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With CardConnect, you can process payments from credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Gift card programs may also be available as an add-on service.
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First Data, TransFirst

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Wells Fargo

If you’re looking for a credit card processing company and are considering CardConnect, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll want to know about services available, customer reviews, and rates and fees. This CardConnect review and profile gives you all of that information and more.

What is CardConnect?

CardConnect is a payment processor founded in 2006 that currently serves over 50,000 businesses across the United States.


CardConnect boasts a client list including JellyBelly, Adobe, Hoover, and General Electric. CardConnect is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and is a registered ISO and MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and Deutsche Bank. In the summer of 2016, CardConnect went public.

What services does CardConnect offer?

CardConnect offers payment processing through a variety of possible channels.

A virtual terminal is available if you would prefer to accept payments using your existing computer. A mobile processing option is available for accepting payments on the go. CardConnect also offers a payment gateway for e-commerce transactions. If you offer goods and services on a recurring basis, CardConnect supports recurring billing to automate the invoice and payment process. Recurring billing can include a card updater to automatically maintain up-to-date customer card information to reduce declined recurring billing transactions. In addition to accepting payments, you can process voids, returns, and refunds.

CardConnect also offers fraud prevention tools to help merchants reduce the risk of processing fraudulent transactions, and online reporting options to effectively manage business from anywhere.

Card Processing

With CardConnect, you can accept major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Additionally, customers can pay with signature-based debit. Card processing is available through all of CardConnect’s options, including the virtual terminal, payment gateway, and mobile processing service.

Check Processing

If you need to accept checks, CardConnect offers electronic check conversion, allowing paper checks to be automatically deposited as an electronic transaction. Businesses can accept out of state and international checks in addition to local checks. Electronic deposits eliminate the need to go to the bank, saving time.

Virtual Terminal

The CardConnect Virtual Terminal option allows you to accept cards and checks from any internet-capable computer. Take payments in person, over the phone, or by mail, and optionally add a USB card reader for convenient swiped transactions. The Virtual Terminal can also process Level II and Level III data, offering the ability to accept business purchasing cards. Receipts for transactions can be customized and printed or emailed to customers for convenience.

Mobile Payments

If you need to accept payments on the go, CardConnect Mobile offers the ability to process transactions almost anywhere. A card swiper can be connected via standard headphone jack, and you can capture signatures digitally. In the event of a lost network connection while processing a mobile transaction, you can still accept payments, and upload the transaction information when a connection becomes available. Customizable receipts can be emailed to customers. CardConnect Mobile is ideal if you are frequently away from a storefront.

Payment Gateway

CardConnect offers integration with the CardConnect Gateway if you want to accept payments through your existing business website. The gateway works with a variety of shopping carts and includes user-friendly APIs for quick integration. CardConnect supports multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, PHP, and more. The CardConnect gateway is compatible with a variety of payment processors, eliminating the need for businesses to end or switch merchant accounts from their existing processor. Supported processors include (but aren’t limited to) First Data, Elavon, Chase Paymentech, and Vantiv.

CardConnect’s gateway has several unique features that allow businesses to more easily optimize interchange fees, which can help to reduce overall processing cost if a business is being billed via an interchange plus pricing model.

Fraud Prevention Tools

CardConnect offers fraud prevention tools to help you minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions and resulting costly chargebacks. Real-time analysis of transactions scans for fraud triggers and automatically declines suspicious transactions while processing non-suspicious payments seamlessly. Additionally, you can utilize the Address Verification System (AVS) which checks the address given by a customer with the billing address on file at the credit card company to ensure a match. CardConnect also supports 3D Secure, offering lower interchange fees and safer transactions. 3D secured is offered by the major credit cards, and is known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and American Express SafeKey, depending on the credit card brand.

What about reporting?

CardConnect’s reporting system provides access to a range of reports, including deposits, settlements, statements, and more. The report center is available online, allowing you (or other employees that you designate) the ability to view and analyze information from anywhere, at any time.

Is CardConnect secure?

CardConnect uses a combination of security tools to help ensure safety. The company combines point-to-point encryption, tokenization technology, and a PCI compliant card storage vault. Point-to-point encryption automatically encrypts data at the time of card swiping or entering, while sensitive data is instantly tokenized for additional safety.

In spring of 2017, CardConnect introudced an option to define AVS mismatch thresholds, helping businesses control transactions using Address Verification. Transactions under the defined amount will be approved even with an AVS mismatch, while those over the threshold will need approval. Note that entering "zero" as the mismatch threshold will decline ALL transactions with an address mismatch.

Read more about using Address Verification

CardConnect Rates and Fees

CardConnect doesn’t publish rates or contract terms on their website, but we can help you get a fully-disclosed quote that you can review in private, with no pressure from sales calls. Simply scroll to the top of this CardConnect review and profile and click the “request quote” button.

Note: You’ll need to be signed in to your CardFellow account to request a quote from CardConnect. If you don’t have a CardFellow account yet, you can get one for free in less than 3 minutes. Sign up here.

CardConnect Reviews

For a company that’s been around for about a decade, there isn’t as much as you might expect in the way of reviews and customer experiences available online. While it may be a good sign that there aren’t a lot of negative reviews, the flipside is that there also aren’t positive reviews.

As of early 2016, CardConnect is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but does have a profile. CardConnect has an A+ rating with the BBB and 17 complaints lodged in the past 3 years. Complaints allege the company charges termination fees after stating there was no contract or cancellation fee, has excessively high termination fees, high rates, and dishonest practices. There are no written reviews separate from the complaints.

There are no positive reviews to be found direct from CardConnect, either, as they don’t list any testimonials on their website.

Given the lack of reviews, it’s particularly important that businesses that have used CardConnect talk about their experiences. If that’s you, please take a minute to leave a CardConnect review.


In April of 2016 CardConnect rolled out its CardPointe platform. CardPointe allows merchants to process transactions via mobile, P2PE terminal, virtual terminal, gateway, and hosted payment pages. Existing CardConnect customers would have seen a notice about the CardPointe service on March and April statements.

The notice informs existing customers that the statement fee will be increased by $10 and renamed “CardPointe Fee.”

Businesses that process a lot of B2B transactions in particular may be interested in the CardPointe system, which offers autofill capabilities for providing enhanced data.

Related Article: Beginner’s Guide to B2B Transactions and Enhanced Data.


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Posted by Angela Perko on Mar 20, 2018


I was a customer for the various mutations of what is now CardConnect for 20 plus years. It always seemed that the fees were rather high, (all said, they ran around 5%) but a certain inertia on my part kept me with the company. In the last year or so, I fell into what is known as PCI non-compliance. PCI compliance required filling out an extensive questionnaire and I was normally notified by e-mail when it was due. This last time I was not notified. According to customer service, notification would have occurred somewhere on page 3 of my 5 plus page statement- though they couldn't tell me exactly which statement that was. They let me go over a year in non-compliance, (no second notice) charging me $40 per month. Obviously I should have noticed it on my statements, but it is among lines and lines of fees, some as little as a penny. Statements were never all that easy to access (not to mention difficult to understand) as the company changed its name and website often. Also they charge $20/month for extra security that I wrote and told them was unnecessary and unwanted on my part, but still I had to pay. I have to take a good amount of responsibility here, but I am not unlike many small business owners whose workload is heavy and can only devote small amounts of time to these sorts of details. I have now cancelled my account, with the $75 cancellation fee. The February fees added up to over 30% of the total processed, and now in March the fees still keep coming, apparently they are retroactive. It's a bitter pill after twenty years with a company, with never a charge-back or complaint. So there is no customer loyalty, very little customer service, and a lot of fees. I certainly do not recommend this company, especially for a small business.

Posted by Sally on Mar 09, 2018


Rates are very high, and horrible customer service!! I am going to another company.

Posted by ashraf hammad on Feb 12, 2018


Somehow they bought my account and I've been charged for different b.s. fees. I told them I need to cancel my account they said I was in contract, I had them show proof there was no contract. Canceling it as I'm writing this.

Posted by Stephanie King on Dec 27, 2017


I am so upset with this company. Never have I been so deceived by a so called legitimate business. I have been in business for 20 years and I have had other merchant vendors and have never had an issue in the past. On December 15th, 2017 I received a letter that my contract was bought by CardConnect and I would be charged a fee of $199 if I continued service past 12/31/2017. Ridiculous to receive 15 days notice of erroneous fees for a contract they decided to purchase. I then looked elsewhere and found a merchant provider who was nearly $90 less per month and decided to cancel. I sent in my cancellation letter to avoid my $199 fee. I have no contract and my documents do NOT state a cancellation fee and I am charged almost $500 to my checking account as a deposit that was debited out of my account and rantings from my sales person that I was charged fees for cancelling. How is it possible that I am to be charged $199 if I continue with the buy out and then I cancel as indicated as a choice and I am charged nearly $500 for cancelling? I own all my equipment outright I have no contract and I never committed to this company. This is outrageous. I don’t care how nice any review is on this page read all the BAD ONES and be mindful of how they will charge you and STEAL your Hard earned money. This company is crooked all the way.

Posted by Brian Duncan on Nov 16, 2017


I would give them a zero if I could. They don't explain all of the fees and the fact that most of the cards will be at the highest rate possible. They will fee you to death and if you leave charge another $750.00 fee, which they don't tell you about. IT is a scam. Stay away.

Posted by Ethan Anderson on Aug 10, 2017


CardConnect will send you a Schedule A and make all kinds of sales promises. Then they will try to do a bait and switch and say they can't honor the original proposal, and can you accept the much worst one. I would avoid this company.

Posted by CardFellow on Mar 04, 2016


CardConnect is a large ISO (independent sales organization) with the typical sales model to match. CardConnect leverages a large network of sub-ISOs and ISA (independent sales agents) as resellers in addition to its own in-house sales staff and channels. Each sub-ISO and ISA can set pricing and terms on a per-business basis. This means that you may receive competitive pricing and terms, or you may receive very poor pricing and terms. It all depends on how much you know about how credit card processing fees really work. The more you know, the better the pricing and terms you will receive from CardConnect. The level of service you will receive from CardConnect is completely dependent on the sales channel (direct, ISO or ISA) you use to obtain its services.

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