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You can’t judge a payment processor by its logo, but Yoozy’s is certainly odd and eye-catching. The processing services offered are fairly standard but comprehensive, with options for a variety of industries whether in-store, online, or mobile. Other business services are offered as well, but how can you tell if Yoozy is right for you? Within this Yoozy review and profile, we offer objective information about services, rates and fees, and other aspects of the company to help you with that decision. We’ll also give you the latest on what Yoozy users are saying about the service.
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What services can Yoozy offer my business?

In-store, online, mail/phone order, and mobile payment processing, along with check processing, gift card and loyalty programs, invoicing, and cash advances, Yoozy pretty much covers the gamut of services processors offer. We’ll discuss the details below.

Payment Processing

People don’t always have cash on hand, but they’ll usually have a payment card in their purse or pocket. With Yoozy you can accept all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Traditional magnetic stripe cards, new EMV chip cards, and contactless NFC technologies (like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and others) are accepted as well, helping to ensure your customers have plenty of payment options.


If you are in retail, restaurant, or any other traditional brick and mortar business, you probably already know that the more payment options you have, the better off you are. Yoozy can process payments for you and has a variety of equipment options to meet your business’ individual need.

Online and Mail/Phone Orders

When you have a store in cyberspace, it means you are open for business 24/7 and available anywhere there is internet. Yoozy Secure is a payment application for real-time online processing so you can accept payments from customers through your company’s website. It is also able to integrate with popular shopping carts.

Yoozy Secure is a virtual terminal as well.  That means you can process transactions taken over the phone or through mail by turning your online computer into a terminal. Additionally, Yoozy Secure offers recurring billing and scheduled payments.

With Yoozy Secure you get detailed reporting, and data can be easily integrated with QuickBooks using a QuickBooks plugin. An optional USB card swiper is compatible with the Yoozy Secure virtual terminal for businesses that wish to swipe transactions instead of manually entering them.


Whether you are racing from place to place delivering pizzas, traveling with festivals and fairs to sell your goods, or with any other business that keeps you on the move, mobile processing can help the way you do business. All you need for Yoozy mobile is a smartphone or iPad, the attachable Yoozy card reader, and the downloadable app, and then you are on your way to taking payments.

With Yoozy mobile you can accept card payments, add gratuities to transactions, and receipts can be emailed for both cash and credit card sales. Also, if the smartphone used to process a transaction loses a signal, the app will securely store the transaction and automatically process it when signal is recovered.

Check Processing

Yoozy offers check scanners and the ability to process checks electronically. But why change good ol’ ink and paper and make it digital? By doing so you can eliminated the risk associated with accepting the check, guarantee your deposit, and ditch extra trips to the bank because the funds go right into your account.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

Want a way to expand the influence of your business? How about a way to encourage regulars? Gift cards are like mini-ads that your customers purchase and share with others. Loyalty programs offer incentives for them to keep coming back. Punch cards and systems where purchases earn points that can be cashed in for discounts are just some ideas. With Yoozy you can offer gift cards and customize a loyalty program to meet your business’ needs.


Yoozy offers PayTally; a cloud-based solution to create invoices and manage accounts receivable. Customer information is securely stored, and can be set up for recurring billing. Payment history and other transaction information can be viewed or exported for easy management.

Merchant Cash Advances

For those in need of working capital, Yoozy offers merchant cash advances. Weigh the option of getting a small business loan instead though. A merchant cash advance can seem like a great idea, but crunching the numbers proves them to be very costly options for most businesses.

Any equipment options with Yoozy?

Yes, Yoozy has quite a few terminal options from popular brands like Hypercom and Verifone. Just make sure you know what features you want before you pick one; not all of them are EMV compliant or compatible with contactless payments.

Yoozy also offers a check reader and a point of sale system called HioPOS. The HioPOS system is an all-in-one software and hardware solution designed for the retail and hospitality industries. The system features a 15” color screen sealed to repel water and dirt, barcode scanner, built-in WiFi, and more. There is also a tableside payments option that allows easy order taking at a customer’s table, automatically prints tickets to the kitchen, and processes transactions.

Yoozy Rates and Contract Terms

Yoozy promises $500 if it can’t instantly beat your current rates. Don’t fall for these gimmicky rate offers though; using tiered pricing and other tactics companies can manipulate the numbers to look more enticing than they really are. Also, the rate guarantee doesn’t apply if a business’ current pricing is at or under 10 basis points and 10 cents above published interchange costs.

There are no rates, fees, or contract terms published on the website, but you can request a Yoozy quote with CardFellow. Our free service will get you fully disclosed pricing information from any processors you choose and allow you to privately compare offers. Sign up here!

Yoozy Reviews and Online Reputation

The most notable complaint found for Yoozy should be brought to attention because it is a common problem within the industry. It is one of 6 complaints closed with the Better Business Bureau within the last 3 years. Keep in mind that 6 complaints is a very modest number and Yoozy has an accredited A+ rating with the BBB.

The most prevalent complaint you’ll see when looking at processors in general is that representatives can be misleading with contracts, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In the Yoozy complaint at the BBB, the client was misled into thinking he could cancel service without penalty since the representative wrote “may cancel our processing contract at no cost to him at anytime” on the contract. Seems plausible, right?

When his terminal failed to work (and the fact that there were fees even though he was told there would not be) he attempted to cancel but was told he could not. Yoozy stated that they have a 3 year processing contract and the leasing contract for the equipment was for 4 years. The company said it would honor ending the processing contract, but that the leasing contract was non-cancellable and clearly written as such in the contract (along with information about the fees).

The client responded by saying that his business was doing well enough that his complaint had nothing to do with the money he would be losing, he was more concerned with the bad ethics and felt that the Yoozy should not trick people into signing contracts with more than they bargained for in them. Stories like this are abundant when reviewing processors so, as tedious as it can be, reading through the contract can help make sure you don’t get ripped off.

Countering this are 2 positive Yoozy reviews on Google that exclaim great service, good value, and the “greatest systems ever.” Google’s rating would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for an unintelligible 2 star review that should probably not be factored. The other complaints at the BBB mention problems with equipment, overly aggressive sales tactics, and delays in receiving promised checks. One other point of note is that a Yoozy complaint mentions it using National Processing Company (NPC) Leasing.

Other websites like Ripoff Report and Yelp offer no further reviews, good or bad. If you have worked with Yoozy and can give us some insight, we want to hear from you. Leave a review!


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Posted by tai on Nov 30, 2022


worst card processing company ever. They get you to sign up with promises of saving money but the fees are more than what my previous company was charging. wanted to cancel but signed a 3 year contract so I waited for the contract to expire and now they say the contract auto-renewed for another 2 years. How does that happen without my consent?

Posted by MICHELLE on Feb 06, 2019


I agree with the other reviews. Equipment was a 4 year lease and the the processing was a 2 year with an auto every 2 years. Looks like someone else was 3 year? Yes, I should have read the contract, however the salesman assured me what I was signing was the same as he was telling me. Then I was asked why I was canceling the contract. Truth, your fees keep going up. Then I was told that I could have called any time and reviewed my rates that I was being charged. You would think that to keep me as a customer you would make sure that I was being charged the best rates. I will be filing a report with the BBB. Yes it is the ethics of this. As a Tax Preparing Company we make sure that we get you the best refund that we can to keep you as a client.

Posted by Dan on Feb 08, 2018


Totally agree with Alana.

Posted by Mackenzie on Sep 02, 2016


We have never been with a credit card processing company as long as we have been with Yoozy. They have top notch customer service and personable reps who legitimately care about the satisfaction of their customers. My rep Jennifer has gone above and beyond for me over the last 3 years. Especially after the nightmare of changing to the chip cards and how it effected my contract with them. I'll be staying with Yoozy for the forseeable future.