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Indigo Payments offers all the basics for accepting credit and debit cards at your business. You can easily accept credit and debit cards in store or restaurant, online, with a virtual terminal, or on the go.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right credit card processor. How do you know who to pick? Start with this profile, designed to give you a comprehensive, objective overview of what you can expect. Here are the details (from rates and fees to reputation and reviews) to help you decide if Indigo Payments is a good fit for your business.


Indigo Payments was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and has local representatives in multiple states. The company is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank.

What does Indigo Payments do?

In this day and age, most businesses agree that taking credit cards is necessary. It’s convenient for customers, and many times they even spend more than they do when paying with cash. Only take cards part of the year? No problem. Indigo Payments offers seasonal accounts as well.

In Person (Retail and Restaurant) Processing

For taking payments in person, such as at a traditional retail store or restaurant, Indigo Payments lets you accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover. You’ll be able to use popular and full-featured equipment, and benefit from robust reporting for business management. Indigo Payments also offers American Express’s OptBlue pricing, which may make the cards less expensive for you to accept than in the past.

Online Processing

For selling online, Indigo Payments supports easy integration with any shopping cart certified with First Data. Your customers will be able to browse your ecommerce website, add items to their shopping cart, and securely checkout online. You’ll also have several gateway choices – Indigo Payments can set you up with the First Data Global Gateway, the USAePay Gateway, or an Gateway. You’ll be able to use tax calculators and shipping calculators for fast and accurate pricing beyond just the cost of the item itself.

Virtual Terminal Processing

If you prefer to use your existing computer with an internet connection to take cards, Indigo Payments can get you set up with the Payeezy virtual terminal. The customizable layout lets you add drop down boxes, checkboxes, and text fields so you can create the right form for your needs. Then you can simply take payments by entering information into your secure virtual terminal form. The virtual terminal option is a great choice for businesses that take mail, phone, or fax orders or services like dentists’ offices that don’t need customer-facing equipment. Optional equipment (like USB card readers) may be supported, meaning you’d be able to swipe or dip cards to enter the information instead of hand-keying it.

Mobile Processing

Taking credit cards on the go? Indigo Payments has you covered. You can use the Clover Go credit card reader for Android or Apple devices. It encrypts credit card information immediately, so you don’t have to worry about unencrypted card data.

Chargeback Assistance

The chargeback process can be confusing and annoying. Indigo Payments will help you through it, starting with a phone call to you to discuss the issue when a chargeback is initiated.

What about equipment options?

Indigo Payments lets you choose from several popular machines. Features vary by model, but may include necessary options like EMV chip card acceptance, NFC (contactless) acceptance, and more. Currently available models include:

If you already have equipment, Indigo Payments may be able to reprogram it so that you don’t have to switch to something new. Additionally, the company also offers Indigo Plus, a program that provides insurance for your terminal for a monthly fee. If you need supplies, you can also take advantage of Indigo Plus Supplies. Details on the cost are not published on Indigo’s website, and may vary depending on the terminal or other factors.

Tell me about security

Indigo Payments’ equipment and solutions are PCI compliant. Options like the mobile card reader utilizes encryption technology to help protect your customers and your business. Indigo Payments’ also offers assistance for the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire for businesses.

What does it cost?

Indigo Payments charges using a cost plus (also called interchange plus) pricing model. That’s the model we require for certified quotes here at CardFellow. Since Indigo Payments doesn’t list their rates or fees, the best way to get an accurate quote tailored to your business is to request one through your CardFellow account.

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What about contracts and termination fees?

Good news: there’s no early termination fee with Indigo Payments. Always read documents though, just so you know what you’re signing up for.


Indigo Payments doesn’t have a very big presence in the online review sphere, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For example, there are no complaints for Indigo Payments with Ripoff Report. However, a small online presence also doesn’t include many positive reviews. There are no reviews at all for Indigo Payments on Yelp, but the company does provide testimonials on its website in the "Businesses Growing with Indigo" section.

Indigo Payments and the Better Business Bureau

Indigo Payments has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau and currently has an A+ rating. The high marks are related to low complaints: Indigo Payments has only had 1 complaint lodged with the BBB. The complaint (listed in the category “Problems with Product/Service”) describes a situation with malfunctioning equipment and a slow response from Indigo Payments in dealing with the issue. A reply from Indigo Payments lays out a timeline for their response, indicating that there was a one day delay where the replacement equipment offered wasn’t shipped on time. According to the BBB, the customer didn’t reply to Indigo Payments’ response, though the response itself indicates that Indigo spoke with the customer and she was satisfied. The lengthy reply on the BBB’s site from Indigo Payments indicates that the company is actively involved in complaint resolution, which also likely keeps their score with the BBB high.

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