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Founded in 1997, DirectPay (also known as Credit Card Services of America and formerly as Practice Pay Solutions) is a payment processor serving businesses in the United States and Canada. Located in New York, the company primarily serves clients who accept payments over the phone or online, in card-not-present environments. There are options for in-person and mobile payments too, but they are very limited. If you are interested in processing with the company, this DirectPay review and profile will explore the services they provide with insights into rates, fees, contract terms, and more!

What services can DirectPay offer my business?

DirectPay can help you accept all major brands of credit cards (though American Express may require separate approval). You can also accept electronic checks through your website or DirectPay highlights its virtual terminal as an all-inclusive option for businesses seeking to take payments, though there are separate features for in-store, mobile, and online payments. Also, the company supports international payments for an additional fee.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals allow you to take credit card payments using any computer with internet. The DirectPay virtual terminal is web-based, and can be used for any type of order: in-person, over the phone, or by mail/fax. You also have the option of setting up recurring payments. 


DirectPay might not be the best option if you are in a retail or restaurant business. However, if you are not interested in using a computer to take payments, DirectPay has a very limited selection of terminals. The only EMV capable option is the Nurit 3010 wireless terminal. Note that businesses that cannot accept EMV chip cards may soon be subject to EMV non-compliance fees. Also, the company does not have any options for point-of-sale systems. 


Mobile payments are a great way of accepting credit cards while on-the-go, whether you performing in-home services or carting your goods from fair to fair. DirectPay offers a card reader that attaches to your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app, attach the reader, and start taking payments anywhere you go.


DirectPay offers different shopping cart bundles to help your online store. The main features of the shopping carts are shipping options, recurring billing, and payment processing, but bundles can also include various marketing tools

International Payments

If you would like to allow your international customers to pay in their home currency, DirectPay offers an optional multi-currency pricing service powered by Planet Payment. Payments are made in the customer’s preferred currency, but your reporting and funding will be shown in your currency. Additional rates and fees apply.

What about security with DirectPay?

DirectPay boasts that its payment gateway partner is Authorize.Net, which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to help keep your sensitive credit card data safe. DirectPay also suggests signing up for increased security through Authorize.Net’s Fraud Detection Suite, provided by DirectPay for no additional fee.

Address Verification Service is also available with all DirectPay payment processing plans. Entering the customer’s credit card billing address will allow the system to determine if the address on file with the credit card company is a match, helping to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

DirectPay Rates and Fees

The rate, fee and contract information on DirectPay’s website is abundant but scattered and somewhat hard to find, so let’s break things down:

Payment Processing

For payment processing, DirectPay has two plans: the Base Processing Plan and the Peak Processing Plan.

  Base Processing Plan Peak Processing Plan
Processing Volume $1000 or less $1000 or more
Discount Rate 3.13% 2.28%
Per-Transaction Fee $0.32 $0.27
Monthly Fee $28 $24
Annual Fee $25 $75
Monthly Minimum $0 $25

The Peak Processing Plan is listed as a “two-tier program” indicating that charges may differ from rates disclosed.

Mobile Payment Processing

If you choose to take mobile payments with the card reader for your smartphone, rates and fees are the same as above with an additional $50 set up fee.

Shopping Carts

There are separate rates and fees for DirectPay shopping carts. DirectPay publishes rates for 4 levels of shopping cart: Autoresponder, Starter, Basic, and Professional.

Autoresponder: $34/month
Starter: $39/month
Basic: $69/month
Professional: $129/month

You can also choose to pay for a full year of a shopping cart in advance for a discount. The full year subscription prices are as follows:

Autoresponder: $349/year
Starter: $399/year
Basic: $699/year
Professional: $1299/year

A free 30-day trial of the professional cart is available.

International Payments

The following are rates and fees associated with multi-currency pricing service for acceptance of international payments:

Gateway fee: $10
Statement fee: $6
Visa and MasterCard per-transaction rate: 2.20%
Visa and MasterCard per-transaction fee: $0.25
Discover per-transaction rate: 2.14 – 2.97%
Discover per-transaction fee: $0.20
American Express per-transaction rate: Not disclosed
American Express per-transaction fee: $0.20
Electronic check per-transaction rate: 0.35 – 1.9%
Electronic check per-transaction fee: $0.35

Additional fees may apply, including charges for months in which monthly minimums are not met. Also, American Express and Discover require separate approval.

As with any published rates online, your specific pricing may vary. If you are interested in getting fully disclosed pricing, request a DirectPay quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to privately request and compare pricing with any processors your choose. Sign up here!

Contract Terms

While the contract terms are not published on DirectPay’s website, the terms and conditions are available and it is worth going through thoroughly. It states that there is a 3 year agreement, and if you terminate the agreement early you are subject to an early cancellation fee. It does not specify the amount of the cancellation fee, as it will vary depending on the business. The fee is determined according to several different monthly fees multiplied by the remaining months left on your contract, indicating a liquidated damages clause.

DirectPay Reviews and Online Reputation

It’s a bit odd for a company that has been in business for almost 20 years to have next to nothing for reviews, but after scouring the web, DirectPay’s customers are strangely quiet about the service. Yelp, Ripoff Report, and Google offer nothing in the way of complaints or compliments. DirectPay does not even have a profile at the Better Business Bureau.

The only voices to be heard are on the company’s own website. Testimonials, mostly from coaches, therapists, and similar professionals, praise the company for low fees, helpful processing reports, great customer service, and simple, user-friendly tools. Perhaps DirectPay has a niche with this type of clientele, as its slogan is, “How professionals take charge.”

If you have worked with the company and can offer some insight into its service, we want to hear from you. Leave a review!


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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


DirectPay focuses heavily on "card not present" businesses, so if you want to swipe most cards, you'll probably want to check into other processors.

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