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Paycosmos is a part of the Transmodus Corporation, so you may see references to either name. It was founded in 2002 in California and is a registered ISO of TSYS.

One thing that sets Paycosmos apart is its Instant Merchant Settlement. That means you can get your funds from credit card transactions instantly, 24 hours a day. While instant settlement is great, what about the rest of the services? And what will you pay to take cards? In this Paycosmos review, we’ll look at all of that and more.

But first, in its own words, here’s what Paycosmos tells CardFellow about its services.

Credit card processing can be a confusing to a small business owner and we are here to help.  Paycosmos offers transparent pricing on a single platform where businesses are able to process credit cards, ACH, and check scanning while employing customer service agents located in California to guide you through the process and can answer any questions you may have. We also know that liquidity is important for many businesses and that is why we offer Instant Merchant Settlement (IMS) where your money will be in your bank account in as little as one second 24/7/365, no matter if it is on a weekend, a holiday, etc. 

Credit Card Processing Services

As a credit card processing company, Paycosmos’s main service is enabling card acceptance. You can take almost all card types (including EBT) in a variety of ways, including in-person, online, by email, through invoices, or even by text. (For text payments, a payment link connects to an online form. To set it up, you'll create an online form through Paycosmos's online portal. You can then text the link as a payment request, and the customer pays through the linked form.)

With the company’s instant funding option, you’ll also get your money quickly.

Industries Served

Paycosmos doesn’t specialize in any particular business niche, but can serve those in many different industries. However, the company does not offer accounts to businesses that are considered “high risk.” It also does not serve pay at the pump gas stations, and cannot enable fleet card acceptance like WEX.

It also offers level 2 / level 3 processing for B2B transactions, but does not provide a gateway that helps auto-fill that data. If you accept a lot of commercial cards, it’s important to understand level 2 / level 3 and to choose a solution that can streamline that process. Read more about B2B transactions in our blog.

Processing Equipment

As a TSYS reseller, Paycosmos supports all equipment that operates on the TSYS platform. That includes the Vital line of equipment, such as the Vital POS and Vital Mobile. Additionally, the company can offer TSYS-supported universal machines such as Ingenico countertop terminals. You can also purchase compatible accessories, such as cash drawers and receipt printers.

In all cases, Paycosmos sells equipment outright. It does not lease, which is great. As we’ve written about here at CardFellow, equipment leases are expensive and not in your best interest.

For online payments, the company supports the popular Authorize.Net gateway and virtual terminal, as well as offering its own virtual terminal.

Other Services

While Paycosmos offers plenty of options for credit card acceptance, the company does not offer several common peripheral services, such as gift card / loyalty programs or merchant cash advances. However, it does offer assistance with PCI compliance and with chargebacks.

PCI Compliance and Chargebacks

Many business owners find PCI compliance confusing and frustrating. Paycosmos offers as much assistance as you need to ensure that you understand your responsibilities and can achieve compliance. If you’re not compliant and in danger of receiving a PCI non-compliance fee, Paycosmos will reach out before charging any non-compliance fees in order to give you a chance to become compliant.

Additionally, Paycosmos requires data breach protection services, at a cost of $5/month.

In the event that you receive a chargeback, Paycosmos will notify you by email with instructions. You can also call and speak with an agent to get assistance on resolving the chargeback.


To be as transparent as possible, Paycosmos uses interchange plus pricing, the model we suggest here at CardFellow. In fact, the company tells us that interchange plus is the only model they use.

Deposits and Funding Times

Paycosmos offers a unique option. Instead of the usual 1-3 business days it takes to receive funds, you can get your money instantly upon batch out. For qualified customers, there’s no extra fee. You can apply for instant funding after a 30-day waiting period when you start processing. 

In some cases, you may be subject to a daily limit. However, Paycosmos tells CardFellow that most businesses aren't restricted by the daily limits. The daily limit is determined by factors such as your processing volume during the 30-day waiting period, credit score, and other factors. Additionally, you'll need to maintain a low chargeback rate.

Paycosmos Rates and Fees

The only “downside” to interchange plus pricing is that processing companies who use it will typically need to set your pricing individually, taking into account the specifics of your business. For that reason, Paycosmos doesn’t publish rates on its website.

However, you can still see exactly what you’ll pay. Simply log in to your CardFellow account and request a quote from the company. (Not a CardFellow member yet? It’s free and only takes a minute to join. Sign up now.)

Cancellation Fees

Paycosmos charges a minimal cancellation fee of $65 if you end your contract early. While we typically suggest you avoid cancellation fees on merchant accounts, this one isn’t too bad. However, keep in mind that quotes from CardFellow member processors come with no cancellation fee.

Connection to Linked2Pay

Both Paycosmos and Linked2Pay are DBAs of Transmodus Corporation, but Linked2Pay is a payment processing gateway while Paycosmos functions as a merchant services provider. The companies operate under their own names.

Paycosmos Reviews

Unfortunately, currently Paycosmos reviews online are nearly non-existent. The company doesn’t have a Google reviews account nor Facebook reviews. Transmodus has a Better Business Bureau profile (with a B- rating) but that does not specifically apply to Paycosmos.

With so little review information online, it’s more important than ever to hear from you if you’re a current or former client of Paycosmos. Tell us about your experience (good or bad) by leaving a Paycosmos review for other business owners to read.


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Posted by Patricia Foreman on Oct 29, 2019


We have 2 companies and Pay Cosmos is the card processor for both. Their response time to questions and help is so fast. So important when running a business. We have had a few card processing companies before Pay Cosmos and Pay Cosmos has the best rates.

Posted by Sendero Dental Studio on Oct 18, 2019


At the Sendero Dental Studio we strive to make our patient's payment experience as flawless as possible and paycosmos has really helped us accomplish that goal. When it comes to funding, we have opted for Instant Merchant Settlement and love that all funds that are collected settle in our account that same day! Instant merchant settlement has really been a game changer for our practice." They crew @ paycosmos is always there to answer any questions for you - Great service!!

Posted by CardFellow on Jun 12, 2019


Paycosmos offers some unique services, such as text to pay and instant funding for credit card transactions.

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