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Firstly, be aware that National Processing, LLC is a different business than National Processing Company, also known as NPC. NPC is a large company owned by Vantiv and headquartered in Kentucky, while National Processing is a reseller (ISO) headquartered in Utah. With that cleared up, let’s take a look at what National Processing, LLC can offer in terms of services, equipment, and more. We’ll also check out the published pricing and reviews from clients.


National Processing offers credit and debit card processing for both in-person and online transactions. The company also offers check processing services if your customers prefer to pay you with a traditional check.

National Processing homepage

In-Person Payments

Take all major credit and debit cards – including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and even American Express – with traditional countertop credit card terminals, full-featured POS systems, or mobile card apps. National offers the iProcess app to allow you to accept card payments using your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Online Payments

National Processing offers the popular Authorize.Net payment gateway to enable you to accept cards through your website. Alternately, if you sell goods or services to customers who prefer you to invoice, you can use National’s invoice billing software to send invoices and collect payment from your customers.

Check Processing

For customers who still prefer to use paper checks, you can allow their preferred method of payment with National Processing’s check services. A remote deposit capture option allows you to process checks remotely, saving a trip to the bank. Alternately, the electronic check conversion option lets you turn a paper check into a secure digital transaction to electronically transfer funds. You can also pair the check guarantee service with electronic conversion. Check guarantee lets you authorize checks in seconds at the time of sale to ensure that the check is valid and save you from the hassles of a bad check.


National Processing offers several choices for equipment, including countertop terminals from makers like Poynt, Verifone, and Ingenico, point of sale systems from Revel and Clover, and the Authorize.Net gateway for online transactions.

The actual features of your machine will depend on which brand and model you choose. You can check out countertop terminals in our credit card machine directory or find more information about Authorize.Net.

Additionally, be aware that while the Clover Station is a popular choice, there are some potential drawbacks, including the inability to reprogram the terminals.

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National Processing Rates and Fees

National Processing publishes some rates on its website.

National Processing rates

For ACH payments, the company charges $15/month with a 24 cent fee per transaction. For credit card processing, the flat rate option is 2.7% with a $2/month fee. National Processing confirmed to CardFellow that this rate is available for both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce businesses, but is generally offered to those processing $10,000/month or less in credit cards.

National Processing further confirmed that the statement “rates as low as 0.20%” refers to the markup on an interchange plus pricing model and will be updating its website to more clearly reflect the pricing options.

National Processing offers a deal where if they can’t beat your rates, they’ll give you a $500 gift card. The company’s website states that businesses processing under $10,000/month are not eligible for the $500 deal.

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National Processing Reviews

The bulk of the available National Processing reviews online are at the Better Business Bureau’s website, where the company has been accredited since 2008 and currently shows an A+ rating. The company has had 36 positive reviews and 2 customer complaints through the BBB.

The positive reviews state that National Processing is easy to work with, professional, and offers great pricing. Some reviewers mention being happy that they switched from other companies, and are saving money each month.

The complaints filed with the BBB allege that it was very difficult to get set up with National Processing, that answers were vague, mobile reader was slow or unusable for swiping, and that the company shut down the account without giving the business time to find another processor. National Processing responded to the complaint stating that they don’t work with business owners who yell at or threaten the customer service team, which is why the company suggested the business find another processor.

Another review stated that emails went unanswered, customer service reps didn’t follow through, and the business has been charged for equipment twice. In response to that complaint, National Processing apologized for the frustration and asked the complainant to contact the company to resolve the issue.

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National Processing posts some rates and fees, which is helpful for getting a baseline about costs.