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Founded in Atlanta in 2004, Payscape offers payment processing services for traditional and “high risk” businesses alike.

Payscape specializes in hospitality, retail, education, associations, field service, healthcare, and professional services. When asked to describe the company, Payscape tells CardFellow:

Payscape is more than just a merchant processor, we are a full-service Financial Technology provider. From hardware such as POS systems and mobile swipers, to software such as invoicing and ecommerce, we offer a portfolio of solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of any business. When working with Payscape, you won't be pushed or over-sold on one particular product. Our Solution Advisors will work with you to find the best option, show you demos, and provide installation and training services to make sure you are setup for success. This "agnostic" approach is what makes Payscape unique - start with a free consultation today! 

Payment Processing

Payscape allows you to easily accept major credit and debit cards. Businesses with specialty needs like the ability to accept EBT/food stamps or fleet cards (such as WEX) can do that as well. Payscape even supports pay-at-the-pump gas stations.

Depending on the equipment you use for accepting cards, you’ll be able to easily perform functions like adding tax, accepting gratuities, capturing customer signatures for purchases, and tracking inventory. If you need to set up recurring billing, you can use the card storage vault and enable recurring payments from customers. Just need to send a one-time invoice? You can do that, too, without enabling recurring billing.

Online Processing

Payscape offers multiple options for selling online. You can add a “store” to your existing website to get started selling quickly. If you don’t have a website, you’ll have the option to set up a subdomain with Payscape in order to sell. Or, if you’re more interested in selling through social media, you can add a store option to your Facebook or Instagram account.

Payscape works with several different gateways (more on that in the equipment section, below) and shopping carts so that you can create the right solution for your ecommerce needs.


If you receive a chargeback while processing with Payscape, the company will send you a formal chargeback notification via mail or fax, at your choice. The company has a department to work with you during the chargeback process to answer questions and help you determine the right course of action in responding to the chargeback.

B2B Transactions

Business-to-business transactions require additional details at the time of the transaction. Not providing the required information means that your transactions will “downgrade,” ultimately costing you more. Fortunately, there are ways to provide the data required and prevent your transactions from downgrading. Payscape offers the PayTrace gateway to assist with providing level 2 and level 3 enhanced data for B2B transactions.

New to enhanced data? If you take a lot of corporate or government cards, be sure to check out our guide to level 2 and level 3 data.

Registration Management

One service that Payscape touts is its registration management systems. It allows you to easily enable user registrations for events and track payments. Payscape lets you quickly build customized registration forms without ads and integrate them into your website. You’ll then be able to manage registrants, view payment history, track required documents, and more. You can even choose to offer discounts, set up payment plans, or enroll clients for automated recurring billing.

The registration management options are great for any business or school that needs to run registration reports, track rosters, or manage participant lists for events, summer camps, and other registration-required situations.

Other Services

In addition to payment processing, Payscape offers a gift card program, loyalty program, merchant cash advances, and security tools for preventing fraud to protect your business and your customers.

Gift Cards

Payscape’s gift card program offers customizable gift cards that integrate with major POS systems. With a low minimum order quantity of 50 cards, you’ll be able to test out the program to determine how well it works at your business.

The first 25 cards are free of charge, and will cost you 50 cents per card after that. There’s no setup fee if you choose standard, pre-designed cards, but if you want a customized card, expect a $300 setup fee.

Your first 100 gift card transactions per month are free of cost, but any transactions beyond that will cost you 10 cents per transaction. A monthly fee may also apply.

Loyalty Program

If you’d like to offer incentives for loyal customers, you can set up a points-based loyalty program with Payscape. The loyalty program integrates with Payscape’s 1stpay POS system, and there’s no additional charge. However, there’s no app for customers to track their own loyalty points, so you may need to provide that information to customers.

Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances allow you to secure funds against your future credit card sales. Essentially, you’ll receive a lump sum that you’ll repay through a percentage of daily card sales. Cash advances are less stringent than small business loans, but in some cases will cost you more than loans due to the fee associated with the advance. Instead of paying monthly interest, you’ll agree to a fee that will be paid back on top of the original amount you borrow. 

Payscape offers advances from $5,000 - $500,000. You’ll need to be in business for at least 6 months before applying, and have a minimum sales volume of $15,000. (Total can include card and cash sales.)

Security and Anti-Fraud Tools

All bsuinesses that accept credit cards are required to be PCI compliant. Payscape offers assistance with PCI compliance. The company will charge a monthly fee for non-compliance in months that you are not PCI compliant; however, Payscape will notify you 90 days in advance before assessing a non-compliance fee. This allows you a chance to become compliant and avoid the fee.

Payscape offers (but does not require) data breach protection. If you choose to stay enrolled, it will cost you $5.95 per month.

Additionally, you’ll have access to iSpy security tools through the NMI gateway. iSpy lets you set security rules to validate transactions and check for suspicious activity. Security tools are an optional add-on service that will cost you 10 cents per transaction.

Payment Details

Payscape can offer monthly or daily discounting, allowing you to choose whether you’d like the company to deduct processing fees daily as deposits are made, or once per month for the entire months’ owed fees. While CardFellow suggests monthly discounting for ease of accounting, some smaller businesses prefer daily discounting.

If getting your money quickly is a priority, Payscape offers next-day funding for a fee of $5/month. You’ll need to batch out by 8pm Central time for next day deposit.

Pricing Models and Sales Channels

Payscape offers several pricing models – the right one for you will depend on your specific business. The company supports interchange plus, tiered, flat rate, and membership-style processing. Not sure which is the right one for you? Start with our guide to credit card processing pricing models.

In addition to pricing model, it’s important to work with trained reps. Payscape has an extensive training program called Payscape University, that the company says helps coach, educate and incentivize sales agents throughout their first year with the company. Staff is given best practices to follow to ensure good service.

Rates and Fees

Rates and fees for Payscape vary depending on a number of factors, including whether you purchase or lease equipment. If you lease a POS system, for example, Payscape offers flat rate pricing of 2.9% + 29 cents per transaction. (In addition to the $99 or $178/month equipment lease.)

Payscape contracts include a $495 cancellation fee. (This contract and fee is separate from equipment lease contracts or cancellation fees.)


Payscape offers a range of equipment from various popular manufacturers, ensuring that you’ll be able to choose the right fit for your business. One drawback is that Payscape leases equipment, which usually costs more than purchasing outright. The company utilizes its own leasing service – called Merrimac – to provide equipment leases. However, if you’d prefer to purchase, you can do that for some equipment.

For traditional countertop credit card terminals, Payscape offers machines by popular manufacuters such as Ingenico and Verifone.

If you’re looking more for a mobile solution, Payscape offers SwipeSimple, which it suggests as an affordable mobile option, iProcess for a basic mobile solution, or 1stpay mobile for businesses with no inventory management needs.

Full POS system more your speed? Payscape is “POS agnostic,” meaning they don’t lock you in to one specific POS system. The company has an inside sales team that helps choose the right POS based on your needs and budget. Payscape supports POS systems like their own system 1stpay POS Pro, NCR Silver Pro, and Lightspeed POS.  

POS system bundles start at $79/month to purchase equipment, and $99/month (with a 48-month contract) to lease.

Online shops have plenty of choices as well. Payscape supports several gateways, including Authorize.Net, NMI, PayTrace, and GoEmerchant. Additional gateways may be compatible as well, but Payscape suggests one of those gateways due to the robust functionality and their support capabilities. Payscape’s preferred shopping cart for ecommerce sites is Ecwid.

Need a specialty system, like Ruby for gas stations? Payscape can support that, too.

Payscape Reviews

Most of the available Payscape reviews are on the company’s Better Business Bureau profile. It currently shows about a dozen customer complaints and 8 customer reviews. The complaints allege customers paid for websites that have not been completed, difficulty integrating with existing software, and being charged expensive cancellation fees.  

The reviews available on the BBB’s site at the time of this publication are all one-star. These negative reviews complain of higher than average fees, laborious PCI compliance, and expensive cancellation fees. Some complaints reference expensive fees and auto-renewing contracts with no warning. Additionally, complaints claim difficulty communicating with Payscape and express frustration at poor customer service. Several complainants state that they would not recommend the company to other businesses. Payscape replies directly to complaints and reviews on the BBB’s website to provide its side of the story and attempt to work with the clients to resolve issues.  

In addition to the BBB, Payscape has a handful of reviews on Capterra, averaging 4 stars out of a possible 5. Customers praised Payscape’s ease of use, comprehensive reports, handy customization options for websites, and time-saving registration options. Complaints include difficulty reaching customer service, which has resulted in not understanding how to get started.

Payscape doesn’t have reviews enabled on its official Facebook page, nor does it have Google reviews.  

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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 25, 2018


Payscape has lots of options for accepting credit cards online or in-person.

Thank you! Yes we do have several different options to fit any business need and thank you for pointing this out! We can help anyone from a home based very small business to a huge franchise!