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TransNet Enterprises is a full-service payments company that offers credit and debit card processing, ATM placement, add-on services like gift and loyalty card programs, and payroll services. It can also service many “high risk” businesses. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Houston, Texas. Let’s take a closer look at what TransNet offers and what others are saying in reviews of the company.

Payment Processing

TransNet allows you to accept credit and debit cards through multiple channels, including in person, online, using a smartphone, over the phone, or through a recurring billing system.

TransNet homepage

In person transactions can utilize traditional countertop credit card machines or full-fledged POS systems with inventory tracking, timeclocks, detailed reporting, and other important business management features.

Online processing is available with TransNet’s secure ecommerce gateway. The company is compatible with multiple popular shopping carts, including 3D Cart, Global Cart, Magento Connect, Shopify, and more.

Mobile transactions can be processed on compatible Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices, and feature encryption for security.

You can accept payments over the phone using TransNet’s secure gateway with built-in anti-fraud tools like Card Verification Code (CVV) and 3-D Secure systems like Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

For recurring billing, you can set up subscription payments for regularly scheduled services or goods, like gym memberships or newspaper delivery. For options that involve a product (like newspaper delivery or a coffee subscription) customers have the option of pausing their delivery for vacations and other events.

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High Risk and International Merchant Accounts

TransNet is able to offer “high risk” merchant accounts that many other payment processors can’t or won’t support. High risk businesses may include those in industries such as gambling, telemarketing, debt collection, travel services, adult entertainment, and more. TransNet may also be able to help businesses that have had accounts terminated by a bank or who are new to processing.

The company boasts fast approval even for “high risk” businesses, and claims that approved businesses will have access to multiple payment methods and the same high level of customer service and responsiveness.

Companies with lots of international transactions may also be eligible for a merchant account with TransNet. International businesses will be able to provide customers the option to pay in more than 140 currencies and receive funding in your home currency.

Pay at the Pump

Gas stations that want to offer “pay at the pump” services can take advantage of TransNet’s integrated processing options for credit, debit, and fleet cards. Note that rates for pay at the pump and fleet cards may differ from other pricing from TransNet.

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TransNet’s website mentions both equipment purchases and the option to lease credit card machines. At CardFellow, we don’t recommend leasing, as it’s expensive and typically comes with a separate contract.

While the company doesn’t list specific credit card machine brands or models that they carry, they are a First Data reseller, and are likely able to support FD terminals. We’ve requested more information from TransNet and will update this section as details are available.

One machine TransNet does specifically reference as a choice is the Clover Station, a full-featured point of sale system that can be customized by adding apps relevant to your needs. Keep in mind that when purchasing a Clover POS system, you will not be able to reprogram it if you switch processors in the future.

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Other Services

Beyond payment processing and credit card equipment, TransNet offers a loyalty program, gift cards, payroll, and an ATM placement program. You’re not obligated to use these services, but if you want to add them on to your processing services, that’s an option.

Loyalty Programs

Many businesses are choosing to implement loyalty programs to reward their best customers and encourage repeat visits. TransNet offers the Perka loyalty program that you can customize to suit your business goals. You can choose to offer cash back with a purchase, discounts on future purchases, or a freebie after a number of purchases. The Perka program starts at $39.99/month and integrates seamlessly with Clover equipment, though it may also be compatible with other machines.

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Gift Cards

A hugely popular option for many gift-giving occasions, the electronic gift card has taken the place of previous paper gift certificates. You’ll present a professional image with electronic gift cards while offering the convenience that customers expect.

With TransNet, you can choose a pre-designed card or create your own to match your branding. Cards can’t be used until activated, so you don’t need to worry about cards being stolen from the counter.


TransNet offers electronic payroll services, allowing you to choose from multiple options. You can provide stored-value debit cards to distribute wages to employees or provide checks. A free app for smartphones lets employees check their accounts and the status of their salaries at any time.


For businesses that want to offer the convenience of getting cash on-premises, TransNet offers ATM placement solutions. The company can install and operate ATMs (including cash-loading) at your locations and boasts competitive rates and fast customer service for any issues. TransNet offers machines from major brands like Genmega, Triton, and more.

We spoke with TransNet for more details – the company states that the starting cost of an ATM is $2,000 and businesses would typically purchase the machine outright. (Installment plans may be available for some businesses.) Your actual costs may vary depending on the model and other options. Additionally, there is a per-transaction cost. If you handle at least 500 transactions per month, the current rate is 25 cents per transaction.

TransNet Pricing

TransNet offers different pricing models, including interchange plus, flat rate, and tiered. The company states that the available models vary depending on your business type and location. We reached out to TransNet for more information, and the company confirmed that it can offer any of the pricing models to different businesses and will work with you to customize pricing for your business. TransNet also states that once you begin processing more than $50,000/month, there is an option for a rate review to lower pricing.

You can see pricing for your business by requesting a quote from TransNet through your CardFellow quote comparison dashboard. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Sign up here.

You can also read more about pricing models at the links below:

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TransNet Reviews

The bulk of available reviews for TransNet are on the company’s Facebook page. TransNet does not have any Google reviews or a Yelp profile, nor does it include testimonials on its website. The company does have a Better Business Bureau profile under the name Transnet Payment System, but is not accredited with the BBB. As of 2017, TransNet has an A+ rating and only one complaint on the BBB’s website.

The sole complaint alleges that TransNet took money from a business’ account with no warning or reason. TransNet replied to the complaint, stating that the business had breached its contracts with TransNet.

On Facebook

On its Facebook page, TransNet has 12 reviews and a 5-star rating.

TransNet Reviews

All but one review simply give a 5-star rating with no text review. The lone text review praises the company’s organization and leadership.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


TransNet offers services to retailers and restaurants, but can also serve specialty needs like high risk processing and gas station transactions.