. Sending a statement like that to a customer in a time of need is only salt in the wound. Square gets a very low score from us now.

  54. Andrew Milmoe says:

    I’ve been using Square since the beginning. My business involves a couple dozen transactions three times a month. It’s very small and very mobile. I’ve never needed to call customer service.

    For a one person business that only does sporadic transactions it’s fantastic. They’ve never withheld a transaction, but then I’ve never charged more than about $200 at a time. Considering how inexpensive it can be, and how much they’ve done to break open the industry, I’m glad to have them.

  55. Karen Jensen says:

    I just spent two days writing back forth with someone called “Terence” that has cut off my account because I asked how I could stop my SquareUp account. Talk about passive aggressive. “Terence” has done more damage to his company than any little square white cube could do to itself.

    Terrence was under the mistaken impression that there was a coupon in my card reader case and implied that I had bought it off the shelf somewhere other than SquareUp. No, in both cases. He tried to rationalize the $2,002.00 limit through circular logic. That was cute.

    At the same time I received an e-mail telling me my new SquareUp card reader was being shipped to me(?) I did not ask for a new reader because the little cube does have serious design flaws. E-mail is the only way you can communicate with SquareUp, there is no customer service. The lone 888 telephone number is useless.

    Enormous waste of time.

    I am going with Intuit. Old fashioned phone service, quick response, almost no waiting time for approval and the card reader works much better than the cute little white square. That’s all it is – cute.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Karen,
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Square. Unfortunately for Square, your frustration with the company is not at all uncommon. I would recommend that you look toward PayPal Here instead of Intuit GoPayment. Take a moment to read our comprehensive profiles of PayPal Here and GoPayment.

      • J Bassett says:

        Paypal is no better than square. They closed our account for no reason. Fortunately, all funds had already been processed.

  56. Edisson Seropian says:

    I am an attorney that got sucked into the worst customer service of any company in any industry, that is a hell-hole called Square.com! They have held $3500 of my money which my client sent me over 20 days ago. I am a lawyer, and the client would have generated nearly $40,000 of fees, which now I will very likely loose because of this little peace of a crap of a company called Square. They do not have live support. The emails are not answered until a full 6 days are passed. The on line help is piece of crap. I will strongly recommend any one to quickly close their account with this company. There are many alternatives. I am also considering a lawsuit for embezzlement! (I have 21 years of experience in litigating cases, and boy they will jump once I file my suit!) Technically, the money they have is not theirs, and hence it must have been placed in some form of trust or bank account. So, we will see who is going to be laughing at the end!

  57. Rami says:

    Square is definitely the worst company of all mobile processors. I had an account with them, and one day they just decided to hold all my funds and deactivate my account!!! Even after giving them SOLID PROOF of identification and invoices and signatures of customers, they said that I “violated the rules” of Square.

    • Ramsey says:

      Same exact thing happened to me today. Do you think it’s worth getting legal help or is it fine for them to terminate any account according to the license agreement?

  58. David says:

    Wow! I wish I would of read this before clicking “I agree to the square Up terms”
    One could and should go one step further with this review and say “Square Up is not a good choice for any business for any reason”.
    Any suggestions on alternative services that people are extremely happy with?

    • Ben says:

      Hi David,

      There are a couple great alternatives to Square. If your business does not require the mobility that Square provides, then the most cost-effective option is to utilize a traditional credit card processing solution based on interchange plus pricing. You will find the lowest rates and fees right here at CardFellow. Simply sign up to receive free quotes from multiple processors.

      If your business does require mobility, then you should look at a traditional processor coupled with ROAMpay. As long as your business processes about $2500 or more each month, this option is less expensive than Square and provides the same portability. Again, you want to be sure to get competitive interchange plus pricing along with low monthly and annual fees. You’ll get exactly that in the quotes through CardFellow.

      Finally, if your business has low or sporadic monthly processing volume, a traditional processor may not be cost-effective. In this case, you should check out PayPal Here.

      PayPal Here has a lower rate than Square, and it uses a traditional underwriting process that helps to avoid the holds and reserves that are common with Square. PayPal also provides customer service that is far superior to Square’s non-existent customer service.

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