Credit Card Machines

The FD100Ti is a proprietary combination terminal and thermal printer for convenient transaction processing. It boasts an attractive modern, sleek titanium look and sets up in minutes.


Credit Card Machines

The compact First Data FD130 terminal runs on a Windows operating system, offering intuitive use. Simple on-screen prompts help with quick setup and installation.


Credit Card Machines

The First Data FD200Ti terminal is a multi-function transaction terminal that includes a built-in check reader and a printer. The all-in-one terminal is designed to save counter space while offering a way to accept a variety of payments.


Credit Card Machines

The First Data FD300Ti terminal is designed specifically for businesses that need to accept and track payments for separate businesses that are operating in the same location.


PIN Pads

The First Data FD35 PIN pad accepts PIN-based and signature-based debit cards, credit cards, EBT cards, and gift cards. Additionally, the device can process the latest card technology, including EMV, contactless cards, and STAR Network transactions.


Credit Card Machines

The First Data FD55 terminal is a proprietary terminal, requiring a merchant account with First Data processors in order to accept payments.

First Data Global Gateway


The First Data Global Gateway (formerly YourPay and Linkpoint) provides solutions that allow you to accept online payments.

First Data Mobile Pay


First Data Mobile Pay is exactly what it sounds like: a mobile payment option available from First Data. That doesn’t mean you need to work with First Data directly to use, but you do need to work with a payment processing company that is compatible with First Data.


POS Systems

First Data’s ICVERIFY POS software is an integrated software solution for any restaurant or retail location looking to centralize and simplify their payments. From the makers of the Clover POS system, ICVERIFY is sometimes referred to as First Data Payment Software for Windows.

Plug n Play WebXpress


Plug'n Pay's WebXpress gateway is an attempt to simplify online payments by offering a "plug-in" solution for an ecommerce website. All the programming code you need is generated automatically by the WebXpress Wizard.

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