GoPayment – A Costly Mistake!


Several mobile credit card processing options exist that better Intuit's GoPayment.

GoPayment is a mobile credit card processing service from Intuit that allows a user to process credit card transactions from an Apple or Android-powered device such as an iPhone or Droid.

GoPayment is consistent with the high rates, bundled pricing and fine print that plague Intuit credit card processing services in general. There are several alternatives to GoPayment that offer lower rates, more transparent pricing, and easier sign up.

GoPayment has added a $0.15 transaction fee to all non-qualified transactions.

See how Intuit's GoPayment service compares to Square, PayPal Here and others using our
Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing Cost Calculator

Rates & Fees

Pricing for Intuit's GoPayment service is far more complicated than the company makes it seem from the pricing table on its Web site. It takes quite a bit of digging through fine print to obtain a total picture of cost.

Tiered Pricing
GoPayment utilizes a form of tiered pricing that allows Intuit to surcharge any transaction that it feels does not qualify for its lowest rate. However, Intuit does not disclose the criteria for specifically determining which types of transactions will be surcharged.

This type of tiered pricing is what makes bait-and-switch tactics possible in the credit card processing industry, and it is best avoided.

Pricing Plans
GoPayment allows users to choose between two pricing plans. The first plan is called Pay-As-You-Go and is targeted at businesses with sporadic or low processing volume. The second plan is called Pay Monthly & Save and is targeted at higher volume businesses.

The pricing for GoPayment's Pay-As-You-Go option is as follows:

  Rate Fee
Visa, MasterCard, Discover "Qualified" Transactions * 2.75% $0
Visa, MasterCard, Discover "Non-Qualified" Transactions 3.75% $0.15
American Express ** 2.89% - 3.50% $0.10 - $0.15
Monthly Fee $0
Set Up Fee $0

* The qualified rate applies only to swiped consumer debit and consumer non-reward credit cards. All keyed transactions and most reward, corporate and special card types will be charged the non-qualified rate of 3.75%.

Keep in mind that most credit card transactions involve a reward-based card. So, the 3.75% rate will apply to the vast majority of credit card transactions, and to all keyed transactions.

** Per Intuit's Terms of Service, a business is consenting to abide by American Express's Card Acceptance Agreement when it opens a GoPayment account. American Express discount rates range from 2.89% to 3.50% with transaction fees of $0.10 to $0.15 depending on business type.

Below is the fine print taken from GoPayment's Web site for the Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan:

Card-Swiped Rate" of 2.75% will be charged on qualified swiped Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that are electronically authorized. "Key-Entered Rate" of 3.75% will be charged on all qualified manually keyed Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that have AVS. All Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that do not meet the requirements stated above, business cards, foreign cards and transactions that do not meet Visa/MC/Discover Network requirements for the best interchange program will be charged a "Non-Qualified Rate" of 3.75%. Different discount rates for American Express may apply.

Pay Monthly & Save
GoPayment's Pay Monthly & Save account allows users to pay a $12.95 monthly fee in exchange for slightly lower rates.

  Rate Fee
Visa, MasterCard Discover "Qualified" Transactions * 1.75% $0
Visa, MasterCard Discover "Keyed Qualified" Transactions ** 2.75% $0
Visa, MasterCard Discover "Non-Qualified" Transactions *** 3.75% $0
American Express ** 2.89% - 3.50% $0.10 - $0.15
Monthly Fee $12.95
Set Up Fee $0
Chargeback Fee $20
ACH Reject Fee $25

The Pay Monthly & Save program has a hidden pricing tier of 3.75% that is only disclosed on Intuit's Web site in the fine print under the pricing table.

* Only swiped non-reward credit and debit transactions will be charged at Intuit's "qualified" 1.75% rate.

** All keyed transactions will fall into either the 2.75% rate or the highest 3.75% rate.

*** Intuit does not disclose the highest 3.75% rate under the Pay Monthly & Save pricing option, but it is referenced in the fine print. The 3.75% rate will apply to all business card, foreign card and interchange EIRF and standard transaction types.

Below is the fine print taken from GoPayment's Web site for the Pay Monthly & Save pricing plan:

Card-Swiped Rate" of 1.75% will be charged on qualified swiped Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that are electronically authorized. "Key-Entered Rate" of 2.75% will be charged on all qualified manually keyed Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that have AVS. All Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that do not meet the requirements stated above, business cards, foreign cards and transactions that do not meet Visa/MC/Discover Network requirements for the best interchange program will be charged a "Non-Qualified Rate" of 3.75%. Different discount rates for American Express may apply.

Other Charges
The following table lists additional charges that apply to the GoPayment processing service that are not clearly listed on the GoPayment Web site. These charges can be found in section 1.14 of the Merchant Agreement.

Providing Any Documentation $2.00 per page
Checking Account (DDA) Change $25.00 per change
Business Name Change Fee $75.00 each
Third Party Payment Admin Fee $150* (Intuit may charge a fee to implement legally enforceable requests for payment of Merchant funds to parties other than Merchant, such as tax levies, payments to secured parties or other legally enforceable payment requests of a similar nature.)
Voice Authorizations $0.95 each
Voice Authorizations (w/live operator) $1.75 each
Referral Authorizations $2.00 each

What You Will Really Pay

Businesses that use Intuit GoPayment should expect to pay an effective rate of 3.25% or more.

Intuit's use of bundled pricing and excessive surcharging will result in higher than expected charges. CardFellow has analyzed countless GoPayment processing statements, and the typical effective rate is between 3.25% - 4.25%, which is significantly higher than Intuit's advertised rates would suggest.

Excessive Surcharging

As we have explained in CardFellow’s credit card processing guide, the bundled pricing model that intuit uses allows it to route interchange categories to the pricing tier of its choice. For example, Intuit can choose to route the majority of credit card transactions to higher mid and non-qualified rates, which it typically does.

The following is an actual GoPayment statement provided by a business that used CardFellow’s marketplace to significantly lower its processing cost. As you can see from the highlighted portion of the statement, Intuit routes all credit card volume to mid-qualified (MQUAL) and non-qualified (NQUAL) pricing tiers, which have a rate of 3.75%. So, while Intuit advertises a rate of 2.75%, this rate will not apply to the majority of credit card volume.

Excessive Surcharging

Intuit's processing statements use quite a few deceitful tactics, which we have outline in detail in our article about how to read an Intuit statement.

Charges & Refunds

Price isn't the only downfall to the GoPayment service. Daily discounting and intercepted credits are additional considerations.

Daily Discounting
Intuit uses something called daily discounting to charge fees. This means that it deducts charges associated with the "qualified" rate prior to depositing funds into a business's account. Charges from "non-qualified" rates, monthly fees and transaction fees are deducted at the end of the month.

Aside from stifling cash flow, daily discounting makes reconciling books notoriously difficult.

Intercepted Refunds
When a business issues a refund to a customer, the processor gets a credit of the fee paid on the original transactions. This credit is supposed to be passed to the business, but Intuit keeps refunds instead of passing them along. This hidden cost of lost refund credit card refund credits can add up even for businesses that only issue a few refunds a month.

Card Swiper & Compatible Devices

The GoPayment application and card swiper are given away free of charge with a new account.

Supported devices include Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or newer, and compatible Android-powered devices running OS 2.1 or newer.

Sign Up

Another drawback to the GoPayment mobile processing service is the sign up process.

GoPayment requires a business to open a traditional merchant account with Intuit Payment Solutions. Applicants must provide a date of birth and social security number so that Intuit can perform a credit check.

GoPayment also requires a full personal guarantee from business principal/owner that grants Intuit the right to "proceed directly against me [the account owner] without first exhausting their remedies against any other person or entity."

Contract & Cancellation

Don't make the mistake of confusing a merchant account contract with a cancellation fee; they are two completely separate things.

The Intuit GoPayment contract does levy a cancellation fee against any business that closes its account in good standing. However, under section 1.15 of the Terms of Service, Intuit will charge a $500 cancellation fee for any account that it closes due to suspected misuse.

Do not open a GoPayment account without first reading the following agreements in their entirety. These are terms that you are agreeing to by processing with Intuit.

GoPayment Terms & Agreement
Intuit Merchant Processing Agreement

GoPayment Reviews

Despite the opaque pricing and high fees associated with GoPayment, many online reviews of the service give it high marks.

The reason many reviews of GoPayment don’t reflect reality is because Intuit pays the reviewers a commission for referring business its way.

Intuit uses a company called Commission Junction to recruit online marketers. These online marketers, called affiliates, create content that persuades people to sign people up for the GoPayment service. Intuit compensates affiliates by paying a commission in the form of a referral fee for each person that successfully signs up for GoPayment.

So, take overly positive online reviews of GoPayment with a large grain of salt. It’s very likely that the reviewer’s judgment has been clouded by Intuit’s cash incentive for referrals.

For the record, CardFellow is not an affiliate of Intuit.

Alternatives to GoPayment

Many mobile small business credit card processing options exist in today's marketplace, and most have more favorable pricing and terms than Intuit's GoPayment service.

The following solutions all utilize an Apple or Android-powered device to process credit and debit card transactions.

ROAMpay & Traditional Merchant Account
Businesses that are processing $5,000 a month of more should look toward ROAMpay coupled with a competitive traditional merchant account.

The key with this solution is to get a competitive merchant account with interchange plus pricing. The easiest way to find the best interchange plus pricing is to sign up free at CardFellow to receive instant quotes from multiple processors.

Businesses that process sporadically or with monthly volume of $5,000 or less should look toward PayPal Here or Square.

PayPal Here & Square
These two services are very similar in terms of pricing, but PayPal Here provides a true traditional merchant account where Square does not.

PayPal Here also has slightly lower pricing and much better customer service than Square. Check out our PayPal Here and Square Up Review on CardFellow for in depth information on these two mobile processing options.

Visitor Reviews

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No longer the case

Jun 10, 2015 by John

The pricing is no longer the same. They have switched to a Simplified Pricing Plan and rates are no longer based on how the card qualifies.

The plans are as follows:

Pay As You Go:
Monthly Fee: $0
Swiped Rate: 2.40%
Keyed Rate: 3.40%
Transaction Fee: $0.25
ACH (Bank Transfer): $0.50

Monthly Fee: $19.95
Swiped Rate: 1.75%
Keyed Rate: 3.15%
Transaction Fee: $0.25
ACH (Bank Transfer): $0.50


May 22, 2015 by Jhana

If I could give zero stars I would.

First of all, the reader doesn't work. I lost several sales because the reader would "Time out". Moreover, on one occasion it signaled it had timed out, then the client came back showing me her bank statement which displayed the cost had been debited from her account.

This was my "second chance" after switching from my Square. I spoke with customer service the week before as I was suspicious of the fees they were charging. Sure enough, I was charged a higher fee from having to manually enter the card information because the reader wasn't working. They wouldn't refund it. I'm canceling my account and throwing this piece of sh*t in the trash. Stick to what you know, Intuit. I will say, Square has been very easy to use.

Cancelled Account

Mar 17, 2015 by Ernie

We cancelled our account based on the new fees! They tried to explain that we would save money! After an half hour on hold the lady came back to say that we would save .75¢ over our last three years of being with GoPayment. We have signed up with Square. Thanks for letting us vent!

So sorry we switched to GoPayment!

Mar 11, 2015 by Lori Martin

There really needs to be an option of a zero star rating because that's what I would choose. We switched to GoPayment in June 2013, lured in by the promise of 1.75% on swiped transactions and 2.75% on keyed. Initially, the per transaction fee was meeting the 2.75% but when we got the statement at the end of the month, we were charged an extra 1%. At some point, something changed and now the per transaction fee is simply 3.75% and there are no adjustments on the monthly statement. Ironically, Amex which has traditionally been more expensive to process, is the least expensive with GoPayment coming in around 2.8% to 3.2%. The vast majority of everything else comes in at 3.75% which is just highway robbery.

At this point, I have been fighting with them for six months regarding a $2,800 chargeback. A transaction processed in June 2014 was charged back in September 2014. I promptly gathered the documentation needed to give Intuit so that they could go to the credit card company and clear it up for us. After a month of waiting, we still had nothing. I called customer service who recommended that I ask the customer to call her credit card company and try to clear it up on her end. We spoke to the customer and she (grudgingly) contacted her credit card company and cleared it with them. They charged her the $2,800 in October and we still don't have the money. I have called customer support multiple times. Each time, I have to go through the whole thing again because there aren't appropriate notes made from the previous call. I'm always told that they will look into it and get back with me which never happens. In November, I was told that the documentation I sent to dispute the chargeback had not been received until October 28 which was too late. However, I sent the documentation immediately on September 16 and I have an email from Intuit confirming receipt of my email. Plus, when I had called in October, I was not told that my documents had not been received. The csr this time recommended I call the customer and have her get a letter from her credit card company stating that the issue had been resolved. When I asked the customer to do this, she flat refused and told me that it wasn't her problem but that we have a problem with our processing company. I will leave out the calls between that one and my latest call on February 20 when I was told that there was no record of any documentation at all. This csr also recommended that I go to the homeowner. Even after I told him what she said when I did go back to her. HIs basic attitude was that there was nothing they could do to help me. I told him that they had dropped the ball and they needed to fix it. I have proof that the documents were sent and sent on time and this is all their fault. He told me that he would reach out to the chargeback department (that was the department my call was supposed to have been directed to to begin with) and someone would call me to get the proof that my documents had been sent and received from them. Now, almost two weeks later, I have still not heard from them. There is just no excuse for this and we will be canceling our account just as soon as we choose a new processing company from the dozens out there. In the meantime, we are still out $2,800 and I have absolutely no hope of recovering it. I will be leaving this review absolutely everywhere that I can find.

I cancelled my GoPayment Account

Nov 05, 2014 by John M

I recently went to the GoPayment website to check on their current swipe rate. It says 2.4% ( I also got an email from Intuit months ago indicating that they had lowered their pricing to 2.4%. After my recent event, my fees were as high as 3.7%. I called customer service and was told that I was an "old account" and they could change me over to the new pricing, but would not refund the difference in my fees from last week. I told them to close my account.

Wish I would have been smarter!

Oct 14, 2014 by Barbara

It took me a long time to learn how horrible Intuit really is. I did not do the research (in the beginning) like I should have done. I knew for many (8) years that they had terrible customer service. I was made to believe by intuit that because I used their POS system that I had to use them to process credit cards as well. NOT THE TRUTH! Do your research before you do business with this company they are a rip off!!!

Worst Mistake Ever

Sep 03, 2014 by Jimi Sweet

I was very excited to process cards with Intuit as we have been using the QuickBooks Online app and the integration seemed perfect for us.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to think that Intuit is a bit of a scam.

1) They keep harassing us to sign up for their Payroll service, which we have no use for, and there doesn\'t seem to be a way to check a box along the lines of \"stop asking us.\" At some point, we were actually charged $34 for Payroll service, despite never actually signing up for it. We went back to the web site to confirm that it was been cancelled, despite that we never signed up for it in the first place. But you know, they have our billing info….

2) They will randomly review, and hold your deposits and insist that you provide an insane amount of personal information about your customers and the transaction -- THAT WAS NEVER DISPUTED BY THE CUSTOMER IN THE FIRST PLACE. We don\'t personally collect the information that Intuit requested, and when I explained that I would simply like to refund the customer\'s money rather harass them, the Intuit rep walked me through the process and said, \"great, we\'re going to charge your account the full amount of the refund, but you\'re still going to need to provide us that information before we release the funds back to your customer.\"

Aug 21, 2014 by Name

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They kept charging my account even after I cancelled this card reader 10 months ago. BEWARE!!! I am about to call the Better Business Bureau and have my attorney look into this. I wish there was a place for zero stars. If you are thinking about using this card reader, I would think long and hard before ordering it. They will start charging you every month. I only used the card reader twice, and that was last summer. I closed the account and still am getting billed. I finally got a human on the phone a couple of weeks ago that assured me it would be closed and they would reimburse my charges back to me. Never happened. These people should be reported.

Gopayment - Goripoff

Jul 23, 2014 by David Sutton

This is the worst customer service ever experienced. I was upset and even created a BBB complaint against them for overcharges. Their attitude? I\'m the one who was wrong. In their response -
\"On the Merchant Service Center help page Mr. S located a page that stated American Express transactions would not be subject to a return fee. This information is incorrect and is being fixed by our Compliance team as we have moved to a new sponsoring bank\"
Yeah, even though it was on their \"support page,\" which you are directed to find answers I had to threaten to sue them to get a refund of the returned transaction fees. Through the whole process there was not one time where I felt as a 20 year customer of Intuit that they cared one bit about my problem. Steer clear of gopayment and Intuit !

Horrible (Non-Existent) Customer Service

Jun 20, 2014 by Tim L

I would have given negative stars if that was an option. I have been a customer for four years. I chose GoPayment simply because I am a big Intuit Quickbooks fan. I Didn\'t do much research because I figured everyone would be the same. The first time I needed some basic support I was put on hold for over 30 minutes two times in a row and then disconnected both times. I gave up waiting, so I entered my call back phone number on the third attempt and was promised a call back within 10 minutes. That was four days ago. I tried emailing, and an automated response said they would try to look at my email within a few days -- Still nothing. I will be canceling the service as soon as I have time to deal with them. I have no clue how they are in business when they treat customers this poorly. This is the absolute worst customer service experience I\'ve ever had.

Yep, same happened to me!

May 01, 2014 by Dave Zubak

After my first CC transaction with Intuit I received the email asking for a client invoice. I sent this, and then I received an email that the funds had been deposited into my account. Ten days later, I called and they did not know what the holdup was. After two transfers I talked to a stuttering uncomfortable lady who said that my account was on hold because they do not accept transactions for services related to web hosting or SEO. Even after I confirmed the invoice sent was 100% for computer repair services. They said \"we looked at your website and you provide web hosting so we may have to ask you to find another processing company.\" Be warned, Intuit will pick and choose which transactions they will pay you for after they have your clients’ money. They asked during the registration process what type transactions our company accepts and they gave me an account. Now it has been 11 days without a deposit.

Awful product. Awful service.

May 01, 2014 by Dustin NeSmith

Paid 10 bucks for this only for them to deny my application for the app to run this thing. After staying on the phone for hours with a customer service agent, the agent informed me the denial was due to my credit score did not exist and they could do nothing to approve it. I informed them it is not for personal use but for business use. They still refused to help and told me that I could throw away the Intuit.

Worse than Square

Apr 24, 2014 by Ryan

Square and Intuit are thieves! They should be jailed for this but somehow they arent. They sell your information to spam calls, hold your money without reason, spam you with hidden fees, and ignore your complaints.

Intuit GoPayment has the worst customer service I have ever encountered

Apr 01, 2014 by Maureen

In January I took over as the Executive Director for a non profit. I have been trying since then to get GoPayment to update our account information. It took at least a month before I could get them to define what information was needed. It is now April and I have faxed them increasing amounts of paper and am still not done. Today I got an email saying they needed the signature of the former ED, which was on the material I sent them initially (and have been re-sending with every fax I send them). They get zero stars in my opinion but this blog post is requiring that I give them at least one to submit this post.

Bad Experience

Mar 26, 2014 by Guy Logan

Our experience using Intuit\'s credit card processing has been bad. It has poor service, poor communication and ineffective at processing our required transactions. We will find an alternative.

Intuit gets a ZERO!

Feb 14, 2014 by Mark

Intuit has terrible customer service. I have proof they lied. They held my funds for no reason and then stated they sent a email, but they never could provide me with a dated email when requested. Stay away from Intuit -- far away.

Stay away from Intuit Go Payment!

Feb 04, 2014 by Mona

They should receive zero stars! I was charged a huge fee 3 weeks after a transaction because they said the card came back as a rewards card (over $400 extra charged on top of what I was already charged and it was immediately taken out of my checking account without notice to me). As we only do a few large transactions every few months, I let it go and was careful about what cards I was taking while I was looking at my other options, mainly my own bank. I then took a credit card for a little over a thousand dollars and my money was flagged. After a week, even after sending in the invoice and accompanying credit card receipt, GoPayment decided it still wanted 6 months of bank statements because I am only using the account every other month or so. They informed me that every time I use it my transactions would be flagged because it was like I was \"new\" (even though I\'ve been with them for 2 years and been paying $12.95 per month). I told them my business model hadn\'t changed at all since I started using them. They are the ones that decided to change business practices (and greatly increase fees during that time). I told them I was canceling the payment and to close my account.


Jan 14, 2014 by Lynn Hartwig

With the lot of you not saying what your business is, what the sale involved that snagged, I\'m not sure there is any merit to your complaints. My gut tells me if you had an above-board, legitimate business, you\'d say \"I sold Grandma\'s bureau for $600 and can\'t get my money.\" or some such. You take some big credit card payment, and whine that you didn\'t get the money but never say anything on your own behalf about what it was for, but Intuit thinks it\'s suspect? That\'s burying the lead. Innocent people would lead with what the sale was, then proceed to detail the problems collecting the money. Only the guilty start out with \'you can\'t pin nothin\' on me.

Complete disregard for their customers\' livelihood.

Dec 19, 2013 by Erica

Intuit cancelled my account after a year of service simply because of the nature of my business. Imagine how much money you would loose if you were suddenly unable to accept credit card payments. Intuit did\'t care. They are comfortable being completely unreliable and unprofessional.

Dec 10, 2013 by Darren

Every single transaction I\'ve done with GoPayment has required invoices and customer details. I\'ve dealt with my customers in person. I have gone over 15 days with no deposits from GoPayment. Small claims will be on it\'s way to Inuit.

Bad Customer Service

Dec 03, 2013 by Richard Pass

So far I have had nothing but headaches with GoPayment and I\'m a potential new customer. I hate to think what it would be like if I was an existing customer. I signed up, got my CC reader and tested it with a $1 card swipe. It has taken (and the money is still not in the bank yet) 3 weeks from the swipe date to even get a response to my many messages and calls to customer service asking where my money is. I\'m just glad I did a test run and not a big ticket item.
Stay away from this company if you want to see your money and want a company that takes responsibility.

Huge mistake. Don't trust in this company

Nov 09, 2013 by Oscar Gastaudo

I made a huge mistake by choosing this company to process my credit/debit cards. I am a Real Estate Broker with a FICO score of 817. After I processed a transaction with one of my foreign customers with a foreign credit card, I was told by Intuit over the phone that I was a high risk business because I processed a foreign credit card for $1,910.07. I explained it was a Management Fee that my client decided to pay me using a credit card, but that didn\'t matter and Intuit closed my account.
I called my overseas client to collect my fee. He forwarded me his credit card statement showing that Intuit charged the amount to his credit card. So, he would not pay me again.
I called Intuit today and I was told they have those funds, but in order to return it to my client he must dispute the charge.
I called my client, and he asked why he should dispute the charge if he paid in good faith.
1) I did not get my money
2) My client lost confidence in my business
4) He was asked to dispute a legitimate transaction
5) I had my account closed
6) Who knows if I will ever collect my fee

If still you want to be a victim of GoPayment and Intuit -- Good Luck.

Bad product , atrocious customer service

Sep 03, 2013 by Robby

I made the mistake of choosing GoPayment to process credit/debit cards at my place of business. The first and only time I used the app it was a nightmare. Like others have stated , Intuit put a hold on my funds and requested several documents from me. I furnished everything they requested and got an email from them letting me know the documents were received. The following day, they sent me another email stating that my funds were being processed to my bank account. I checked with my bank several times afterward and... no money. At this point it\'s been a week, so I decide to call Intuit. Finding the Holy Grail is surely an easier task than locating Intuit\'s \"customer service\" phone number. By the way, it\'s 800-558-9558 (You\'ll need it!). My first call was fielded by a nice enough fellow, but he was zero help. He gave me an extension for the administrative department and told me to call the next day . My second call landed at the desk of the rudest woman I\'ve dealt with in my life. She immediately got defensive when I explained the run-around I\'d experienced and began answering my questions with sharply toned questions of her own. Once again, I was left without any explanation of what was taking them so long about making a simple deposit to my bank after 8 days. I became so frustrated that I told her to cancel my account. She giggled as she told me that it couldn\'t be done until the transaction was completed. If their pace of operations to this point has been any indication, that could be months from now.

Stay away from GoPayment

Sep 03, 2013 by Char H.

I signed up for the $0 monthly fee because I do less than $1,000 a month in transactions. I didn't notice until after my first month, that they put me on the $12.95 a month. There are hidden fees with that also. I not only got charged a $12.95 fee plus per transaction fee, but another fee that brought my min. up to $20. Called them and they were so confusing. I said I did not sign up for the $12.95 a month and to reimburse me and switch me over. They refused to reimburse but said they switched me. So, I go on again today and there is another fee for $19 for "daily transaction fee." I have no idea what that is since I was told I would have no other fee than the per transaction fee. Stay away from them.

Very Dissapointed

Aug 22, 2013 by debbiem caterer

I have a catering job to shop for this Friday. My customer paid me up front a week ago, and GoPayment still has not deposited my funds. I need this money to buy goods and services to preform this catering job. And yes, you are on hold forever. I had to use my friends cellphone because she has unlimited minutes. Not only have I wasted several hours of precious time, but I also look unprofessional to my customer. I think this place is a scam and holds your money to pay their debt. Apparently, they working with a skeleton crew because of the customer service wait time. I\'m actually on hold with them right now! After this job I\'m cancelling. I have never experienced such mental and physical anguish with any other company, and I\'m 50! I should be shopping for food right now, but no, I\'m tied to my house phone which I\'m sure will go dead soon.

Intuit Stealing your Money Beware of their Unethical Business Practices

Aug 10, 2013 by A-Way Tree Experts

I thought I would offer a credit card payment option to my customers, so I signed up with Intuit GoPayment to get a mobile card reader. I received the reader, and it would not swipe cards. I first tested it on my card, so I punched in the number since it wouldn\'t swipe and charged $25.00. The fee goes from 1.75% to 4.2% for keying-in. When signing up I mistakenly put in a wrong deposit account number and wondered where my money was.
weeks went by with no calls or e-mails, so I called them they told me the account # was wrong I fixed it and still I never received the money. I said I wont use it again / wrong I went to a job and the customer paid for a $50.00 service with his card so I took it and ran it though . A couple days later the money was in my account now a month later I did a large 3 tree removal for $2650.00 and ran the customers card.
..... 3 days later I receive an E-Mail telling me Intuit is going to hold my money you read>>>

Dear Jim,
Your Intuit account includes extensive fraud-prevention services that help protect you and your customers.
What happened

Recently, your transactions exceeded our weekly volume expectation for your account. In order to protect your customers, we need to validate your identity and your transactions below. During this review, the funds for the transactions listed below will be delayed.
Date of Transactions: 07/19/2013
Amount Delayed: $2650.00
Case Number:
Holding funds in a case like this is standard practice, but we know that doesn\'t make waiting any easier. The good news is that you can help speed things up.
What you need to do

To help resolve this issue, please send the following documents to us as soon as you can:
1.Copies of all invoices and receipts for the transactions processed on 07/19/2013 that show:
•Cardholder name
•Cardholder phone number (if you did not swipe the credit card)
•Description of product or service sold
2.Copy of your Drivers License
3.Copy of a recent business utility bill (water, electric, or gas)
4.3 months\' bank statements (for deposit bank account on file)
Note: Intuit will use the documents you send only to verify your identity and validate your transactions. As always, your private information is protected by Intuit\'s privacy policy.
How to send the information

Send an email to and attach all requested documents to the message. Or, fax them to 858-408-2807. Be sure to include case number 112561514.

The faster you send this information, the faster we can investigate and release your funds. If you choose not to respond, you can expect your funds to be released in about 30 days.

We understand that delays are painful and will do our best to settle this issue quickly.
Intuit Risk Management
800-558-9558 x 69955
Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. PST
If you receive an email message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is a phishing email, please forward it without alteration to Please visit for additional security information.
Sounds like I am going to be the victim of Identity Theft , its been 3 e-mails and a week later one E-Mail said my money is being transferred and the next asked for my documents again. I don\'t know when I will get the Money . I wont wait much longer and Ill call my customer and have him dispute the charge to recover the money, Sincerely I\'ve been duped!! don\'t you make the same mistake stay away from Intuit GoPayment

Intuit Taking Your Money & Not Taking Responsibility!

Jun 25, 2013 by Bailey

Please read this before using this product!

1. You wait on hold for at least 10 minutes or more every time you call.
2. Customer Service is ridiculous. No service, just liars. They write false things on your \"file.\"

Here is my personal experience.

I used GoPayment for about a year. I don\'t work for myself anymore and became employed. So, I called Customer Service to cancel my account. Eight complete months go by when I noticed a charge on my bank account for $12.95. I called my bank to figure out what the charge was, and I was told the charge was from Intuit. They had been charging me $12.95 every month for eight months.

So, I call Customer Service... holding forever. I talked to a representative that told me there is no record of me cancelling my account. So I say, fine, well look at my account and you will see that I have not used it since September when I said I called and cancelled. He looks, and indeed I have not used my account since September. He then tells me that he would pass my request on to the manager and that I would get a refund in a few days, and then he pretty much tried to hang up. I said, \"Hold on\" and asked if I could get a number, or if I would get a phone call about the refund. He said, \"you\'ll just know when the money is credited to your account.\"

It has been 3 weeks since that phone call, and I didn\'t see the money credited, so I call today. It turns out there was money credited back a few days after the phone call, but for only $38.95. The new representative tells me that I agreed to a 3 months refund. This is a flat out lie! I never agreed to that. I was just told that I would be getting a refund. I tell the new representative that, and he tells me he\'s \"...not going to step on the other guy\'s toes.\" I tell him I\'m supposed to be getting about a hundred dollars. I proceed to say, \"well, if there is nothing else you can do, then okay.\" He says, \"let me see...\" and puts me on hold for another 10 minutes. He did apologize for the wait, but then tells me his manager said they are going to stick with the $38.95, and that we should share responsibility for the account.

How about you refund me every penny that you charged me that I didn\'t use the account. And since it seems from reading many reviews and my own experience, your files don\'t always tell the truth about what is going on in these phone calls. I cancelled my account and I want my money back.

This was a horrible experience, and probably the worst experience I have had with customer service. I will be letting all of my entrepreneur friends know to NOT use GoPayment.

Do not use GoPayment. They will take your money and run!

Beware - Do Not Use GoPayment

May 06, 2013 by jkbeli

I have tiny seasonal business, and after researching processing options I found Intuit GoPayment. In my opinion, this company is in the business of taking your customer\'s money and holding it for weeks or months. Do not use GoPayment. In fact, I will never ever use any service by Intuit. See below for an outline of my experience.

- April 05, 2013 4:41 PM - I attempted to Charge $4010.00 and the transaction was declined. So, I called my customer and asked him to provide a different credit card. My customer indicated that there was nothing wrong with his card, and said he would contact his credit card company to get it resolved. About an hour later my customer asked me to try charging his card again.

- Apr 05, 2013 5:37 PM - I tried to Charge the account online using their (I have a voice authorization code). During the call intuit made a call to my customer to confirm the charge and I was provided a voice authorization code number.

*I did not receive any phone call or confirmation via e-mail that the card was successfully received.

*2 days later when I checked my back account, the funds were no where to be found. I did not received any e-mail from them to confirm where the money was.

* So I called gopayment 800-558-9558 .They indicated that the funds will be released within approximately 2 business days. However, they indicated that the payment was not released to me because of some missing information. \"FYI, THEY DID NOT CALL OR E-MAIL ME REGARDING THIS). I just found out about this when I called on the 8th of April 2013.

*April 8, 2013 4:27 PM Still not funds released to my account. As per gopayment request, I send the invoice they requested and received a e-mail in that they have received the invoice. I was informed that it should take 2 days after this to have the funds released.

Approximately a week from April 8 2013, I did not received any response. So I called again and another concerned occurred. They indicated that the address did not match. Therefore, I obtain the correct address from my customer and provided it to them. Then they indicated over the phone that the funds should be released within 2 days again.

* at least a couple weeks from April 8 2013 - Still the funds was not released. So I called them and this time, they want to have a shipping tracking number. The products already arrived to my client\'s location before I even charged the account and I have no tracking number since it was send via regular postal mail from international location and I did not use UPS or Fedex to save money. After at least 30 minutes to an hour long of conversation, the lady decided that my account was a high risk? Now, what in the world when this is my first transaction and my customer gave the authorization himself to charge the card.

- After explaining to her the situation, she strongly said \"Mamm, we will not release these funds to you because your account is a high risk\" and we are giving you the opportunity to revise the funds and we will not close your account. She indicated that it will take 2 days for the funds to go back to my customer\'s account... After she said that, I finally had it so I revised the funds.

* A few days after speaking to gopayment. Still NO FUNDS was revised to my customer\'s credit account!!!!!!!!! And my customer got furious when I ask them for a different mode of payment. I did not know that my customer did not receive the reversal yet.

* I drove from Virginia to South Carolina to get this resolved and in order to provide prove customer that I did revise the payment.

- With my customer on my side, I called gopayment and spoke to a man first and eventually got transferred to a lady \"who can help me\". It toke at least 30 minutes to an hour for them to get their act together. I explained that I have already revised the payment on the 26th of April 26, 2013 and until now it is not posted to my customer\'s credit card.

\"After a prolong hold and back and forth conversation, the gopayment representative indicated that either I can have my customer dispute the charge! or she will revise the payment of $4010.00 and completely ignored what I told her that I have already ask a reversion for this payment back in April 26, 2012. She did not even explain what happen to the reversion submitted on April 26, 2012 that is still currently showing on my account.

Today, April 26, 2013 I requested for them to revise the $4010.00 again and send it to my customer\'s credit card. This time, I made them send me a confirmation. On the phone, the lady Ms. Revira, indicated it will take 3 to 5 business days. But on the e-mail, She indicated 2 to 7 business days. \" Information that was given to me even charged in a matter of minutes.\"

Be careful

May 05, 2013 by Tony

Read the terms of service before signing up! Get ready to get tons of spam and junk calls. The terms literally give Intuit full license to release your information to anybody it wants. You see, they sell your info and make money on you, too.

Intuit GoPayment Ripoff

Mar 13, 2013 by Mark Duncan

I installed GoPayment by Intuit with the hope of providing my customers another payment option. I was very happy with the first few transactions. Things went smoothly and the money was deposited to our bank account the next day.

About 3 weeks in we had a transaction not post for 3 days. I called Intuit Merchant Services and was told that 2 - 3 days was the normal processing time.

Finally, we submitted a payment and after 3 days the money was not in our bank account. I called Intuit and was told they were investigating that transaction. We were never notified of any problem. Apparently they were happy to take the money, sit on it in their account and not tell us of a problem.

I was told we would have to submit a lot of additional information (which I did not have) and in 30 days they would let us know if we could have our money. I called my customer and asked him for the information I needed. He offered to just write me a check, which I accepted. I then went to Intuit website and canceled that transaction.

Imagine my surprise when 2 days later I was billed $20.59 for this transaction which Intuit never processed.

My bank advised me that they have had many folks with similar issues with Intuit and were happy to reverse the
Subsequently I was

Credit Card Processing Insider , USA 1.2 4.0 30 30 The pricing is no longer the same. They have switched to a Simplified Pricing Plan and rates are no longer based on how the card qualifies.The plans are as follows:Pay As Y
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23 Responses to GoPayment – A Costly Mistake!

  1. ItReallyIsThatBad says:

    Usually I assume bad reviews are dramatic or exaggerated.

    But, Intuit Go Payments / Intuit Merchant Services *REALLY* is that bad.

    I’ve been waiting for a transaction that’s been pending over 2 months. This is from my customer of 20+ years who has a flawless payment record, a perfect FICO score, and a large net worth. Customer said Intuit deducted the money from his account 2 months ago. I haven’t seen a dime. No explanation from Intuit.

    Intuit Go Payments / Merchant services stole my money, with zero explanation or recourse. My client never was given a refund, nor was I given a dime.

    Avoid Intuit at all costs! It’s just not worth it. They flag transactions right and left, and even when they don’t, you’re unlikely to see your money…. ever. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

    All the reviews above have similar bad experiences as Intuit as I have.

  2. Allie says:

    I cant believe the absolutely horrible customer service! I am being charged $19.95 per month for no reason, so I’m trying to call and cancel my account. Well, that’s impossible considering I’ve been on hold for 3 hours and have now been transferred to someone else with another wait time of 30 minutes.

  3. Kathy says:

    Last week, my mom used her (former) Intuit GoPayment account to process 9 transactions at her shop. All of the transactions came out to over $1,332. Intuit delayed all of the deposits until they performed a review. My mom talked to someone at the risk department and the rep was really snotty, disrespectful and ignorant (the call was recorded for proof). In an extremely unprofessional tone, she told us that we needed to send in proof of the sales, proof that we were in business, and contact information for our purchasers. We sent in proof of our business (open for 17 years, used GoPayment for 3 years with no problems), and receipts of the sales. We couldn’t send contact info because we didn’t have contact info. After a few days, Inuit notified my mother that they were reversing the transactions and closing her GoPayment account, but didn’t specify why. Now, my parents are out over a grand and the merchandise they sold. Stay away from this company, you will be hurting your business if you don’t.

  4. Richard says:

    Bait and switch. I responded to their offer for the free card reader and the pay-as-you-go, but now discover that they were doing a 12.95 per month ACH debit to my bank account every month. They claim that since they have my personal information, such as my SS# and my bank info, then that proves that I signed-up for the 12.95 plan, even though they require exactly the same info for all their plans. My opinion is that they are crooks. Stay away.

  5. Russell says:

    I’m so glad there are comments here. We ran in to an interesting snafu with GoPayment. Get this: So they sent us two of their devices to use in our mobile phones & tablets. You know, the swipey thing that plugs into the headphone jack. Pretty cool at first, but then they stopped working after the app update. So the “new” app has the ability to “scan” the card with the device’s camera. Pretty cool, especially if it won’t swipe. Aha..but they actually charge the card as if you do not have it present! A full percentage point higher. (but we DO have the card…how could we scan an image of it if it was not present)
    After two hours on the phone, they could not get any of our devices to work. We found out nearly a year in that we were getting charged the highest rate possible. (imagine 1 full percent on all charges for nearly a year)
    Pretty crappy. Then I asked about getting a new piece of their tech to see if it was the two older ones we already had. They said they’d have to charge me for a third one. What a bunch of hooey. So I don’t know if we can literally “cancel” anything without them charging us more, so we just won’t use it anymore. Ridiculous. So we won’t be using Intuit’s other products either.

  6. Eli says:

    GoPayment holds my funds regularly for 4-5 days after we accept payment from our customers. I will terminate our relationship with them soon and engage the services of a company that will deposit the funds within a day. Do not use this service. GoPayment’s practices are unreasonable and unprofessional.

  7. brad says:

    When I signed up I was only told about the 2 rates, the low swipe rate and a higher rate when you keyed in a transaction. I used GoPayment for two sales, which were over $25,000. Intuit took out the correct rate in the month of my sale. Then, the next month, I had another large transaction fee. I called Intuit and was told that they determined the card I took was what they considered “Non-Qualified.” I asked how this was determined, and I was told that cards that pay rewards to the the cardholder were “non-qualified.” I told them the card I took was a government agency, and they said that was still the case. They told me they always charge the swipe rate, but they can come back and take more money later. I lost $1,000 on the 2 transactions. This is a very unethical company that sells you the service based on the two rates. Then, they reveal a third rate when money is taken out of your account without your knowledge.

  8. Jose Arrioja says:

    I will not recommend the GoPayment mobile credit card processing service from Intuit to anyone. I had a very bad experience with its customer service. Please, don’t use GoPayment.

  9. John Henry says:

    I wish I read these reports before I signed up with GoPayment. I have the same story… I just started with Intuit and I made several transactions up to $400. Then, a customer bought a large order for $5K and put it on his card. needless to say, I received no money in the bank. Instead, they send me an email requesting documents like above. I left out bank statements because I do not have easy access to them, but after 5 hours of being on hold over several days, the girl says they will process the transaction. Two weeks go by with no money, and I ask the customer to cancel the card transaction and wire me money. With that, intuit tells me to issue the customer a credit, which I did. The buyer has still not received his money after a week, and Intuit is telling me these transactions are frozen. Additionally, it appears they want me to send them $5K. I do not have time for this, I have to run my business. But now I risk not ever getting a merchant account because of Intuit and this never-ending transaction.

  10. P3 says:

    I hear lots of gloom and doom here, but I’ve been a GoPayment customer for 2 years with no issues. I process between 20 and 30 transactions every weekend in the winter months when I photograph hockey tournaments, and every one has been fine. I had to credit back a few charges and those went well, too.
    This service has helped my business immensely. Deposits hit my bank in 1-2 days, and I am fine with that as well. One actually took 3 days, but it was over a holiday, so it was also okay.
    It has suited my business well.

    • Joe Henrichs says:

      It’s nice to see someone has had a good experience with GoPayment, but the exception always proves the rule. I have a promotional business and am new to GoPayment. I have been held hostage similar to the many others, and have also had to endure the lack of customer service. It has been a very unsavory process.

    • EJ says:

      I have been with Intuit for over 3 years. After many large transactions, I have never had any problems. They deposit funds within 2-3 business days. I have never had any chargebacks. Fees are reasonable. No complaints here. I believe if you have an upfront legal business, you will not have any issues.

  11. George says:

    I’ve had many issues with GoPayment as well. The main issue being the swiper doesn’t always actuate, or communicate with the phone. This has been cause of lots of embarrassment in front of customers. Not to mention after many attempts, I end up doing a manual entry – which OF course costs more than a swiped entry!

  12. David Cancel says:

    GoPayment is definitely a “Costly Mistake.” After processing with GoPayment for 9 months my business started to pick up. Suddenly, Intuit GoPayment froze my account and put a hold on my hard earned money. I will not see my funds for another 9 months, if they even decide to return my money. Customer service is no help. Without the needed cash I am not able to continue with my business because I am not able to pay my suppliers, my rent, employees and other business expenses. Intuit GoPayment killed my business.

  13. Chrissy says:

    I don’t even know what to say… Not only did Intuit take my income, they followed up and cancelled my account without any warning. They told me that I would lose the money, then their customer service hung up on me.

    So, I just tried to go on their website to see how I can get my money back, and they hung up on me again. Any tips on how to get my money back? Isn’t this fraud?

  14. Joe says:

    I received my card reader in the mail today. I tried to set up an account for a non-profit that I run. When I tried to set up the account it would not acept my EIN number. I called cust service and they were not much help. After reading the reviews here, I am throwing my reader into the trash. We will stick to cash and checks only.

  15. Christine says:

    Since I am not able to actually talk to a person at Intuit could anyone here answer why intuit is charging my bank account $.25 when I haven’t used the card reader? I was assured the only time I would be charged was when I used the card reader.

  16. Nataliya P. says:

    I am dealing with GoPayment right now. It is a nightmare. I signed up for pay as you go and two months later they upgraded me to monthly fee of $19.12. I work sporadically and don’t need that service, I never requested the upgrade, my total sales didn’t go over the limit etc, but they don’t care, I got an unwanted upgrade anyways. I have been trying to have the fee removed and service reversed back to pay as you go, but keep being transferred and hung up on for 2 days straight. One rep said they most probably will not reverse the fee (before transferring me to somebody who hung up on me), I can only change it for the future (unbelievable, they made a mistake and I have to pay for it). I want to cancel the service, but since I am unable to talk to anybody about it, I have to now mail in written request that they will consider and reply in 10 days (according to their website). Really?! they were very quick and efficient when I signed up online, but to cancel I have to go through all that? Oh, and customer service – horrible, the machine tells you “you approximate wait time is 10 min” 30 min later I am still listening to elevator music till my phone goes silent (hang up on me). Beyond irritated.

    • diane cirafesi says:

      Have your bank dispute the transaction. I explained to my bank that GoPayment skimmed my bank account; Apparently they upgrade you without warning. Luckily, mine was one month for $11.65. Glad I saw it and acted. Intuit gave me a jolly fellow with a run-around speech. Then I went to my bank in person to stop it all.
      Intuit cancelled me, and I extended my hearty thanks to Intuit.

    • Kelly says:

      I signed up for the “pay as you go” plan and the started noticing $12.95 charges. GoPayment took it upon themselves to upgrade me, and they won’t reverse charges claiming I signed up for that plan. I won’t use them again. Thieves!

  17. Intuit GoPayment Sucks says:

    I got intuit, used it twice and regretted them both. Nothing but drama from these people. Customer service is good until there is a problem they’re not willing to fix. I wish I’d never brought this to begin with. It has cost me nothing but money and headaches. They will not own up to anything. They’re a joke, seriously.

    • Benjamin S. says:

      This article is not entirely correct. There is no authorization fees for go payment accounts. Sounds like you had a bad experience but did you make sure your phone is on the compatibility chart, and that you have fallowed all troubleshooting steps. I found their help to be more than efficient.

      • Ben says:

        Hi Benjamin,

        There is an authorization fee with Go Payment. Intuit leverages tiered pricing to surcharge interchange categories that it does not consider “qualified” under its own rate and fee structure.

        The authorization fee charged on Intuit’s non-qualified transactions (which will account for a significant portion of volume) is $0.15. The language directly from Intuit’s Web site states: “Elimination of per transaction fee does not apply to American Express transactions and “Non-Qualified transactions”. Different discount rates for American Express and JCB may apply. A per-transaction fee of $0.15 will be charged for “Non-Qualified” transactions.

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