2Touch POS

POS Systems

Fans of the TV show Bar Rescue might be familiar with the 2Touch POS name. Formerly called Bar Touch, the 2Touch POS system was designed specifically for bars and pubs, but has expanded to offer functions for restaurants and nightclubs. Is it right for your bar, restaurant, or club?

3 Delta Systems EC Zone

Virtual Terminal

Like all virtual terminals, 3 Delta Systems' virtual terminal, the EC-Zone, lets you take credit card payments without having to use special equipment. Instead, you'll use your computer and enter payment information into a secure online form for your clients. Virtual terminals are often used for mail and phone order businesses (MOTO) but are also sometimes preferred by businesses in office settings rather than stores or restaurants. In particular, doctors and dentists, veterinarians, and others in medical fields may prefer virtual terminals to full credit card machines.



Acculynk claims that it can reduce payment processing costs, accelerate settlements, and increase security. One of the primary ways it can accomplish that is by offering PIN debit ecommerce transactions, an option not commonly found.


POS Systems

AccuPOS is an easy-to-use point of sale system that works with PC or Android-based platforms. The software can be used with hardware that is already in your business or you can customize a package for a bundled software and hardware deal.

Aldelo POS

POS Systems

The digital POS developer Aldelo specializes in software for the restaurant and hospitality industry. It offers products in four categories, including a mobile app and a cloud solution.

Aloha POS

POS Systems

The NCR Aloha POS, sometimes just referred to as Aloha or Aloha POS, is a point of sale system designed for the restaurant industry. It can be used on fixed point of sale systems, or handheld devices. Aloha works for fast casual, sit-down, quick serve, and fine dining establishments.

Ambur POS

POS Systems

The Ambur POS is a tablet-based system is specifically geared toward the food industry. If you run a sit down restaurant, quick service restaurant, food truck, or bar, the Ambur system has many functions that may help you streamline your business.

AnywhereCommerce Nomad


The Nomad 2.0 is a mobile credit card reader available from AnywhereCommerce. It allows you to accept both magnetic stripe and EMV chip credit and debit cards.

AnywhereCommerce Nomad m2


Formerly the Nomad CXR, the AnywhereCommerce Nomad m2 is the card reader that takes all modern payment types: traditional magnetic strip cards, EMV chip and PIN cards, EMV chip and signature cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay.

AnywhereCommerce Rambler 3.0


AnywhereCommerce’s Rambler 3.0 is a headphone jack credit card reader that lets you accept magnetic stripe cards. The reader cannot accept EMV chip cards or NFC (contactless) payments.

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